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I want to thank all of y'all for an incredible season

2013.10.31 06:29 OnAComputer I want to thank all of y'all for an incredible season

I'm posting this as it's own post because I really want all the regulars to see this.
I must say this is an extremely sad time for our family. My grandmother was diagnosed with brain cancer last week (I found out today). She has watched every Cardinals game for the past 20 or so years. It's honestly extremely sad that the last game she'll ever see is a loss.
However, I can honestly say writing this (what is below) has made livened me up immensely as I went back through a few past GDTs of this year. The ride we had. It was incredible to say the least. The memories are invaluable.
I can sincerely say y'all made this one of the best seasons of baseball I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I can remember when I first found this sub in the beginning of June. Little did I know I'd end up "meeting" a bunch of incredible people who love the Cardinals as much as I do. I actually am on the verge of tears because it's heart wrenching to not get to celebrate the world series with y'all.
Special thanks with memories (in order of me remember when I met them):
Vanscoten - trying to get the IRC chat going. remember we were supposed to be the mods! Oh well. Kinda glad we didnt. You made the GDT's great when we were 100-600 comments strong! I hope all is well with the rally baby, I know he is in a great household.
Yodels - you and readermom made what is now Papa Bravs. I think I remember the game. It was a Phillies game if I remember correctly. You'll do well kid
curf - You're one funny SOB man. Thanks for making GDT's so much fun. Your wit will never grow old. I hope you have a good time in (college?) up in pitt. Youre a good guy. Maybe one day we'll know who you really are....
bravo_delta - remember when I first joined and immediately asked to be a mod. Yep that was the first time you met me. Didn't think that you'd end up getting to know me as well as you did, now did you? Well, where do I start... cookies? Papa Bravs? Be immature? Working my way onto your good side (which took for FUCKING EVER!)? Bravo, I you are one of the best types of people ever. Always cool headed. It's actually incredible. I will miss you until April.
iamadacheat - It was awesome to actually get to meet some one from this sub! Youre an incredibly funny guy and I'm jealous of all the kids that get to have you as their teacher. It's unfair. Did you even think that that Martinez guy that we watched in RR would end up being a crucial part of the post season team. I sure as hell didn't. That was a fun night. We will certainly have to grab a beer or something when I get back in town.
xSincosx - I remember meeting you first on the vipbox chat thingy and then making the connection here. One funny fucking dude, you are. Can always count on you to be a pessimistic son of a bitch... which is what we all love you for! I expect you to be just as sour on the very first pitch of the next season.
JohnnyMotif - You are the funniest person I've met on reddit thus far. Youre unrelenting wit and knowledge have gotten you the highest RES score of anyone else on reddit. Youre a great guy and I was really hoping to get to go to a game with you before you left for college (which is next year right?), but it'll have to wait til next year. You did a great job being a mod (even thought YOURE NOT A MOD) and I will truly miss spending my evenings with you during this offseason.
flagamuffin - Another Austinite! If bravo_delta is the father, readermom is the mother, you must be the grumpy old neighbor! hahaha just kidding (I will bring back the cookies!). It really sucked that I didn't get to meet you this past summer, but I'm sure you were having a hell of a time in England. Hopefully I still get to see you around /LonghornNation. I will be heading down for a game so BE ON THE LOOK OUT! Hook 'em you cynical bastard!
kuhanluke - It was awesome getting to meet you during the Cubs game. It's always fun getting to put a face to a name that you see every day. But you're a really chill and funny dude. I had a blast getting to know you this past year man. Keep on singing my brown friend. See you next year.
Covane - Although I didn't really get to know you, you seem like a good man. I'd like to thank you for your devotion to the sub.
MattAdams53 - did you miss a single game, my god! Funny as fuck and always on top of your shit. You were a fun person to have in the GDTs. Have a good offseason.
JacobMHS - Remember when I used to make fun of you for liking Martinez... yeah I was wrong... I'm sorry... It's good to have another Texan in the GDT (The more the merrier!). I hope the Rally Dog is doing exceptional (I noticed he went missing in the WS... which makes me wonder if that has anything to do with the end result). I hope the college search is bountiful and your dont end up at Tech. Hook 'em!
reallifebadass - hopefully the sub will take off, but if it doesn't... well at least we tried. I guess I can forgive you for being a hogs fan and what not... until we play again... whenever that might be (bravo_delta if youre reading this far... Yes we know football sucks... but it's no longer baseball season). Hook 'em bud. Good luck on your college search I hope it goes well.
columbusplusone - Thanks for keeping me up to date on the EOB belt. It was quite a ride. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed.
evanb_ - Hey bud. I'm upset youre not coming to Wash U because I know we're missing out on a great kid. I hope you find happiness where ever you may fall. All the places you listed are incredible and to tell you the truth... it's good that youre getting out of your home city/state. Go experience things and do stuff. I expect you to still be here next season.
Ianian58 - I remember our first conversation was about how much you liked boxing, which was perplexing to me. I thought boxing was dead, but boy was I wrong. Youre a smart guy and a pleasure to have in the GDTs. I can't wait til yall become a state elbow nudge/wink
Ktullu - Your passion for this team far exceeds mine. You have incredible english skills and I fully expect you to come down to St. Louis for at the very least a week of baseball. Youre a smart guy. I'm glad you decided to spend your nights with us. It sure was a pleasure!
Michael__Pemulis - Sorry about the beard bro. But youre an awesome man. Hope the beard grows back 4x as strong granting you super human beard strength! In fact, I KNOW IT WILL!!!
JerkSlut - coming in with the stream! You've saved my ass on plenty of occasions. I owe you a beer or something... I'll get working on that... somehow...
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And to the regulars I remember having a great time with, I really hope to see next year in the opening day GDT -
ClarkGRISWOLD13 - the originator of Matt "Lives on Base" Carpenter
jsh5h7 - coming in with that poetry.
...who am I missing. Let me know who I forgot please!...

I love you all.

I'm incredibly sadden that this is the end of the season and that I'll have to wait so long to have a blast watching this great game and the great team with y'all. I will always treasure the memories I'm taking away from this season spent with y'all. Please come back next year

Go Cards!

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