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Update - (scroll down for tltr)
(Now I'll write in english because my Finnish language skills aren't...eh.. I make a lot of mistakes okay? ;D So to prevent you from getting a brain damage from my Finnish language skills... I'll just write in english instead. Sorry, but the message was to important to screw up through bad wording or the wrong use of different synonyms. I'll try better next time!)

Due to some unexpected technical difficulties and hard decisions made by me as an artist, this project is right now on halt. By this letter, I want to give some insight on what circumstances that unfortunately led this project to go on hold.
As a big project, I’ve naturally faced a lot of various sized issues during the making process of this artwork. I was able to resolve many of the problems, but there was one main technical issue that I couldn’t work around. This led to a difficult decision regarding the public artwork, and I feel like it is important for me to explain the decisions which were made and my role as an artist in this matter. Hopefully you as a reader and/or kind participant in this particular artwork will understand my thought process, and maybe even agree with the decisions I’ve made.
What was the idea?The idea was to install ca. 450 concrete plates on a concrete wall, placed in a backyard alley at Elimäenkatu. There were a lot of different options on how to install the plates onto the wall, but I concluded together with experienced artists and people in the construction field, that the best and durable suggestion was to mount the plates with the help of a rod protruding out from the back of the plate, into a drilled hole in the wall. At this stage of the project, me and my project advisors were confident that a concrete wall would be able to endure such treatment.
So, what was the main technical issue?The main issue with this wall was its old age and unknown quality of the concrete. The wall in question, is a remnant from an earlier existing concrete factory which was active during the 1950’s. Even though there’s some history to be read about the concrete factory itself, there’s little known information about this specific wall. For that reason there’s no exact date of when and how it’s made, and therefore the quality of the wall itself. But according to old maps of the cityblock, the wall was probably made sometime between 1950-1960’s.
Now, due to the old age and the unknown quality of the wall where the project was initially planned to be installed, the plan of drilling 450 holes into the wall to mount the plates was.. worrying. As I wrote earlier, in the beginning I thought for sure that a concrete wall would be strong enough to be drilled into ca 450 times. But it later came to our knowledge that because of the old age of the concrete, and some visible signs of bad structure in the wall, drilling 450 holes was no more an option. The risk of the wall unexpectedly breaking was far too great.
At this point I tried to find other options(mortar, industrial glue etc.) for installing the work. But none of them were viable because of the harsh weather conditions in Finland. According to experts the plates would probably break off and fall down the first winter if there wasn't something structurally supporting the plates to the wall, like a rod.
This realisation eventually led to the disappointing conclusion that there’s nothing to be done and the artwork is simply not possible to complete at this specific site.
But, this was not the end of it. The company who wanted the public artwork, were still interested in buying this specific artwork and gave me a new option. They suggested that the work would instead be moved inside the building at Elimäenkatu and be installed in the main entrance lobby. But because ca 450 concrete plates wouldn’t fit in the entrance lobby alone, the remaining plates(ca 300 of them) would therefore be spread around the building floors.
Now I had some new decisions to make. So, to explain my decision I'll first explain my thoughts about the artwork itself.
This artwork is interesting on a variety of different levels, but in an effort to keep this message as short as possible, I’ll only discuss one specific aspect of it which was a relevant part of my thought process, and in the end, the decisive factor.
A part of the idea with this particular artwork was to exhibit and explore the diversity and similarities in our thoughts as a society. I hoped that these thoughts, that were privately marked on a small sticky note, made only for the authors eyes, would in a bigger picture show what we, as humans, think matters the most today. In other words, I hoped that the content would reflect some sort of a hive mind, and by exhibiting the concrete plates, the observer of the public artwork would be able to explore the direction of these collective thoughts.
Now, with this concept in mind, I tried to imagine how the artwork would behave in an environment like the suggested entrance lobby at Elimäenkatu.
I immediately saw this as a challenge. And luckily for me, I do not fear challenges. Quite the opposite! Those who’re familiar with my artistic practice, know I work with unconventional methods and that I try to see opportunities in the new and unexpected. (Including in the uncomfortable truth when things does not go as planned)
Therefore I was not faced by the thought of adjusting my point of view and unexpectedly move a site specific work elsewhere. Usually there’s something interesting happening with the artwork when moving it to a new environment, which then brings the discussion of the subject matter into a new direction.
But, taking this specific artwork inside meant two things. One, the collection would be inaccessible to the public outside of the building’s opening hours. And two, the collection would be separated and spread around the whole building, as a suggested solution to the problem that 450 concrete plates simply doesn’t fit in the lobby alone.
The first issue might be a matter of taste, but I see the content I’ve collected as something that belongs to all people. Mainly because it’s from them I’ve collected the content from, but also because of the idea of bringing other people’s thoughts inside a building, that isn’t accessible to those who contributed to the work, feels wrong. The content I’ve gathered is sensitive in its nature, and I want to respect that the people who contributed to this work did so with the belief to share it on a surface where everyone, even themselves or their recipient, could access it.
The second issue, to spread the plates between the floors, is more problematic. Not only does this elevate the first problem further, but it also separates the plates from each other. Now this might be a strange thing to highlight, due to my own suggestion to separate some of the plates outside as well. But the key here is the amount of plates which would be separated. By keeping the majority of the plates in a close proximity to each other (and in a large number) helps the observer to be able to read the “hive mind” of the work. By separating the majority of the plates from each other, on different floors in the building, breaks the collection and produces a distance in the artwork that directly counteracts the concept.
Now, as I wrote earlier, I tried to figure things out and to solve these problems. But all the possible solutions I came up with challenges the core of this artwork. Meaning, if I would produce any of the other possible solutions, this artwork would no longer be the same.
For these reasons, and in an effort to keep the integrity of this specific artwork, I took the decision to not install this artwork inside of the suggested placement. I felt like it wouldn’t do the artwork justice, and any other versions of it would be a pale comparison to what it could be.
Now, with all this said, I want to highlight and thank all the people involved in this project (participants & people in charge) for the opportunity that you all have given me, even if it didn’t come to fruition with a final artwork (yet). It means a great deal for a student in fine arts, that there’s people outside of our little sphere at the art schools who take interest in our works and are willing to transform the ideas into reality. Hopefully these kind of opportunities will happen again and that the next project will have a more successful outcome.
And you, who kindly participated in this specific artwork, fear not! There’s still possibilities that this artwork is going to be made (working on it!). The only thing that this unfortunate hiccup means, is that it’ll be made a bit later than previously planned and in a different location. I am still committed to make this particular work happen. The only thing I ask for is patience!
Until next time, thank you all, be well and stay safe!

Tltr: The wall where the artwork was supposed to be installed was in an unknown condition, but presumably in a bad shape because its old age. The risk of the wall breaking when installing the artwork was too great, so the project was canceled during this autumn. I was given a new option to sell and install the work inside the company building instead, but declined because I felt the artwork would loose its integrity by being closed off and unaccessible for those who participated and the general public.
I'll instead save the whole artwork and the content I've collected, to be able to produce it in another place where it can serve the purpose it was created for. Peace!

Hei kaikki!
Opiskelen Kuvataideakatemiassa, ja olen tekemässä julkisen taideteoksen Vallilan alueelle Helsingissä. Taideteoksen idea on kerätä lauseita, mitä ihmiset haluavat muistaa tai muistuttaa toisille. Tämän takia haluaisin nyt kysyä, jos haluat osallistua taideteokseen! :D
Osallistuminen on tosi helppoa. Tarvitset vain vastata kahteen kysymykseen:
  1. Minkä värisen post-it-lapun valitsisit sinun lauseelle? (Keltainen / Sininen / Vihreä / Pinkki)
  2. Mitä kirjoittaisit lapulle?
- Mitä tahansa kieltä voi käyttää. *- Poliittiset, uskonnolliset lausunnot/sisällöt eivät tule käytöksi taideteokseen. **- Vihaista, seksististä, rasistista tai muuten sopimatonta sisältöä / lausuntoa ei käytetä taideteoksessa. **
* Lauseita käytetään alkuperäisellä kielellään, mutta lauseiden on oltava helposti käännettävissä englanniksi, jotta taiteilija voi varmistaa, että sisältö noudattaa ohjeita. Jos taiteilija ei voi vahvistaa sisältöä, sitä ei käytetä taideteoksessa.** Oikeus sisällön tulkintaan ja lajitteluun on yksinomaan taiteilijalla.
Jos haluat, niin voit osallistua ja lisätä sinun lauseesi taideteokseen vastaamalla Google Form -kaavakkeeseen(https://forms.gle/MD3kL1dRjfpUC46W9) tai kirjoittaa vastauksesi kommenttina tänne Redditiin.
Kiitos ajastanne ja mukavaa kesää!(Anteeksi jos olen kirjoittanut jotain väärin/tehnyt virheitä.. En osaa puhua/kirjoittaa suomen kieltä kunnolla ;D Niinkuin *Taideprojekti siinähän pitäisi lukea..no, näin se nyt meni :P )
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2016.01.10 10:57 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Skrolli is a Finnish indie computer magazine that wants you to learn, understand and be creative. After 3 years of success, we want to bring it to you in English. Ask us anything!

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Date: 2016-01-09
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
(For each of you) what would you say is your favorite article published so far? One of my favourites is an article titled Tietokone typografian tuhoajana ("How computers are destroying typography") by Jukka K. Korpela in issue 2015.3.
I feel it's very representative of Skrolli because it presents a view of computing issues from a very non-mainstream angle. First of all, it goes into full geek mode and delves deep into terminology about a specialist subject, in this case typography, and holds nothing back. Second, it has a highly critical attitude towards the subject matter: that the prevalence of computers has had an adverse effect on something that used to be better.
The article gives examples of how books, newspapers, official documents from your government etc. used to have higher typographic and layout standards that have been forgotten because of how difficult they were to achieve with computers until quite recently. Back when someone's job was to lay out books and documents by hand and manually print them at a printing press, stuff used to look better. But then every office monkey got a computer with a text editor and later Microsoft Word, everything got worse.
An upcoming follow-up article will discuss how to do typography right on a computer!
Let me guess, TeX is involved? :P. I haven't seen a draft of the follow-up yet, but I would imagine yes :)
What makes your magazine different to other magazines in Market? There have lots of completion. What did you make your magazine different and successful in Finland? At least here in Finland, my perception is that there isn't really much competition. We've had a lot of great magazines in the past, but they've all dwindled in readership numbers and kind of failed to adapt to the internet. They've had a tough time figuring out how to stay relevant when the internet is always there with quick access to information, references and news. Large, traditional publishing houses have continually increased the amount of advertising, cut costs on editorial process and staff, and in doing so watered down their product.
Our focus is the magazine as a premium product that justifies its existence and the dead trees it's printed on with quality articles that aren't frivolous or immediately out of date. (Although of course you can choose to only get the digital subscription if you don't care for paper.) As we are independent of any publisher, we are also free to write about anything, trying out niche subjects, retro machines, controversial subjects, and so on. We also welcome article submissions from basically anyone. If you have something interesting to write about, get in touch, and we'll see what happens!
I'm a student and cannot afford to donate, but for whatever it's worth please know that I would if I could and also that you've got yourself another curious follower. "Skrolli" sounds like an awesome magazine, and something I could learn from. Skrolli is not really a word in Finnish. It's a reference to a demoscene concept: in a demo, a scroll or scroller is a portion that displays scrolling textual content to the viewer. The text is usually a greeting by the people who made the demo to the attendants of the demoparty where the demo is shown, to their rival demogroups, or perhaps some other musings. The scrolls are often decorated, jump up and down on a sine wave and do other flashy things. Skrolli is just a Finnishization of this word and is basically a reference to "delivery of information with flair to people like us who know computers but want to learn more" :) If you like, you can also read more into it, steering your train of thought towards ancient papyrus or vellum scrolls of wisdom... :P.
What made you decide on the name Skrolli, what does it mean, and if translated, would you keep the name, or change it to something new? I think it's a fine name and don't see a reason to change it!
Sisu! For the Finnish version, we publish each issue both as a printed magazine and a DRM-free PDF file sent to our subscribers. When a new issue comes out, we put the PDF of the previous one up on our website for free. All back issues up to 2015.3 (which came out in September) are available here. 2015.4 is the latest issue, so that one doesn't have the free PDF up yet. The Finnish version has a choice between a digital and digital + paper subscription. A bit surprisingly perhaps, literally 99% of our subscribers do want the paper magazine. From time to time we also publish content that goes straight to our website, such as time-critical columns and opinion pieces.
Is there currently an online version?
We are more strictly a computer magazine and our stories are more hands-on. We have some stories that could have been published on Wired (such as the Cold War computer bit), but the most part of it is too technical for a lifestyle magazine. It's hard to imagine Wired printing code on paper (anymore?). Our readers have loved that we print code, perhaps surprisingly. We don't print a lot of it, just the important parts being discussed, and put in a link to where you can get the rest.
Also, we're not keen on bandwagons, the gadget of the week or news stories that are forgotten the next day. Our issue cycle is deliberately slow so that we have time to do quality stories and don't get distracted by whatever Torvalds or Zuckerberg said yesterday or which stock went up or down.
I am Australian and want to help. On top of the crowdsourcing is there any way I can help? You can of course spread the word, and if you are a good writer with interesting ideas, you can write for us! Shoot us an email to [email protected] and we maybe can work something out.
Edit: Another thing you can do is convince anyone you know who has newspaper or magazine racks in their business to buy the reseller package. See the very bottom perk on our IndieGoGo campaign page.
If you had to choose, what would be your programming language of choice? I am actually a pretty lousy programmer since my training and day job are in completely different areas. I'm completely self-taught in computer things and I program pretty rarely. Perl is pretty cool for quick and dirty things. I also like C because it's so simple. C++ and Java are pretty complicated. OO programming is something I never really wrapped my head around.
Good luck with the campaign, I hope you get funded! :) We had a pretty cool article on Rust, it made me want to try that!
Are you going to make an online version of the magazine? We offer both a digital and paper version. So far the digital part has been in PDF format, but sometimes people request other formats like epub, which may also happen if there is enough demand and we figure out a good process to make that happen. In addition we also have a website where we occasionally publish straight-to-web content such as columns, news and reports from events where we went.
What's your favorite video game of all time? Probably the original Worms. I used to spend hours and hours after school on that with my friend. The later versions from Worms 2 onward turned me off. I don't like the pastel colours and noseless worms!
(I also have about 2300 hours in TF2, but that's more of an addiction and love/hate relationship.)
Reddit hug of death. Hopefully it comes back up soon. I would be interested in donating, but would like to read more on the site. Does it contain sample articles? Something to expect from the magazine? Huh, the site seems to work fine for me. Perhaps a tad slow. Unfortunately we don't have sample articles in English yet. That's what we're trying to get funding for. Quality translations take a lot of time and therefore a bit of money.
In the meantime we do have an English list of the headlines of what we've published in Finnish so far.
How The Indiegogo campaign is gone? We're happy with the progress so far! We have achieved half of the goal in less than half the time, so that's probably a good sign. Many more options are still available to gain more visibility, and we are resuming our efforts now that Christmas and New Year are firmly behind us. :)
How would you market the magazine differently if you do eventually decide to bring this magazine to the west? i know that there are some differences cultural differences, but im curious to see what you are most mindful of/worried about. Also, wishing you all the best in your endeavors :) This is a good question. We probably don't know a lot about how to market appealingly to North America. I'm a long time redditor so I thought talking to redditors might be fruitful, since I see a lot of cool stuff redditors do all the time. Personally I'm not worried about a whole lot, because we don't have practically any money riding on this and don't have much to lose if we don't make it big.
Have you ever read the old school Byte magazine? That's the magazine that originally sparked my interest in computers and technology. Would love a modern day alternative. I haven't read it much but I'm definitely aware of it. Byte is definitely a great influence, and I am positive that our more senior writers viznut and mikkohoo are very familiar with it.
You have definitely caught my attention! I'd certainly be up for getting an issue of this magazine. I understand you guys are doing this as more of a hobby then anything else right now. But if you were to accomplish getting this published in English what would be your timeline? If we get funded, we estimate to ship the English issue in April 2016. If we get massively funded, we will definitely consider starting a running subscription in English as well, and perhaps other stretch goals depending on success.
Have you guys done an article on the 90's finnish freeware game scene? I spent my childhood with classics like "Tapan Kaikki" and "Koiratappelu" and I have always wondered if other countries have similiar freeware classics. Not really, but that sounds like a solid article for the Finnish edition! Do you want to write it? Send email to [email protected] if you do :)
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2015.01.17 14:40 Mikzku Helsingissä asuntojen vuokrauksessa huojausyrityksiä

Tori.fi palvelussa käyttäjää yritetään saada vuokraamaan asuntoa sivuston kautta. Viestit muotoiltu samalla tavalla ja yritetään saada sivustolle http://www.cqout.com/escrowfaq.asp. Kaikki mitä sivustolla tapahtuu luultavasti käytetään ihmisten huijaamiseen. Google hakutuloksia vähemmän kuin helsinkiläisillä pikkufirmoilla ja brittien toisiksi suurin "ebay" jolla vähemmän kuin 10 facebook tykkäystä.
Meidän ja muutaman muun netistä poimitun huijaukset:
From: [email protected] Subject: RE: Aihe: 2h+k+kph Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 10:03:51 +0200
I read your e-mail regarding my apartment available for rent located in: Pääskylänkatu 3 A, 00500 Helsinki
I'm sorry but i speak only English.
The rent/month is € 650 ( including running costs ).
The deposit request is 1 month € 650, and you will pay one time and get it back when you will leave (I will need 1 month notice if you want to move before the contract end). You can rent it for any period even for a long term.
Bright and well maintained two bedrooms apartment. In the apartment a spacious open plan kitchen / living room, separate bedroom and a spacious bathroom. Well groomed housing company in which all of the major repairs (eg, pipes, roof, facade, staircase). Apartment Area 50m²
Now, a little bit about myself: My name is Mikkel Thomsen and I'm a 56 years old designer and structural engineer from United Kingdom. It was my wife's apartment ( she was original from Finland ). Unfortunately she passed away 4 years ago. The apartment was used by our daughter during her studies and internship in Helsinki. In the last 1 year and half was rented to a Norwegian family and their contract just expired. I don`t want to sell it because never know in the future what will be my daughter option so we decided to rent it to some one who can take care of it.
If you do not mind I would like to know how many persons you intend to share the flat, and for how long. Any other details about yourself would be appreciated.
So I guess this is it for now, I hope I didn't forgot anything. Thank you
"Owner" name: Luca Adler, [email protected] Rental address: Amiraalinkatu 1 C, 00160 Helsinki Posting: http://www.tori.fi/vi/9294047.htm - ad is in Finnish but owner claims to speak only English - owner says apartment belonged to his late wife, who is Finnish - owner wants only 1 month deposit, fully-furnished, 690E/month, 51 square meters (too good to be true) - owner recommends using money-transfer service of following site: http://www.cqout.com/escrowfaq.asp - requests to view apartment have been ignored
He sent a subsequent mail when i reverted to the above mail
Mail from owner
Thank you for your reply and interest.
As explained in previous email The rent/month is € 800 ( including running costs which ) and the deposit is 1 month ( 800 € ). The rent i want to receive it monthly to my bank account.
Like I have inform you before i am in United Kingdom. Unfortunately, my job don't allow me to do any traveling for the next few months, so I will not be able to come and meet you personally for a while.
Because i don`t know any person and don't have any friends in Helsinki where to send the keys we will use a third party service for both security. I have used before and i also have a register user.
Please visit there website: http://www.cqout.com/escrowfaq.asp
CQout Ltd. is a legal and registered company in England by the Financial Services Authority from 1999 and is the largest service here. They use bank transfer and is traceable in any moment and a safe way of payment.
Your commission will be 0. I will pay for it when the transaction is started.
The contract will be made by Finnish law in Finnish language and will be legalized by notary and receive it in original.
If you did not understand the transaction and more important to avoid other misunderstand i will glad explain you step by step the transaction.
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