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2016.04.30 19:51 Debzb 100% CATFISH

MICHAEL MACDONALD JANTJIES (6501195712089) and CHERYL ANNE DAMONS (5805090159085) are scammers and con artists who seek prey on various online dating sites and facebook. He uses names such as Mitlo, Mike, Michael Macdonald, Mikey.
He introduces himself as Michael Macdonald, who worked 30yrs as a colonel for SAPS, has Interpol connections and has his own very successful Private Investigating company who has multimillion rand deals with Coke a Cola, Grandwest, Parliament, as well as international corporates, foreign goverments, including presidents and chiefs and personally knew Nelson Mandala while he was imprisoned. He presents himself as a divorced man for 8yrs, with 3 daughters, 2 of which is studying to be medical doctors. He is very religious and is waiting on God to cross the path of his future wife, which is you. He will show you a letter from SAPS stating he is due millions of rand for his pension payout. He lives at 24 Watsonia St, Blouberg Strand. He will show you pics of himself posing with guns, next to smart cars. He was born in Namibia and will show you his siblings. He will constantly speak to or about "Eddy" his right hand man. You will get to speak to his "daughter" who will tell you how happy they are that their dad found you and give their blessing.
The truth is:
He is Michael Jantjies, who is still legally married. He has children from his wife and a woman in Namibia, none of which have been to tertiary institutions. He has never worked for SAPS, neither is he a PI nor does he have any connection to or is friends with any of the people, companies, etc. He is living with his lover and partner in crime Cheryl Damons at 24 Bloekom Street Forest Heights Eerste River, Cape Town. The pension letter is fake and a fraud. He owns no property but old cars. Eddy and daughter Maxine are alias for Cheryl.
They live off money they scam from women, by some emergency, purchase of a once in a lifetime deal and a promise of double the money back when his pension fund pays out soon. He uses a number of different cell phone numbers and email addresses. Anal sex is a big thing for him, as this is the only way he will know that you are his. His guns are pallet guns, his very detailed dramatic stories and experiences, all a big lie.
Michael and Cheryl have no problem leaving a trail of destruction and feels very obligated and entitled to relieve you of your money and possessions.
When you realise you have been scammed getting SAPS to take you seriously is a challenge. If successful, thats when you will meet or hear from Cheryl as she tries to intimidate you to withdraw any criminal charges you might have against Michael. Most women withdraw their charges after she either threatens you with sex tapes or makes contact with your superior at work. Thus their criminal careers has flourished until now.
I sought the assistance of the Hawks and did a dry run to ensure he was arrested. He is out on bail but it is business as usual for them. More women have come forward who were scammed while out on bail. SAPS has not come to appreciate these charges against these two people and do not honour us with efficient service delivery in spite our formal complaints and the prosecutor's imput. I have personally seen Michael Jantjies with a SAPS uniforn, diamond equipment and the fake SAPS letter. This along with the recorded conversations of engaging in illegally diamonds, pension fraud, scams, etc with Michael.
Along with a few brave women who have come forward with their criminal charges, I have charges of rape, fraud, housebreaking, intimidation and Protection Orders against them. We will not allow ourselves to be worn down by these career criminals.
There is a strong suspicion that Michael Jantjies not only operated across South Africa, but could have scammed women internationally. Reference was made to an American woman who was to come to South Africa believing she was marrying Michael around 2013/2014.
There are countrywide newspaper reports of his criminal activities, and an ugly criminal profile going back about 29yrs with 2 prison sentences.
Evidence, case numbers, profiles, fake profiles, newspaper reports, contact details, are available on request.
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