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Taking a look at every post-Jordan era Eastern Conference Champion - 1999-2003

2020.10.02 17:00 TheMagicMan56 Taking a look at every post-Jordan era Eastern Conference Champion - 1999-2003

I've been reading about the weakness of the East after Jordan left and how it was a cakewalk for western teams in the Finals. The East team managed to win 8 out of the 10 past Finals, with only the Knicks and the Magic failing to do so, and now that MJ left, lost 5 Finals in a row as a heavy underdog. I wasn't old enough to watch or remember those games, so I decided to analyze the Eastern Conference champion for the every season since 1998-99 (MJ left) to 2002-03 (since the Pistons managed to upset one of the most talented teams ever assembled the season after that), to try to understand what they were about, how they played, what their road to the Finals was, how tough it was and ultimately why did they get outmatched in the Finals the way they did.

1998-99 Knicks
Let's be fair to the Knicks, they overachieved massively and were the first 8th seed to make the Finals in NBA history, all credit to Jeff Van Gundy for that. The amazing part in all of this is that their best player, former superstar center, Patrick Ewing was missing for the most of the ECF. They had an above .500 record in the lockout shortened season which was good enough for the 8th seed. This meant they were taking on the Mourning/Hardaway led Heat with a good supporting cast.
The Knicks didn't do anything amazing on offense, with their best scorer with 16 PPG being Latrell Sprewell who came off the bench, but were amazing on defense. The Heat, who finished the regular season with around 105 points scored on average, didn't score more than 87 points in any of their 5 games. Mourning still did his thing with 22/8 and 3 blocks on average, but his sidekick, Tim Hardaway, didn't show up at all. Tim dropped his season averages from 17/7 on 40/36/81 shooting down to 9/6 on 27/20/63 shooting. Dan Majerle didn't help out either averaging only 4 PPG on 19 FG% and that effort by the Knicks defense, as well as Houston being tremendously efficient on offense, meant the Knicks would upset the 8th seed in 5 games and move on to Atlanta in the 2nd Round.
Atlanta was an easier task for the Knicks. The Hawks were seen as a defensive team, having finished second in defensive rating in the league and having defensive studs like Dikembe Mutombo and Mookie Blaylock. This still didn't prevent the Knicks' 6th man Sprewell in torching them for 23 points a game. Houston chipped in with 18 PPG and the story remained the same in the Second Round. The Hawks didn't really have a good offensive player other than Steve Smith who the Knicks kept in check well, with him averaging 16 PPG on 27 FG%. With Smith neutralized and the Knicks offense rolling, New York managed to sweep the Hawks easily.
Moving on to the ECF and the historic Knicks-Pacers rivalry. The Pacers were deep and were looking to make a push for a spot in the Finals with Jordan out of the way. They had a lot of solid veterans such as Reggie, Mark Jackson, Rik Smits, the Davis boys, Chris Mullin and Sam Perkins, as well as their new talented prospect, Jalen Rose. They managed to split the first two games of the series, but the Knicks were facing a huge problem after Game 2. Their starting center, Ewing, was out for the remainder of the playoffs. Everyone counted them out at this point, the Pacers swept every team until now and were far more experienced. The Knicks had their little fairytale run, but it seemed to be over. Jeff Van Gundy adjusted and the Knicks played a faster paced offense than usual. The Knicks managed to grab game 3 to everyone's shock, with that iconic Larry Johnson buzer beater and won the series in 6. Defense wasn't the key part for them in this series, it was their offense. 4 Knicks players averaged over 14 PPG for the series and Marcus Camby played out of his mind. He averaged 14/11 with 3 blocks on 58 FG% and the Knicks shocked everyone as they made the Finals. Their great play throughout the series prompted the term "The Ewing theory" which was about teams' playing better with their star player out.
Without Ewing the Knicks were no match for the Spurs and their "Twin Towers". Duncan dominated, meanwhile Robinson had a good series himself as well. Sprewell and Houston each averaged 20+ PPG, but no one else on that New York team even averaged more than 10. Houston shot terrible from the three and the Knicks had absolutely no answer for Timmy. They managed to take a game, but that was all they could muster. Their massive underdog story came to an end and the first heavily predictable Finals was out of the way.
1999-00 Pacers
The 90s just wasn't the Indiana's decade, with them falling just short of making the Finals several times. They had a great record this year, a good group of veterans making a last attempt at a run for a title, with the emergence of the talented Jalen Rose, who provided Reggie Miller a partner on offense to share the load with, making their offense the best in the league. Things were all set, but the road to the ECF wasn't as easy as last year.
The Bucks gave Indiana a lot of problems in the First Round. The Allen/Cassell/Robinson Big 3 showed their worth and Tim Thomas also provided some much needed help for them off the bench. Reggie and Rose both had good series' and Dale Davis showed why he was an All-Star that year, providing a big body down low which the Bucks lacked and leading 4 out of 5 games in rebounding. The Pacers avoided a scare and a loss to the 8th seed for the second time in a row, by a 1 point win in Game 5.
The early 2000s Sixer teams are praised for their defense, same goes for this one. The Pacers still managed to carve them open and score over 100 points in 3 out of their 4 wins with Reggie Miller having a God series with 26 points on 52/47/96 shooting and Jalen Rose following his lead with 22 points on 43/44/86 averages. Iverson did his thing, although not very efficiently, but he had help too with McKie, Hill and Ratliff all averaging above their season averages in scoring. Reggie and the Pacers still handled their business well and got past Philadephia in 6 games.
Incoming Knicks-Pacers part 2. For the sequel to last years ECF we had an entertaining series. On one side Reggie and Jalen were doing their thing and on the other Houston and Larry Johnson were shooting lights out from three, averaging 58% and 57% respectively with Spree doing his thing as usual. Indiana got the better of New York this time around and the difference maker was in my opinion their center, Dale Davis. Dale averaged 9/14 on 54% shooting against an aging Ewing, Camby and Thomas. His 14 rebounds a game average was by far the most out of anyone this series, beating out second placed Ewing by double.
I have to give credit to this Pacers team, they managed to win 2 games in the Finals against the Lakers, keep another 3 relatively close and keep Kobe on 16 PPG, 37 FG% averages. This was just one of the best individual Finals performances I've ever seen by Shaq. The man averaged 38/17 with 3 blocks on 61 FG%. He was just absolutely unstoppable. Reggie and Jalen kept up their good play in the Finals and Austin Croshere did good as well, but that wasn't enough. I praised Dale Davis in this post a couple of times, but him and Rik Smits were just no match for Shaq, who was on a clear mission.
2000-01 76ers
Like I said previously, this 76ers team was praised for their defense, and rightfully so. Their whole offense revolved around Iverson, who was the league's MVP this year, and some help from McKie off the bench, meanwhile their defense was a team effort. Players like Lynch, Snow and Hill were starters just for that side of the ball. They also had two solid rim protectors that season. Theo Ratliff, who was averaging 12/8 and leading the lead in blocks with 3.7 that year, was named an All-Star and traded for another All-Star rim protector, Dikembe Mutombo, to the Hawks during the season. Mutombo became a key factor in that 76ers defense and went on to win the DPOY in that season. Iverson was not a liability on defense either, he led the league in steals with 2.5 a game. COTY, 6MOTY, DPOY, a top 5 defense in the league and the league MVP being their offense, they were set for the playoffs.
A rematch was scheduled against the Pacers in the First Round and the 76ers managed to get revenge. This analysis made me respect Reggie a lot more than I did before. The man averaged 31 points on 46/43/93 averages at age 35. The MVP played in MVP fashion with 32 PPG and got some help from 6MOTY McKie on offense and DPOY Mutombo on defense to get the job done in 4 games, despite Reggie's best efforts.
The Raptors were a team slightly similar to the 76ers in my opinion. They had a clear star in Vince Carter, his sidekick big man Antonio Davis and role players who knew what their roles were. It was a highly entertaining 7 game series, with the last game coming down to the last possession. AI and VC were going at it, and Davis had an excellent series as well. Game 7 though wasn't the AI vs VC battle we were used to throughout the series, it was surprisingly the McKie vs Davis battle. Allen and Vince both had bad shooting, 21 and 20 point games respectively, but their number 2 options came in big. McKie had 22 on 50% shooting, meanwhile AD had 23/9 on 73%. The series was decided by a Vince Carter miss off of a great pump fake and the 76ers were marching their way to the Conference Finals.
On come the Bucks, in the series that some call one of the worst officiated series of all time. The battle of the Big 3s this time around with the Bucks Big 3 of Allen/Cassell/Robinson and the 76ers Big 3 of Iverson/Mutombo/McKie all having great series'. In addition to them being on their level, Thomas and Ervin Johnson for the Bucks and Hill and Jumaine Jones for the Sixers were all important additions. The large controversy that surrounded the series was because of the refs favoring the Sixers with having them shoot 186 as opposed to Milwaukee's 120. Iverson and Mutombo shot 55 and 58 FTs respectively, meanwhile the highest amount of free throws a Bucks player shot was Cassell with 35. The 76ers won in 7, with Iverson putting up 44 points in the final game.
Moving on to the third Finals in a row in which the western team was a heavy favorite to win in. The Lakers managed to back up all the talk and eliminated Philly in a gentleman's sweep. The Sixers managed to shock everyone and win Game 1, but it was all smooth sailing since that. The Shaq/Mutombo matchup was more one sided than people thought, McKie dropped his scoring numbers significantly and Iverson did his thing. Shaq played yet another dominant Finals, 33/16/5/3, and Kobe played his part as well with 25/8/6. The Sixers defense had no match for their dynamic duo, with great contributions coming from Fisher and Horry as well, especially shooting the deep ball.
2001-02 Nets
Jason Kidd managed to transform the Nets from a 26 to a 52 win team and an ECF champion in just one season. That's pretty amazing if you ask me. The Nets were a balanced team in every sense of the word. They basically had 3 number one options on offense with Kidd, Martin and Van Horn all averaging around 14 points a game and taking similar amount of shots a game. Kittles wasn't far behind also, with the 40% deep ball shooter averaging a solid 13 a game. Jefferson and Harris were nice sparks off the bench as well and having a top 5 defense was a major part of their success, as they were always looking to score from a fast break with Kidd leading the way.
First Round against a young Pacers team, trouble already. Reggie kept doing his thing at age 36 (this man's longevity was amazing) with good, efficient scoring and Jermaine O'Neal gave us a glimpse of what was to come in the future with 17/7 averages. Tinsley had a really off series, dropping his season averages of 9/8 to 4/5 and Artest and Brad Miller didn't hit their prime yet for them to be having more major impact. Kidd (22/6/8, 2 steals) and Kenyon (19/7) played amazing and the Nets managed to barely get past Indiana.
The Hornets got past the T-Mac Magic in the First Round, but the Second Round was a different story. They were a pretty average team, with the emphasis being on defense with players like Baron Davis, P.J. Brown, George Lynch, Elden Campbell and Jamal Magloire getting substantial minutes. It showed for a period, Davis averaged 4 steals this series and Campbell averaged 3 blocks. All the Nets players basically averaged their season averages that series, with J Kidd even upping his scoring from 14 to 18 points a game. That was all the Nets needed to comfortably take care of this Hornets team in 5.
"The Truth" has arrived and Antoine with him. The duo of Pierce and Walker truly played great, with the averages of 24/9/4 and 23/10/4 respectively, but the Nets had more depth. Aside from Kenny Anderson and Rodney Rogers giving some help scoring wise, the other Celtic players just didn't contribute much on that side of the ball, meanwhile the Nets, like I said, were a really balanced team. They had 6 players (Kidd, Kittles, Martin, Van Horn, Harris and Williams) average double digit points, meanwhile Kidd managed to average a triple double, 18/11/10. The depth of this Nets team really showed and prevailed this series, managing to close them out in 6 hard fought games, with both Pierce and Walker having an awful Game 6.
Listen, the Nets were never going to win this series. The Lakers three-peated with a sweep, Shaq was the most dominant player in the league and showed it in yet another Finals averaging 36/12 with 3 blocks, Kobe played even more convincingly than last time dropping 27/6/5 on 51/55/80 shooting and Fisher, Fox and Horry were slinging it from three on great percentages (67, 46, 46). The Nets didn't have a center that can match-up with Shaq and the combination of MacCulloch and Collins was never going to cut it. On the bright side, Kidd (21/7/10 with 2 steals) and Martin (22/7) had great series' and managed to keep the score respectable for 3 out of 4 games.
2002-03 Nets
Yet another Nets team on this list, this time with a slightly new look. They traded their starting center, Todd MacCulloch, and starting small forward, Keith Van Horn, in order to get the former multiple time DPOY winner, Dikembe Mutombo, to bolster their interior D. Mutombo went on to play only 24 games for this Nets team during the regular season and when he did, it was bellow expectations. Kidd and Martin each improved their scoring numbers, meanwhile Jefferson emerged into a starter who was dropping 16 a night. Harris also improved his scoring and the team, despite having a below average offense, had the top rated defense in the league which helped them in securing the second seed in the East.
A difficult, well balanced Bucks team to start the playoffs off. The Bucks were the second best offense in the league that year, having some really solid offensive players like Gary Payton, Sam Cassell, Tim Thomas, Michael Redd and Toni Kukoc. They traded their star, Ray Allen, for Seattle's star veteran, Gary Payton, mid season. The three main guys for the Bucks that series were Payton, Thomas and Cassell with the averages of 19, 18 and 17 points respectively. They also got double-digit scoring averages from Kukoc and Desmond Mason, which led to 5 of their players averaging 10 or more points. The center positions was a slight problem for them, because even with Joel Przybilla and Ervin Johnson starting games there, and playing really bad, an undersized Anthony Mason got the most minutes at center. Still, Jason Collins wasn't a good scorer at that spot for the Nets, so he couldn't full advantage of it. The Nets also had 5 players in double-digit scoring wise, with Martin, 22, and Kidd, 18, leading the way. This battle of two very balanced teams went New Jersey's way in 6 games, as this was the first season where the First Round was played as the best of 7.
The Nets-Celtics rematch was set, this time in the Second Round as opposed to last year's ECF. "The Truth" arrived again in style, averaging 29/9/8 with 3 steals. Even though Pierce was playing amazing, Antoine failed to show up this time. Antoine was a huge piece for them this year, making his third All-Star Game, averaging 20/7/5 during the regular season, only to put up 14 a game during this series. Tony Delk had to step up as the second option for Boston and as for the rest of the help Pierce had, it wasn't all that. The Nets on the other hand played amazing basketball, with Martin and Kidd continuing to have great playoffs' and Jefferson stepping up big with 18/7/4 averages. It was a routine sweep for them, Pierce couldn't do it on his own.
This was the same Pistons team that won the Finals against the Lakers the next year, just without Rasheed Wallace, and the Nets handled them easily in 4 games. Chauncey had an awful series and all of the scoring load was on Rip Hamilton, whose only help on offense came from 36-year old Clifford Robinson. Ben Wallace played out of his mind on defense averaging 17 boards and 3.5 blocks a game, but that still wasn't enough for them to even win a game. Despite me bringing up how balanced the Nets were on offense, in this series they offense relied on Kidd and Martin heavily, and they came through. The first two games were close, while the last two were blowouts. The Pistons lacked the Billups they had during the regular season to try and pull off something.
This Finals series might be the closest and most balanced one of them all. The Spurs weren't a superteam yet, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili haven't reached their primes, meanwhile the "Twin Towers" weren't what they used to be either with Robinson aging. It was just Tim Duncan being one of the greatest players of all time and the Nets having no answer for him. Timmy averaged 24/17/5 with 5 blocks and completely justified why he's a back-to-back MVP. Parker, Robinson and Jackson helped a bit on offense, but it was mostly the Duncan show. Tim held Kenyon to 14 points a game on 34% shooting, despite Kenyon averaging 20 a game on the regular during these playoffs'. With no one to step up and follow Kidd's lead on offense and no solution for Duncan on defense, the Spurs managed to win the title in 6 games.

The common theme I'm noticing is good coaching (Jeff Van Gundy, Larry Bird, Larry Brown and Byron Scott) and a good defense. Every single one of these teams, except for the Pacers, had a top 5 defense in the league. Also, all of these teams seemed to be really balanced. All of them were deep and had role players who knew their roles and were playing them well. They were all well organized, well coached teams, but when you come up against the generational talents like Shaq, Kobe and Duncan, there's really not that much you can do. Depth is most of the time beaten by sheer star power.
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2020.10.01 15:18 ZandrickEllison Offseason Blueprint: the Washington Wizards had a rockier year than J.K. Rowling, but perhaps they can bring the playoff magic back next year

We're in the middle of the playoffs in basketball and baseball, but there's only one thing on every sports fans mind: what's going on with the Washington Wizards??
We are here to scratch that itch, my friend, with the latest edition of the OFFSEASON BLUEPRINT series. Here are some recommendations for the team's offseason.
step one: keep a protective seal around Bradley Beal
When we come up with fake trades on this site, Bradley Beal's name is almost always mentioned. Andrew Wiggins and the # 2 pick for Bradley Beal. Gary Harris and Michael Porter Jr. for Bradley Beal. Kyle Kuzma and a pack of donuts for Bradley Beal.
I get it. The Wizards aren't a good team. They finished 25-47 this season, a long way away from .500. They also have a major asset here in Beal that could jumpstart a rebuild. Other teams and fan bases should be eyeing them like vultures, ready to pick off their remains. From Washington's point of view, I'd fight off those buzzards as long as possible. Beal is among the best shooting guards in the game, so it's very difficult to throw away an All-Star for a song and a prayer. Even if you land a top 3 pick in this draft, you're selecting a project that you hope may one day turn into someone like... Bradley Beal. It's not worth the risk.
Moreover, Beal is only 27 years old right now. Health permitting, he has the skill set that should age well. He's going to be a good player for the next 3, 4, maybe 5 years. While your prospects in 2020-21 may be uncertain, you need some confidence in yourself as a franchise that you can turn the ship around eventually.
To be fair, there's somewhat of a ticking clock here. Beal is only locked up for 2 more years (and then has a player option.) So, by that standard, you need to show more promise before he flies away in free agency. Still, that gives you some time to get your house in order. Knowing that, the Wizards should keep Beal this season (barring an AMAZING and overwhelming offer.) After this season, we can reassess if need be.
There are two good reasons to "wait and see" before you even consider a Beal trade. The primary one is John Wall's health. It's still a mystery. If Wall can come back near 100%, then this isn't such a rotten team after all. Alternatively, if Wall looks like a shell of his former self or if he gets re-injured, then maybe you pivot and throw in the towel. His contract -- $41M + $44M + $47M player option -- would make it very difficult to be competitive if he's a complete zero.
The second reason to "wait and see" would be a matter of draft classes. This particular year appears weak right now. I wouldn't trade Beal for Anthony Edwards or LaMelo Ball -- heck, I may not trade him for both of them put together. However, 2021 and 2022 are projected to be much stronger drafts. If you're going to blow it up and go for a complete rebuild, I'd rather start with a sure-fire franchise talent in the bank. Beal's value won't change in any major way from age 27 to 28, so that affords the Wizards the luxury of patience on this front. Hopefully that keeps him in town for the long haul, but it may mean waiting for a better trade haul instead.
step two: aim a gun at your lame duck
If the blueprint suggests keeping Bradley Beal and making a playoff push, then the team will have to get better around him. That goes for the supporting cast, but it also goes for the coaching staff.
I love to follow coaching hirings and firings, but this offseason has thrown me for a loop already. Billy Donovan and Mike D'Antoni slipped out. Doc Rivers got thrown out. Steve Nash (?!) smashed in through the walls like the Kool-aid man.
And yet, somehow, Scottie Brooks continues to survive. It's hard to blame Brooks for the team's struggles this particular year (with John Wall out) but we simply haven't seen many signs of progress for the franchise. His winning percentage has dropped each season he's been in D.C. -- from 60% to 52% to 39% to 35% this past year. The defense has ranked 28th and 30th in back to back seasons. That's not a John Wall issue -- that's a coaching and personnel issue. Something ain't right here.
Apparently, GM Tommy Sheppard and ownership are going to let Brooks ride out his contract and see how he does with a (hopefully) healthy Wall. That's fine. That shows some loyalty. But there's a difference between being loyal and being a punching bag. Brooks needs to show well this season, or he needs to go.
In fact, I've already got the next coach lined up outside the door. Last year, I predicted that the Wizards would replace Brooks with Denver assistant coach Wes Unseld, Jr. Unseld is a bright, charismatic coach who focuses on defense. He also has a lot of ties to this organization, where his dad was an MVP and executive. Unseld Jr. would have been a good hire last offseason. He would have a good hire this offseason. He may have to be a good next offseason, depending on how Brooks and the team progresses in 2020-21. Setting a clear standard for Brooks would be helpful. He either needs to make the playoffs or get darn close to .500 again.
step three: no more free lunches (and free baskets)
As mentioned, the Washington Wizards finished 30th (out of 30) in defensive rating this year. That's simply unacceptable. If the team has any hopes of returning to the playoffs, that needs to improve in a hurry.
The defensive issues go up and down the roster, but I'd flag two of the biggest problem areas. With John Wall hurt, Scottie Brooks decided to go with the "proven vet" and started Isaiah Thomas in 37 games. That turned out to be a disaster. Thomas' offensive prowess has been diminished, and his defense is as bad as ever. All in all, he became a net negative for the team. In fact, we even named him the Least Valuable Player in the league this season given his negative contributions and his heavy minutes.
The Wizards mercy-killed the I.T. experiment before the end of last year, so that shouldn't be as big of an issue anymore. John Wall will come back, hopefully to the point where he can play close to 30 minutes a night. When Wall rests, the team can fall back on Ish Smith as a capable backup. Jerome Robinson (former Clipper bust) can also provide some minutes and hopefully some lingering upside. It'd be wise for the team to retain another backup guard -- be it Shabazz Napier or defensive-specialist Gary Payton II as well. We simply don't know how much Wall is going to be able to play this next year, so you want depth at the PG position.
There's another potential problem area that's going to be harder to address. The Wizards are going to have to come up with a gameplan regarding rookie PF Rui Hachimura. Physically, Hachimura looks like everything you'd want in a modern PF; he's effectively a super-sized small forward who should be capable of guarding several positions. His actual defensive performance was mixed. ESPN RPM thought he did fine, but BPM (box plus minus) graded him an ugly -2.0 impact per 100 possessions on defense. Offensively, Hachimura needs to extend his range. His three-point shooting was a work in progress at Gonzaga, and there's still work to be done in the NBA now. As a rookie, Hachimura only shot 1.8 threes per game, and only hit 28.7% of them. For a SF-PF, that needs to get better. That will be especially crucial next season as Wall returns and tries to reinvigorate his drive and kick offense.
Hachimura still has a bright future, but the question is whether the Wizards are force-feeding him minutes too soon. He started 48 games and played 30.1 minutes a night. That's more understandable in a "lost season," but would be a harder pill to swallow next year if they're trying to make a playoff push. The team needs to raise the bar here. On the bright side, rookies tend to make big jumps as sophomores -- so there's a good chance Hachimura does the same. If he can't, then they need to have him take a step back into the 25 minute range until he finds his footing. It took him a while at Gonzaga, so maybe it'll be a longer learning curve here as well.
step four: don't look a Latvian gift horse in the mouth
As badly as the 2019-20 season went for the Washington Wizards, there were some positives. Sophomore SG/SF Troy Brown Jr. continues to improve, especially on the offensive end. This past season, he averaged 14.5 points, 7.7 rebounds (!), and 3.6 assists per 36 minutes. 23-year-old big Thomas Bryant also looks solid. His "per 36" numbers are even more impressive, registering 19.1 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks. We have to take some of these stats with a grain of salt because the Wizards played a "you score, I score, you score" brand of basketball as a team, but it's still an encouraging sign that Brown and Bryant can be mainstays of the rotation moving forward.
The biggest surprise of the bunch was unheralded shooter Davis Bertans. The Latvian Laser always flashed in limited minutes with the Spurs, but the assumption was that his efficiency would dip over extended time. That turned out not to be the case. In 29.3 minutes a night, Bertans hit 42.4% of his threes (8.7 attempts per game) and averaged 15.4 points (19 points per 36). His shooting is legitimate, and his size (at 6'10") allows him to play either forward spot.
Bertans broke out at just the right time, right before his free agency. His stats will draw a lot of interest. The fact that shooters like Bojan Bogdanovic translated his success to a new team in Utah should also be a feather in the cap for Euro shooters everywhere. Bertans won't fetch Bogdanovic-money, but I've heard some talk about $12-15M per season in salary given his particular skill set.
I can see reasonable Washington fans getting nervous about paying this escalating bill. Bertans is already 27 (turning 28 in November) and has already torn his ACL twice before. He opted out of the bubble for those reasons. Tying yourself to him in a long-term deal could blow up in your face.
Still, it's not like the Wizards are the only team that know the risks here. All NBA clubs have google. I'd be surprised if any team is going to give Bertans more than 3 years on a deal, and even that may be generous. He may end up being more reasonable of a purchase than we expect. Given that, the Wizards need to take advantage. They either need to re-sign Bertans for themselves, or work out a sign and trade with someone else. They have a valuable piece just land in their laps, and they have to take advantage. If you're looking for trade partners, I'd eye Indiana (if they break up their two bigs), Philadelphia (same deal), or Portland (they'd love a stretch 4.)
step five: lean to the front, but don't fall on your face
The Washington Wizards will have the # 9 pick in this draft. For their sake, you hope this is the last lottery pick you have for some time. If you nail this pick, and John Wall returns to form, there's a chance you'll be back in the playoffs for the next 2-3 years. This is the Eastern Conference, after all. It's a low bar.
Knowing that this could be their best pick in a while, the Wizards need to utilize it wisely. We need to hope for a starter here, or at least someone who can play 25-30 minutes a night by year two.
Based on their depth charts and roster needs, your natural inclination would be to lean to the frontcourt (SF, PF, C). There are a few players that could fit in to the team nicely. At forward, Deni Avdija (Israel) is a good ball mover with the size to play SF or PF. I'm not a huge fan of Obi Toppin (Dayton), but he does have the scoring chops to be a top-notch Sixth Man. If there's any chance that James Wiseman (Memphis) or Onyeka Okongwu (USC) fall, they have to jump on them. Thomas Bryant is solid, but those two could be good starters and major defensive presences.
Of course, that's what the Wizards would like to see happen. In reality, the draft could get wonky and weird picks could fall their way. This is a PG-heavy class, and the supply and demand may cause some of the guards to slide.
There were some reports and rumors that the Wizards weren't looking at Killian Hayes, a top PG prospect, presumably because they have John Wall and Bradley Beal in tow. It's natural that you would lean to a frontcourt player, but the Wizards can't box themselves into a corner either. If a top 5 guard falls to # 9, then you throw out the "fit" and select the best player available. If it's close, then you can lean to your needs.
In addition to the prospects already mentioned, you have SG Anthony Edwards from Georgia (arguably the top prospect overall), PG LaMelo Ball (ESPN's top prospect), PG Tyrese Haliburton from Iowa State (arguably the most NBA-ready guard), and SG/SF Devin Vassell of Florida State (a personal favorite of mine given his 3+D potential.) That's 10 top prospects for a team that gets to pick # 9. "Weak draft" or not, that's a nice position to be in. The mistake would be reaching on need, because this team needs to stack their depth chart with more talent all around.
previous offseason blueprints
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2020.03.14 20:54 scphoenix13 NBA 2000/2001 season

NBA 2000/2001 season
NBA was cancelled last 12 march, and we don’t know exactly when it could return or it would finish this season. It was disgusting for more of us, but we couldn’t imagine how deep this sadness could penetrate inside us, it was late in the night and I tried to see the boxscore, and I could only see one word “POSTPONED”, and my heart broke in one million pieces, I won’t be able to watch a single game this month, no more night, friends and beers, only silence.
We don’t know how much news, a clip where Hezonja block the game winner of LeBron (wtf) or a discussion for the ROY, COY, MVP and anyone can say the same name we will lose, so my friend Charlie and I decided to win this battle to the fucking COVID-19, we decide to recreate the season NBA 2000/2001 (This year was selected randomly but the luck wish that we could see a tribute to Kobe Bryant too)
Now you are ready to go inside this personal time machine and you are going to live again this incredible year, rewatching old news, old discussion and old feelings.
Thank you for being with us in this travel, we could be in quarantine but basketball will link us.
(the song directly from NBA live 01)

Day 1: The Show must go on

Like a song of queen this show must start and for that, we need a little of context. The Los Angeles Lakers entered the 2000/2001 season as the defending NBA champions, an unstoppable Shaquille O'Neal with 38 points per game, 17 rebounds per game and almost 3 blocks per game reach his first ring with the Lakers (First ring in 12 years for the franchise, when Magic Johnson still play with the purple and yellow jersey).
Kobe, Magic and Shaquille in the 2000 championship
The 2000 NBA Draft was held on June 28, 2000 at the Target Center at Minneapolis. A lot of dreams for the franchise and the main characters of the game, the players. In the first pick the New Jersey Nets selects Kenyon Martin, a 22 years-old player, a new opportunity to create a legacy in a franchise which is in the shadow of the big New York Knicks. But a lot of journals agree in one point, this is probably the less potential class draft in the history, there are no remarkable players or players that could fix problem in the teams on the bottom of the table.
On the other hand, we could see the NBA players salaries for the incoming season, where centers govern the actual league:
Player Team Salary
1. Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves $19,600,000
2. Shaquille O'Neal Los Angeles Lakers $19,285,000
3. Alonzo Mourning Miami Heat $16,879,000
4. Juwan Howard Washington Wizards $16,875,000
5. Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Rockets $16,685,000
6. Karl Malone Utah Jazz $15,750,000
7. Dikembe Mutombo Philadelphia 76ers $14,422,000
8. Patrick Ewing Seattle SuperSonics $14,000,000
9. David Robinson San Antonio Spurs $13,196,000
10. Scottie Pippen Portland Trail Blazers $13,151,000
This summer, we could see plenty of trades and how many players change their jerseys:
  • The Miami Heat traded P.J. Brown, Rodney Buford, Tim James, Jamal Mashburn and Otis Thorpe to the Charlotte Hornets for Ricky Davis, Dale Ellis, Eddie Jones and Anthony Mason.
  • The San Antonio Spurs signed Raja Bell as a free agent.
  • The Utah Jazz signed John Starks as a free agent.
  • The Toronto Raptors traded Tracy McGrady to the Orlando Magic for a 2005 1st round draft pick.
  • The Minnesota Timberwolves signed Chauncey Billups as a free agent.
  • The Toronto Raptors signed Mark Jackson as a free agent.
  • In a 4-team trade, the Boston Celtics traded Dana Barros to the Dallas Mavericks; the Boston Celtics traded Danny Fortson to the Golden State Warriors; the Dallas Mavericks traded Robert Pack, Hot Rod Williams and cash to the Boston Celtics; the Dallas Mavericks traded Bruno Šundov to the Utah Jazz; the Golden State Warriors traded Bill Curley to the Dallas Mavericks; the Golden State Warriors traded Donyell Marshall to the Utah Jazz; the Utah Jazz traded a 2001 1st round draft pick to the Boston Celtics; the Utah Jazz traded Howard Eisley to the Dallas Mavericks; and the Utah Jazz traded Adam Keefe to the Golden State Warriors.
  • The Dallas Mavericks traded Cedric Ceballos, Eric Murdock and John Wallace to the Detroit Pistons for Christian Laettner and Terry Mills.
  • In a 3-team trade, the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Shawn Kemp to the Portland Trail Blazers; the Miami Heat traded Chris Gatling, Clarence Weatherspoon and a 2001 1st round draft pick (Brendan Haywood was later selected) to the Cleveland Cavaliers; the Portland Trail Blazers traded Gary Grant to the Cleveland Cavaliers; and the Portland Trail Blazers traded Brian Grant to the Miami Heat.
  • The Indiana Pacers traded Dale Davis to the Portland Trail Blazers for Joe Kleine and Jermaine O'Neal.
  • The Portland Trail Blazers signed Will Perdue as a free agent.
  • The Indiana Pacers waived Chris Mullin, then he returns to Golden State Warriors.
  • In probably the most important trade, the Los Angeles Lakers traded Travis Knight, Glen Rice and a 2001 1st round draft pick to the New York Knicks; the New York Knicks traded Chris Dudley and a 2001 1st round draft pick to the Phoenix Suns; the New York Knicks traded Patrick Ewing to the Seattle SuperSonics; the Phoenix Suns traded Luc Longley to the New York Knicks; the Seattle SuperSonics traded Emanual Davis, Greg Foster, Horace Grant and Chuck Person to the Los Angeles Lakers; and the Seattle SuperSonics traded Lazaro Borrell, Vernon Maxwell, Vladimir Stepania, a 2001 2nd round draft pick, a 2001 2nd round draft pick ( and a 2002 1st round draft pick to the New York Knicks.
  • The New Jersey Nets signed Stephen Jackson as a free agent.
  • The Minnesota Timberwolves signed LaPhonso Ellis as a free agent.
  • Rik Smits retired from the Indiana Pacers.
Finally this season will be special for some curiosities:
  • We could see a new log in the Orland Magics and Phoenix Suns which try to create a new era in this new millennium.
  • The Grizzlies play their final season in Vancouver, British Columbia before relocating to Memphis, Tennessee for the following season leaving the Toronto Raptors being the only Canadian team left in the NBA.
  • Prior to the season, Miami Heat center Alonzo Mourning announced that he suffered a kidney disorder and could miss the entire season. Mourning could require a kidney transplant.
And today, 31 October 2000 will start a new unforgettable season of the NBA in the Staples Center, where the Los Angeles Lakers receive Portland Trail Blazers, remembering the last Western Conference Finals. Enjoy this game:!31wD2aRS!y9sTsg-aXaP7Rrf3LdEC-g
Key: y9sTsg-aXaP7Rrf3LdEC-g

Day 2: Vince Carter vs Ray Allen Special

Today it's eighteen of November, the league is started and it's as wild as ever. Here we can see the standing and how Sixers it's the only unbeatable:
Conference Standings on 11/17
Tonight we will travel to the cold Canada to watch a Bucks (3-5) with a lot of problems which isn't able to be regular and obtain the win, being the second worst defense in the Eastern Conference, against a Toronto Raptors (4-4) with a Vince Carter in his best moment.
Vince Carter and Ray Allen in Sidney with the gold medal in the Olympic Games (2000/10/30 - Manny Millan for Sports Illustrated)
Two friends in the same way in two of the most important teams in the East, both winning gold medal in the Olympic Games 2000 and both being named as All Star last year for the first time in their careers. Here, we will analyze these two young promises, knowing without any doubt they will dominate this early decade:
Player (Season) Games Minutes Played per Game Points per Game Total Rebounds per Game Assists per Game
Ray Allen (1999/2000) 82 37.4 22.1 4.4 3.8
Ray Allen (2000/2001) 8 36.7 21.8 4.9 2.5
Vince Carter (1999/2000) 82 38.1 25.7 5.8 3.9
Vince Carter (2000/2001) 8 40.2 29.5 4.5 3.4
And now let's start this incredible game:!6lRjWKSD
Key: lhTPMIDdIAe3_YVcpqwMfw

Day 3: A new star has born

Tracy McGrady, the raw potential personified. He is one of the most skillful offense in the league, the type of player that can put up big numbers even when his man is playing outstanding defense, possesses a great first step, a nasty crossover, and tremendous lift on his jump shot.
Tracy McGrady against Charlotte on 8 November
This summer everything has changed for him when he crossed more 2 thousand of kilometers, a homecoming for the Florida native and a chance to escape the long shadow of Toronto teammate (and distant cousin) Vince Carter. Orlando Magic, in theory the perfect fit, without a superstar since the all-too-brief glory days of Shaq and Penny, Orlando was coming off a season in which 31-year-old Darrell Armstrong led the team in scoring. It wasn’t an awful team at all, they were a .500 team the last season, but with T-Mac this intrascendente days are over. His debut with Orlando jersey could not be better, 32 points, 12 rebounds and the win, this 21-years-old is demonstrated who isn’t just a good prospect, he is a reality in this league.
Conference Standings on 11/23
T-Mac has burst into the action with 22.5 points per game in 11 games but Magic haven’t discovered the way to win (4-8). So, tonight they have an incredible opportunity to knock on the door of the playoff with a winning in the Fleet Center in Massachusetts, again a poor Boston Celtics (5-6) with only two visible generators (Antoine Walker, 24-years-old and Paul Pierce, 23-years-old) and a Rick Pitino knocked for 2 consecutive years without playoff and his continuity in suspense.
Here this incredible battle for the regularity:!2gQTDIgY

Day 4: Ode to update

“Old is always better” a mantra you have listened to in everywhere by everyone, but what does it means? Humans are in continuos evolution, new jobs, new friends, new partners but we are looking exactly the opposite, the so called “comfort zone”, a limit where we don’t have fears, worries or anxiety, only a feeling of peace. So it’s simple, if you are on your comfort zone, why should you change to the unknown? The answer is complex, but you need to update you every time because the other road is into the mediocrity.
Patrick Ewing arrived in New York City in 1985, a controversial first pick who changed the dynamics of an entire franchise. But in these fifteen years they haven’t win a title, a decadent historic. On the other hand, they have a great opportunity now to raise the Big Apple into the Olympus where they should never go out. The reality is that the project is over and they have to reset, they have to run away from the comfort zone instead of falling in the same old shadows of comfort.
Pat Ewing after a game in the Madison Square Garden
“The king is dead, long live the king!” Ewing has gone this summer, no regret, the old doesn’t have to be better, and the Knicks has the weapons to bomb this league, they only have to believe in their potential as the paradigm of city. They have to believe in this roster and step by step recover their glory.
Conference Standings on 12/03
In the Madison Square Garden, Knicks (11-7) will look for another win to find his own road into the glory, although the Los Angeles Clippers (5-13) need desperately a win. Here the full game: (!PlwhyCQY)
Key: z8yp_IYGJrIGkwhQcz7Ddw

Day 5: Sideshow Bryant

Sideshow - a minor attraction at a larger event such as a circus, fair, music festival or similar. Since I was a kid I always observe Sideshow Bob with a special curiosity. Why is he always trying to kill Bart or clown Krusty? Now, I understand this feeling, undervalued, you try to do your best every night, but the show never will be yours, you are only a good potential in the shadows of a bigger main character.
Kobe Bryant in his apartment in 1997
Bryant is one of the most skillful player in this league, has everything to be the main dish, every spotlight following him across the stage, but there are not enough light in Hollywood, Los Angeles to illuminate Bryant’s ego. Like in a drama serie every night it appears the greatest, the unstoppable Shaquille O’Neal, snatching his shots, snatching his possession, snatching his light. But we are not talking just about a small sheep which will accept this role, Bryant has one of the most competitive minds, and since he arrived in Los Angeles with only 18-years-old, he knew his real position is with all NBA behind him, and Kobe, or the Lakers' leader in points, matured a lot since this not too far away day.
Player (This season) Games Minutes per game Points per game Rebounds per game Assists per game
Kobe Bryant 25 40.6 28.8 5.2 4.8
Shaquille O'Neal 23 39.9 25.5 13.2 4.0
Every effort has his recognition, and now Kobe is knocking on leading actor’s dressing room: “This is not yours anymore”.
Conference Standings on 12/16
In Air Canada Centre, Toronto we will see two contenders Los Angeles Lakers (16-9) vs Toronto Raptors (12-11). Which will fight more for the win? Here the match:(!HkpUCSTL)
Key: gVdg6lZy0fvDksjjhScImQ
Boxscore: (

Day 6: Goodbye Little Moses

Born on 21st January 1963, in Lagos, Nigeria, Hakeem, formerly Akeem Olajuwon was a Professional NBA player for Houston Rockets. He is well known as one of the best centers to play in NBA so far. He has been the undisputed leader for Houston Rockets. He’s the first African in led one team to the title, Houston Rockets (first for franchise), He was considered a physical marvel starting in his days at the University of Houston, his aesthetic and productive play — highlighted by his Houston Rockets’ back-to-back NBA titles — earned him a place among the game’s best.
Olajuwon vs O'Neal in 1995 NBA Finals
But everything has an irremediable ending, and Olajuwon is at the end of his career. His footwork isn’t dominating the league anymore, he is slow and only the leader in the locker room, with Steve Francis (23 years old) like the promising point guard that could guide this team in this decade.
Conference Standings 20/12
We only could celebrate this successful career with an important game against the Los Angeles Lakers (18-9) at Houston Rockets (13-11): (!3hwiUYxB)
Key: 8H_0LNUMonlikf3rrGYYVw

Day 7: Skinny G

Drafted No. 5 overall by the T-Wolves in 1995 out of Farragut Career Academy in Chicago, Illi., KG went on to become one of the game’s most accomplished big men. One could see 200 lbs and 7 feets and think immediately is a skinny player and should not jump directly from high school, but we are not talking about a coward. He is an agile and extremely aggressive 7-footer with excellent athleticism Incredibly fluid and coordinated for a player his size, able to run the floor and play like a guard at times, but still defend and rebound like a 7-footer.
Skinny G, 23-years-old, 3 times in all star game, All-NBA and All-Defensive (1st) last year, we are talking about the future of the NBA, and a reality now. So what could stop this highest-IQ player? His team, Minnesota Timberwolves, one of the worst franchise in all NBA.
1996, Marbury and Garnett playing pool
March 11, 1999, the beginning of the ending. Minnesota Timberwolves decide to trade Garnett’s friend, Stephon Marbury (21-years-old) for one pick draft and Terrell Brandon, one good player but not Marbury. We are talking about two player in the early twenty, friends, could dominate the decade 2000’s, but the worst franchise is planning totally different for Minneapolis city.
Conference Standings 12/25
Now we can see two teams in similar conditions, Toronto Raptors (14-13) vs Minnesota Timberwolves (15-13). Garnett vs Carter in Minnesota. (!DkgRUbwD)
Key: EmGkJFpvSHVMbcf78iyZUA
Boxscore: (

Day 8: Miller for the three-pointer

One of the most underrated player, only 5 All Star, only 3 All-NBA, and Miller is 35 years old, time is counting against him and the Indiana Pacers. It seems like they achieved their peak last year with NBA Finals and they won’t be able again to catch this exploit.
Reggie Miller shouting a three-pointer after a match.
One generational player, I should talk about the greatest in one section, the line of three point. Since he caught be a starter, he has a 0.405 on 3-Point Field Goal Percentage in 5 attempts per game, nobody achieves these numbers. And I want to remember one special night for Miller when in a game 5 in 1994 against the Knicks he showed his best performance to the world. Game 5 confirmed Miller's status as the league's premier practitioner of the ancient art of jump shooting. Except for the free throws and one 15-foot field goal, none of Miller's shots came from closer to the basket than 19 feet. He made jumpers from both sides of the court, off the dribble and from behind screens, in heavy congestion and far from the madding crowd. One of his three-pointers was a what-the-hell heave from about 27 feet, but it was still a classic Miller jumper, arms extended above the head, elbow on the shooting arm (the right) slightly askew, eyes following the ball. (For the record, he did miss two of the 10 field goals he attempted in the period)
Conference Standings 01/04
Two teams in totally different points. On one hand, Sacramento Kings (21-8), a fresh leader in the west playing their best in a long time and for sure a contender in this decade. On the other hand, Indiana Pacers (14-19) , a decadent last-year-finalist of the NBA showing a poor level and for sure they should call to the update. Here this game: (!Kxo0Xa6D)
Key lvCsquc9Jg7H1xKKW11fvQ
Boxscore: (

Day 9: All Star Special
Each decade has provided fans with numerous memorable and entertaining All-Star moments celebrated over the weekend that unofficially kicks off a season’s final push toward the postseason. Now we are in the capital of USA to watch some skillful players:
3-Points Contest. The main outstanding tasks for many players. One difficult shot maybe we don't understand a lot yet, but some players were so skillful, like we talked yesterday, Reggie Miller, 3-times-winners: Larry Bird, Craig Hodges or the last 2 times winners Jeff Hornacek.
Reggie Miller in 1990's 3-Point Contest
Here we can see the players were selected for this magic moment:
Steve Nash Dallas Mavericks
Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks
Ray Allen Milwaukee Bucks
Allan Houston New York Knicks
Pat Garrity Orlando Magic
Peja Stojakovic Sacramento Kings
Rashard Lewis Seattle Supersonics
Byron Russell Utah Jazz
Dunk Contest. Last year we could see Vince Carter dominate this contest as the greatest in all time. It's more than a simple contest, it's the moment all kids stare the television and watch a moment will stay in their retina.
Vince Carter winner 2000 dunk contest.
Here the players selected:
Baron Davis Charlotte Hornets
DeShawn Stevenson Utah Jazz
Desmond Mason Seattle Supersonics
Corey Maggette Los Angeles Clippers
Stromile Swift Vancouver Grizzlies
Jonathan Bender Indiana Pacers
Which players will make us forget the incredible Carter's dunks or the foolproof Hornacek? Here the answer to this question: (!P9REkQhA)
Key: Zo84_ZXM1hxFQCsCUOvsrA

Day 10: All Star Special 2

All Star Game have changed a lot in time, so we will talk about some remarkable moments:
The first All-Star Game in 1951. History was made in March 1951 when the NBA held its first All-Star Game, at the Boston Garden. As Richard Goldstein of The New York Times wrote in 2000, college basketball was left reeling from a point-shaving scandal in the early 1950s, so then-NBA publicity director Haskell Cohen suggested the league create an All-Star Game similar to the Major League Baseball exhibition as a way to attract interest for the Association’s stars. Over 10,000 people journeyed to the Garden to watch the East defeat the West, 111-94. Boston’s Ed Macauley was named MVP of that contest.
Red Auerbach’s ejections. Nobody has to wonder if Hall of Fame coach Red Auerbach cared about winning NBA All-Star Games. Following his retirement as coach of the Boston Celtics, Auerbach made history as the only coach ever ejected from an All-Star contest for arguing with officials in 1967.
Magic Johnson comes back in 1992. Between November 1991 and Feb. 9, 1992, Magic Johnson twice stunned the world. That fall the five-time NBA champion announced he was HIV-positive, and, as a result, was retiring from the Association. Fans nevertheless voted Magic into that season’s All-Star Game , the last of his career, and he returned for the contest played in Orlando. Johnson stole the show, as he tallied 25 points and nine assists, both game highs. A buzzer-beating three-pointer he drained with under 15 seconds remaining brought the crowd to its feet and cemented his legacy as the game’s MVP.
The west roster is formed by:
Jason Kidd Phoenix Suns
Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers
Chris Webber Sacramento Kings
Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs
Shaquille O'Neal Los Angeles Lakers
Michael Finley Dallas Mavericks
Gary Payton Seattle Supersonics
Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves
Karl Malone Utah Jazz
Antonio McDyess Denver Nuggets
Rasheed Wallace Portland Trail Blazers
David Robinson San Antonio Spurs
Vlade Divac Sacramento Kings
The east roster is formed by:
Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers
Tracy McGrady Orlando Magic
Vince Carter Toronto Raptors
Grant Hill Orlando Magic
Alonzo Morning Miami Heats
Ray Allen Milwaukee Bucks
Allan Houston New York Knicks
Stephon Marbury New Jersey Nets
Jerry Stackhouse Detroit Pistons
Anthony Mason Miami Heats
Glenn Robinson Milwaukee Bucks
Latrell Spewell New York Knicks
Antonio Davis Toronto Raptors
Dikembe Mutombo Atlanta Hawks
Theo Ratliff Philadelphia 76ers
Here the full game: (!K5BgkACT)
Key: WehsnWh_iAlrX0xhmLHADw
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2020.01.07 23:40 Taclooc Cookies (Berner) drops in Maryland this Saturday. Would you wait in line for it?

So Cookies partnered with a Maryland medical dispensary called Culta and this will be the first “official” launch of the Cookies brand on the east coast. Has anyone ever had any of the strains that will be available? Cereal Milk, Gary Payton, Cheetah Piss, The Soap, and Georgia Pie I think are the ones.
I’m a patient in MD and I’m not gonna lie, the quality of bud can be pretty shit. Sure there’s a few good strains here and there from a select 3-4 growers (out of 15) that are good, but I’ve never experienced any kind of west coast/legal bud and I hear people rave about Cookies. I’m considering going and standing in line for the drop but not sure if it’s worth it/how much better it’ll be than some of the bud I’ve had here. Everyone is limited to two eighths total.
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2019.07.14 20:35 StarWarsMonopoly [Photo of the Day] #21: Automatic Alley-Oops. Seattle Sonics forward Shawn Kemp receives one of a seemingly endless series of sky passes from his partner-in-crime Gary Payton, ca. 1994.

[Photo of the Day] #21: Automatic Alley-Oops. Seattle Sonics forward Shawn Kemp receives one of a seemingly endless series of sky passes from his partner-in-crime Gary Payton, ca. 1994. submitted by StarWarsMonopoly to VintageNBA [link] [comments]

2018.10.27 01:04 HarryLundt High Voltage: Budget “On-Paper” Thoughts

As I've basically always done, I'm going No Money Spent this year. But, this year, I'm also not working the AH like a 2nd job. So I don't have much to spend and not interested in anything but the budget side of things. Even the Rubies in a Theme set are hard to justify for me right now. Except maybe as purchases with durable value.
The most valuable card I own is AM Kevin Durant, then AM Steph Curry, and then stuff like Ruby Bird, Ruby Hakeem, and a few others that are worth around 10K, and then it's all Current Rubies with values in the basement.
I haven't played any of these players, but finally am taking a closer look at Ratings/Badges/etc. And think there's some interesting stuff going on at the budget end, especially for PvCPU play...
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2017.09.29 22:53 darrellDAbarrel [OC] Whole NBA Redraft

TLDR: I like fantasy drafts
What if each team could build around their star player the right way? No longer limited by bad contracts, poor fits, offsetting time-lines, and fruitless attempts to take down super teams, each team tries to field the most competitive team possible around their designated star.
The rules are simple, complete NBA redraft, each team gets one keeper. Most teams are fairly obvious who the keeper will be, but some are up for debate. Then used the nba top 100 to rank the order the keepers, best to worst. This will be used as the draft order. Since Simmons and Ball were unranked, I decided to slide them into slots 25 and 26.
So who will be the Championship favorites? What teams will the cellar dwellers? Who will be the most fun to watch? Obviously this is all based on my selections, so I'm sure there will be more than a few that are off base and unpopular. But this took a while, so it's not like I'm going to change anything now!
The Keepers
Team Player Rank
Celtics Irving 10
Nets Russell 28
Knicks Porzingis 18
76ers Simmons 25
Raptors DeRozan 14
Bulls Lavine 27
Caveliers James 1
Pistons Drummond 23
Pacers Turner 21
Bucks Antetokounmpo 7
Hawks Schroder 24
Hornets Walker 19
Heat Whiteside 17
Magic Gordon 29
Wizards Wall 8
Warriors Curry 2
Clippers Griffin 15
Lakers Ball 26
Suns Booker 20
Kings Hield 30
Rockets Harden 5
Mavericks Barnes 22
Grizzlies Gasol 12
Pelicans Davis 4
Spurs Leonard 3
Nuggets Jokic 16
Timberwolves Towns 9
Thunder Westbrook 6
Trail Blazers Lillard 13
Jazz Gobert 11
Some contraversial selections:
DeRozan over Lowry - Yes Lowry is better, but he is just more of a complementary player. More fun to build around a center piece, not the ideal second banana.
Simmons over Embiid - Embiid is hurt so much, he just doens't feel like the focal point of the 76ers rebuild anymore.
Curry over Durant - The Warriors are who they are because of Curry, seems only fair.
The Results
Team PG SG SF PF C 6th Man
Celtics Irving Allen Crowder Gibson Horford Turner
Nets Russell Caldwell-Pope Miles Markkanen Green Zeller
Knicks Fultz Murray Ingram Randle Porzingis Randolph
76ers Teague Thompson Fournier Simmons Cauley-Stein Bender
Raptors Williams DeRozan Aminu Millsap Aldridge Jackson
Bulls Smith Jr. Lavine George Nance Jr. Thompson Mirotic
Caveliers Hill Matthews Iguodala James Gasol Dellavedova
Pistons Thomas Brogdon Hood Patterson Drummond Ginobili
Pacers Lowry Waiters Simmons Morris Turner Monroe
Bucks Smart Brown Middleton Williams Antetokounmpo Lopez
Hawks Schroder Crabbe Jackson Saric Embiid Ntilikina
Hornets Walker Smith Issac Love Howard Clarkson
Heat Conley Green Tucker Evans Whiteside Rose
Magic Paul Barton Gay Gordon Capela Vucevic
Wizards Wall Curry Kidd-Gilchrist Parker Jordan Lee
Warriors Curry Gordon Chandler Harris Adams Payton
Clippers Mills Beal Ross Griffin Noel Parker
Lakers Ball Richardson Ingles Nowitzki Cousins Beasley
Suns Rondo Booker Hayward Favors Maker Rivers
Kings Lin Hield Ariza Durant Kanter Faried
Rockets Joseph Redick Harden Gallinari Gortat Livingston
Mavericks Fox Oladipo Butler Barnes Ibaka Korver
Grizzlies Bledsoe Wade Covington Green Gasol Young
Pelicans Holiday Hardaway Jr. Batum Young Davis McConnell
Spurs Rubio Bogdanovic Leonard Ilyasova Lopez Johnson
Nuggets Harris McCollum Snell Anderson Jokic Labissiere
Timberwolves Beverley Wiggins Winslow Dieng Towns Smith
Thunder Westbrook Bradley Porter Chriss Valanciunas Kaminsky
Trail Blazers Lillard Roberson Johnson Anthony Nurkic Powell
Jazz Dragic Johnson Tatum Johnson Gobert Mbah a Moute
Round 1
1.- Kevin Durant - Sacramento Kings
Doesn't matter who the team is or who the keeper is, this pick was always going to be Durant.
2.- Chris Paul - Orlando Magic
Paul is a pretty clear cut 2nd pick as well. Paul and Gordon are the start of a pretty formidable defensive team.
3.- Draymond Green - Brooklyn Nets
Here is where things get less obvious. What best to pair with a ball dominant combo guard? 3&D Wings fit with anything, and George is one of the best players available. Hayward would probably be the best option to supplement the play-making Russell lacks. Cousins is probably the most talented player available. But I think you take Draymond as the do everything guy to mask Russell's considerable flaws and allow him to shine with the great strengths he does have.
4.- Paul George - Chicago Bulls
Lavine is hopeless on defense, so getting a strong wing defender is a must. George is a great fit, and one of the best talents available.
5.- Demarcus Cousins - Los Angeles Lakers
Cousins is the best player available, and a good fit to pair with the pass-first Ball.
6.- Klay Thompson - Philadelphia 76ers
Priority has to be to get the best shooter available to pair with Simmons. Thompson should fit perfectly.
7.- Joel Embiid - Atlanta Hawks
This is a tough pick to make. Butler is the best player available, but that gives you a ball dominant back-court that doesn't space the floor exceptionally well. Hayward and Love both have the spacing you need, but their below average defense and above average play-making don't fit great with Schroder either. I think rolling the dice with the dynamic big man is the way to go.
8.- Isaiah Thomas - Detroit Pistons
Having a dynamic partner for Drummand in the PnR is the absolute top priority. IT seems like a no brainer here.
9.- Jimmy Butler - Dallas Mavericks
Butler is easily the best player available. Him and Barnes probably form the top wing combos in the league.
10.- Kyle Lowry - Indiana Pacers
The Pacers have three solid options here; Hayward, Conley, and Lowry are all on about the same level. Getting a back-court player I think helps more, and I give the edge to Lowry on talent, so that's the pick.
11.- Gordon Hayward - Phoenix Suns
Similar to the Nets with Russell, I think you need a do everything 2nd option to best utilize Booker's offensive talents. Hayward won't cover his defensive deficiencies, but he has the perfect complimentary skills offensively to really open up the floor for Booker. Plus, he is one of the best available.
12.- Kevin Love - Charlotte Hornets
Not too many worries about fit alongside Walker, so they go with the best available second option in Love.
13.- Markelle Fultz - New York Knicks
The Knicks focus has to be to get a young play-maker to pair with Zinger. Conley is the best available PG, and probably overall player too, but doesn't really fit the time-line with Porzingis. I think they look to the future and draft Fultz.
14.- Mike Conley - Miami Heat
A defensive focused play-maker is the perfect pairing for Whiteside and the win now Heat.
15.- CJ McCollum - Denver Nuggets
Getting a crafty cutter and elite shooter is the ideal fit next to the play-making Jokic. Luckily McCollum is one of the best available.
16.- Bradley Beal - Los Angles Clippers
Clippers are definitely win now with Griffin, and Beal is the best guard available. Plus Griffin can handle some play-making duties, so reaching for a PG isn't necessary.
17.- Paul Millsap - Toronto Raptors
Millsap is easily best available and would be a nice win now complement for DeRozan.
18.- Carmelo Anthony - Portland Trail Blazers
Similar to Charlotte and Toronto, I think Portland just goes with the best available forward they can try to win now with. Dame finally gets Melo to come to Portland in this universe.
19.- Eric Bledsoe - Memphis Grizzlies
I think Memphis tries to follow the same blueprint as Miami, with defensive minded PG/C combo. Bledsoe edges out Dragic in this scenario.
20.- Goran Dragic - Utah Jazz
I think a crafty play-maker that can turn Gobert into an unstoppable dunk machine is the goal here. Dragic should work nicely for that.
21.- Al Horford - Boston Celtics
Getting a rim protector to help deal with Kyrie's defensive shortcomings is a priority. So Jordon is certainly an option here, but Horford is a better fit for their scheme, so I think they go that direction.
22.- Andrew Wiggins - Minnesota Timberwolves
I think Minnesota keeps things familiar, Wiggins is a top talent available and fits the time-line with Towns
23.- DeAndre Jordan - Washington Wizards
Someone who can run the floor with Wall and finish at the basket is the priority. Jordan fits this perfectly.
24.- Khris Middleton - Milwaukee Bucks
Defensive versatility and 3pt shooting is what to surround Giannis with. Just like in real life, Middleton is perfect for that.
25.- Otto Porter - Oklahoma City Thunder
Catch and shoot talent is the best thing to surround Russ with, since he will do everything else for you. Porter is the best available here.
26.- Danilo Gallinari - Houston Rockets
Same thing for Houston as for OKC, except for more of a focus on offensive movement over transition opportunities. Gallinari projects to be a good fit at PF in this system.
27.- Jrue Holiday - New Orleans Pelicans
New Orleans focus is on giving Davis the room to operate, and building a defensive identity. Holiday continues to be the best option here.
28.- Brook Lopez - San Antonio Spurs
Movement, basketball IQ, and defense are the hallmarks of what the Spurs do. Lopez seems like a Pop kind of player, and one of the best available.
29.- Eric Gordon - Golden State Warriors
Curry is still going to cause opposing defenses to gravitate his way, so a 3pt shooter to take advantage is key. Motion and screens are also a priority. Gordon is no Thompson, but will fill the same role.
30.- George Hill - Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron is going to run the offense, doing his drive and kick to the open corner three. Hill is the perfect off ball player for this.
Round 2
31.- Andre Iguodala - Cleveland Cavaliers
A wing defender is a must here. Adding Iguodala almost seems unfair.
32.- Steven Adams - Golden State Warriors
Warriors need someone to set hard picks. Adams will do wonders for freeing up Curry and Gordon.
33.- Ricky Rubio - San Antonio Spurs
Spurs really need a play-maker with this pick. Rubio is the perfect Pop'esque player and best PG available.
34.- Nicolas Batum - New Orleans Pelicans
A wing defender and some playmaking to supplement Jrue is the need with this pick. Batum fits the bill.
35.- J.J. Redick - Houston Rockets
Bradley makes a lot of sense here to add 3pt shooting and guard opposing PGs. But Redick is just so good coming off screens, and is a much deadlier shooter than Bradley.
36.- Avery Bradley - Oklahoma City Thunder
Bradley doesn't slip far though, and fills the same role for the Thunder.
37.- Jaylen Brown - Milwaukee Bucks
Bucks have the option to recreate their current big three, but should probably stick with their philosophy of defensive versatility and 3pt shooting to surround Giannis. Brown is a bit of a reach, but is exactly the mold of player they prioritize.
38.- Jabari Parker - Washington Wizards
Another elite finisher and transition player to play with Wall.
39.- Patrick Beverley - Minnesota Timberwolves
The Timberwolves definitely need a defensive ace to play alonside Wiggins. Beverley is very much a Thibs kind of player.
40.- Jae Crowder - Boston Celtics
Boston needs a 3&D player, and Crowder obviously fits Boston's scheme well.
41.- Jayson Tatum - Utah Jazz
Jazz really need a scoring wing with this pick, so they go with the high upside Tatum.
42.- Robert Covington - Memphis Grizzlies
Memphis needs a wing, and is trying to build a defensive juggernaut. Covington is a reach, but best fills the need.
43.- Jusuf Nurkic - Portland Trail Blazers
The Dame/Nurkic partnership seems to be going well, so they will go that direction now too.
44.- LaMarcus Aldridge - Toronto Raptors
DeRozan and Millsap have enough shooting, playmaking, rebounding, and defense to go pretty much any direction here. Aldridge is best available, so he gets the call.
45.- Nerlens Noel - Los Angles Clippers
The Clippers could desperately use a rim protecting center here. Noel seems like the better pick here over Howard or Ibaka.
46.- Gary Harris - Denver Nuggets
Nuggets are going to continue their quest for crafty cutting and 3pt shooting around the point center. Harris has formed great chemistry with Jokic, so he is the pick.
47.- Danny Green - Miami Heat
Heat need a 3&D wing if they are going to succeed at their defensive identity. Green is the best available for this.
48.- Brandon Ingram - New York Knicks
Knicks need a wing, and look to the future again with Ingram.
49.- Dwight Howard - Charlotte Hornets
Hornets could go a lot of directions here, but Howard is probably the top player.
50.- Derrick Favors - Phoenix Suns
Suns biggest need here is a big man with some toughness and rebounding. Favors best available for that.
51.- Dion Waiters - Indiana Pacers
Waiters is one of the top offensive talents left, and Lowry is able to complement him well.
52.- Serge Ibaka - Dallas Mavericks
The Mavs should be looking to play small ball with Barnes and Butler sliding up a position. Ibaka fits this perfectly going up to the 5.
53.- Malcolm Brogdon - Detroit Pistons
Detroit should focus on flanking the IT/Drummond PnR with 3 3&D wings. First priority of which is getting someone to cover top PGs for IT. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is an option, but doesn't feel right after they just jettisoned him. Brogdon feels like the better fit.
54.- Josh Jackson - Atlanta Hawks
The need for Atlanta here is a high upside wing. Jackson is the premier option left for this criteria.
55.- Jeff Teague - Philadelphia 76ers
76ers biggest need for this pick is probably a secondary playmaker to pair with Simmons. Teague is the top PG left.
56.- Dirk Nowitzki - Los Angeles Lakers
Top need for the Lakers is more spot up shooters for Ball to dish to. A Nowitzki/Cousins front-court would present some fascinating matchup issues.
57.- Dennis Smith Jr. - Chicago Bulls
Bulls are on a mission to have the most explosive back-court in NBA history.
58.- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - Brooklyn Nets
Nets need some wings, since why have Draymond if you aren't going to use him at C? Caldwell-Pope is a good place to start to take pressure off of Russell defensively.
59.- Clint Capela - Orlando Magic
I think the focus for the Magic with this pick has to be a Center who can finish at the rim. Capela makes sense for a PnR partner for Paul.
60.- Jeremy Lin - Sacramento Kings
Kings finally have to determine what their identity will be. With back to back picks they can figure out how to build around Durant. I think Durant is better suited to the 4, so the priority here is a playmaker and a wing. I have Lin as the top PG.
Round 3
61.- Trevor Ariza - Sacramento Kings
Ariza has the defensive skill to let Durant focus his energy on offense.
62.- Rudy Gay - Orlando Magic
Magic have to get another scorer here. Gay is the top scoring wing left.
63.- C.J. Miles - Brooklyn Nets
Focus is another wing. Miles is one of the best 3pt shooters that will counteract KCP lackluster offense.
64.- Tristan Thompson - Chicago Bulls
Bulls definitely need an impact big with this pick. Thompson seems like a good fit to add possessions with his offensive rebounding.
65.- Joe Ingles - Los Angeles Lakers
Lakers definitely need best wing available. Ingles seems like just the kind of guy to always know how to be open for Ball.
66.- Evan Fournier - Philadelphia 76ers
Another shooter is the priority here.
67.- Dario Saric - Atlanta Hawks
Saric is a good fit with timeline and skillset.
68.- Rodney Hood - Detroit Pistons
Definitely need a wing here. Hood is the top option.
69.- Victor Oladipo - Dallas Mavericks
Definitely need a guard. Oladipo best available.
70.- Markieff Morris - Indiana Pacers
Morris best available and should fit well.
71.- Thon Maker - Phoenix Suns
Need is either a stretch 5 or PG here. Maker seems like the best fit.
72.- J.R. Smith - Charlotte Hornets
Hornets need a wing shooter here, JR seems like the best fit.
73.- Julius Randle - New York Knicks
I think Knicks could use an old school PF to do some of the dirty work in the paint and take the pressure off of Porzingis. Randle can live in the paint, and help with play-making duties too.
74.- P.J. Tucker - Miami Heat
Heat need their lock-down wing, and Tucker is the best one left.
75.- Ryan Anderson - Denver Nuggets
The Nuggets aren't playing any defense with this lineup, might as well embrace it.
76.- Patrick Mills - Los Angles Clippers
Clippers really need a play-maker here. Mills isn't a pure PG, but the Clippers can lean on Griffin to run Point anyway.
77.- Lou Williams - Toronto Raptors
Raptors need the best floor spacing guard or wing they can get here. Lou seems perfect and they can rely on DeRozan for their play-making.
78.- Andre Roberson - Portland Trail Blazers
Trail Blazers need an off ball wing with this pick, ideally with some defensive skill. I think they determine they have enough offense and go with Roberson.
79.- Dwyane Wade - Memphis Grizzlies
Grizzlies have some great defense and spot up shooting, but lack shot creators. I think Wade is good value here.
80.- James Johnson - Utah Jazz
Jazz are pretty well balanced at this point, so I think they go with best available player. Johnson adds a lot of versatility.
81.- Taj Gibson - Boston Celtics
Boston needs some toughness in their front-court here. I think Taj makes up for some of Horford's softness.
82.- Justise Winslow - Minnesota Timberwolves
Thibs wants a defensive focus'd SF here, and Winslow could be a steal here if he picks back up on his pre injury projections.
83.- Seth Curry - Washington Wizards
I think a floor spacer is key here, and Curry is one of best available.
84.- Marcus Smart - Milwaukee Bucks
At this point with what is available, the Bucks are best off just running Giannis as your primary center. Then have your 6th man be the traditional center that can protect Giannis against bad match-ups and foul trouble. This allows them to get the switching, defense, and play-making they need in Smart, but otherwise couldn't afford with his lack of spacing.
85.- Jonas Valanciunas - Oklahoma City Thunder
Thunder need some talent in the front-court. Valanciunas is a good value and decent fit here.
86.- Cory Joseph - Houston Rockets
Rockets really need someone to play off ball and guard opposing PGs here. The Beverly/Hill players are long gone, but Joseph isn't a bad fit.
87.- Tim Hardaway Jr. - New Orleans Pelicans
Pelicans have a pretty balanced team right now so have some flexibility with this pick. Hardaway Jr. seems like the best value.
88.- Bojan Bogdanovic - San Antonio Spurs
Spurs need some spacing here to offset Rubio. Ginobili is hard to pass up, but I think Bojan is the better player and still fits Pop's mold.
89.- Wilson Chandler - Golden State Warriors
Warriors need a wing here. Chandler seems like a decent off ball option.
90.- Wesley Matthews - Cleveland Cavaliers
Cavs look to get the best player available here. Matthews should be a good fit playing with LeBron.
Round 4
91.- Pau Gasol - Cleveland Cavaliers
Same thing for Cavs, looking for the best win now Center to go with their veteran team. Gasol is a good fit here.
92.- Tobias Harris - Golden State Warriors
A stretch 4 is the priority here, and Harris is best available.
93.- Ersan Ilyasova - San Antonio Spurs
Spurs can go big or small here, but I think they choose to go big, knowing Lopez can stretch the floor. Ilyasova seems like he could work here.
94.- Thaddeus Young - New Orleans Pelicans
Pels go with best available PF here, Young should fit in well.
95.- Marcin Gortat - Houston Rockets
Rockets are loaded with shooting and went small, so I think they go for the best rebounderim protector available here. Gortat can also set some nasty screens for this offense.
96.- Marquese Chriss - Oklahoma City Thunder
I think the Thunder go with a PF who can run the floor with Westbrook. I think Criss is a good high upside pick here.
97.- Marvin Williams - Milwaukee Bucks
Bucks look for another plus defender who can space the floor here. Rebounding is also key, so I think Williams fits well.
98.- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - Washington Wizards
Wizards need a wing defender here. MKG best available.
99.- Gorgui Dieng - Minnesota Timberwolves
The Wolves have plenty of spacing, just in need of some defense in the front court. Dieng should help take the pressure off KAT.
100.- Tony Allen - Boston Celtics
Boston desperately needs a lock-down guard. I think they trust they have enough offense with Kyrie and go with Allen.
101.- Tyler Johnson - Utah Jazz
Jazz go with the best two way SG available, who should be Johnson.
102.- JaMychal Green - Memphis Grizzlies
Memphis needs a PF, and I think they stick with their current one here.
103.- Joe Johnson - Portland Trail Blazers
Portland needs some shooting to offset Roberson, so I think they go with Johnson.
104.- Al-Farouq Aminu - Toronto Raptors
Raptors could use a wing defender here. Aminu seems like a good fit.
105.- Terrence Ross - Los Angles Clippers
Clippers also need a 3&D wing. Not many of those left, but Ross seems the best fit.
106.- Tony Snell - Denver Nuggets
The Nuggets will be abysmal on D, but should at least try to get a versatile defender here. Snell can be that, and stand in a corner and wait for open 3's while the rest of the offense goes crazy.
107.- Tyreke Evans - Miami Heat
Heat have lots of defense, but they need another shot creator here. Whiteside is big enough to handle the paint himself, so the Heat can go without a PF. Evans maybe able to thrive on this team.
108.- Jamal Murray - New York Knicks
The Knicks continue to go with upside.
109.- Jonathan Issac - Charlotte Hornets
A defensive wing is the need here. Hornets roll the dice with a high upside guy.
110.- Rajon Rondo - Phoenix Suns
A defensive PG is the definite need for the Suns here. Rondo is a good fit, and the Suns have enough spacing to cover him.
111.- Jonathon Simmons - Indiana Pacers
A defensive wing is what the Pacers need here. But with none available, Simmons seems as close as they can get.
112.- De'Aaron Fox - Dallas Mavericks
Dallas needs a PG, and with no established ones available that would really put them over the top, they go for Fox.
113.- Patrick Patterson - Detroit Pistons
A defensive minded perimeter 4 would be the best fit here. Patterson seems to fit that bill the best.
114.- Allen Crabbe - Atlanta Hawks
Hawks need a SG here. Kind of a toss up between Crabbe, Barton, Rivers, and Powell. I'll go with Crabbe, since he is the best shooter.
115.- Willie Cauley-Stein - Philadelphia 76ers
76ers actually need a Center for a change. Cauley-Stein seems like the best option.
116.- Josh Richardson - Los Angeles Lakers
Lakers could use a 2 guard who is a plus defender here. Richardson seems like he has the most upside as a 3&D player who fits here.
117.- Larry Nance Jr. - Chicago Bulls
Bulls are looking for a PF that fits their explosive identity. Sounds like Larry Nance Jr.'s music to me.
118.- Lauri Markkanen - Brooklyn Nets
This Nets team isn't going to amount to anything if they don't take full advantage of Green's versatility. So they skip a traditional Center and try to find another shot creator. Markkanen seems like a high upside option.
119.- Will Barton - Orlando Magic
Magic need a SG. Will Barton is best available.
120.- Enes Kanter - Sacramento Kings
Kings need a Center, and trust Durant's defense and rim protection enough to take on Kanter.
Round 5
121.- Kenneth Faried - Sacramento Kings
Kings have a deadly small ball Center in Durant, so their 6th man has to fit in that lineup. Faried can be a beast in the paint for them.
122.- Nikola Vucevic - Orlando Magic
Magic have an undersized starting lineup, so I think they opt to grab a big bruiser here. Vucevic hasn't been great to them with their current team, but fits much better here.
123.- Cody Zeller - Brooklyn Nets
Draymond can't play Center all game, so the Nets grab a traditional 5 to play certain matchups. Zeller should be a good fit to free up Miles and Russell on screens.
124.- Nikola Mirotic - Chicago Bulls
Bulls could use a stretch 4/5 for their bench. Mirotic is best available.
125.- Michael Beasley - Los Angeles Lakers
Lakers could use a smaller, defensive focused 4 to protect Dirk from some mismatches. Beasley doesn't fit that perfectly, but definitely gives them flexibility with what they can do.
126.- Dragan Bender - Philadelphia 76ers
I think the 76ers best option to create mismatches is to run a big, athletic lineup, swapping Teague for an athletic forward who can space the floor. Using Bender in this lineup could be very interesting.
127.- Frank Ntilikina - Atlanta Hawks
I think the Hawks roll the dice on a high upside player for their 6th man, knowing Schroder probably has one of the lowest ceilings of any the keepers.
128.- Manu Ginobili - Detroit Pistons
Pistons target a spark plug off the bench, knowing they are short on shot creators outside of IT. Ginobili can do that.
129.- Kyle Korver - Dallas Mavericks
Mavs don't have a lot of spot up shooting in their backcourt, so they go with Korver, who thrives on the drive and kick that Mavs should generate a lot of.
130.- Greg Monroe - Indiana Pacers
Pacers could use a rebounding post man to come off the bench. Monroe should work nicely, and can be protected by Turners rim protection if he slides down to the 4.
131.- Austin Rivers - Phoenix Suns
Suns want an off ball PG here, for when they want to run the offense through Gordan/Booker. Rivers should fit nicely in that role.
132.- Jordan Clarkson - Charlotte Hornets
Hornets want to be able to use Love as Center, so are looking for another shooter here. Clarkson should fit well.
133.- Zach Randolph - New York Knicks
I think the Knicks need a veteran leader here, someone who can go in and get buckets when the young guys are slumping, and spell Zinger at Center. Randolph seems perfect for that.
134.- Derrick Rose - Miami Heat
Heat definitely need an offensive spark plug off the bench. Rose seems like he could be that guy.
135.- Skal Labissiere - Denver Nuggets
The Nuggets need a rim protecting 4 here, someone who can stop the bleeding if opponents are eating this defense alive. I think Labissiere is as close to that as you can get here.
136.- Tony Parker - Los Angles Clippers
Biggest need for the Clippers is a play-maker off the bench. Parker seems like the best value for that.
137.- Reggie Jackson - Toronto Raptors
Raptors also need another pass first PG off the bench, but also needs to space the floor next to DeRozan. Jackson best available here.
138.- Norman Powell - Portland Trail Blazers
Portland needs another SG in the event Roberson can't make his damn free throws. Powell is best available.
139.- Nick Young - Memphis Grizzlies
Memphis doesn't really have that explosive scoring option, so they will look to have one coming off of the bench. That's Swaggy P's game.
140.- Luc Mbah a Moute - Utah Jazz
Utah has a pretty balanced team, biggest need it probably a lockdown wing defender. Luc is one of the last ones left in that area.
141.- Evan Turner - Boston Celtics
Boston's biggest need here is a secondary play-makeshot creator. Turner isn't what he used to be in that regard, but maybe a return to Boston will help.
142.- Ish Smith - Minnesota Timberwolves
Wolves have a definite need for a pass first PG. Ish seems like a good fit for that.
143.- Courtney Lee - Washington Wizards
Another sharpshooter to spell MKG seems like the biggest need for the Wizards. Lee is best available here.
144.- Robin Lopez - Milwaukee Bucks
Bucks definitely need a traditional 5 to take pressure off of Giannis. Lopez is the best of the field here.
145.- Frank Kaminsky - Oklahoma City Thunder
Thunder are pretty well balanced. Adding a stretch big in case Criss' shot doesn't develop is the priority.
146.- Shaun Livingston - Houston Rockets
Rockets need a secondary play-maker to spell Harden. Livingston is best available here.
147.- T.J. McConnell - New Orleans Pelicans
Pels are pretty balanced, could probably use another play-maker. McConnell seems like the best fit here.
148.- Amir Johnson - San Antonio Spurs
Spurs are just going to take the most Spurs'ie player left. Amir Johnson seems like the right guy.
149.- Elfrid Payton - Golden State Warriors
Warriors definitely need another play-maker. Not many good ones left, but playing next to Curry will definitely counter-act Payton's lack of shooting.
150.- Matthew Dellavedova - Cleveland Cavaliers
Cavs need another guy to help out with play-making, play solid defense, and wait for open 3's with LeBron at Center small ball lineup. Outback Jesus was made for this.
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2017.09.19 00:34 ZandrickEllison should the Saints "trade" Sean Payton (after the season)

I tend to believe that offensive-minded head coaches shouldn't be blamed too harshly for the performance of their defense. I remember Gary Kubiak in Houston being an example of this: his teams struggled quite a bit on D, until they found the right coordinator in Wade Phillips and turned the ship around.
However, Sean Payton has not stumbled upon the right coordinator -- alternating between several coordinators and several different schemes and philosophies to boot. That type of transition and indecisiveness has only caused their defense to worsen to historic levels. It's so bad that it may not be salvageable.
Is the answer an off-season "trade"? Perhaps.
the reason it may work for the Saints
As a legitimately good offensive coach, Sean Payton has value in the NFL. He's probably too good to be "fired" outright.
However, he has less value to New Orleans right now. Between Drew Brees and veteran OC Pete Carmichael, you'd figure the Saints passing game could continue to keep clicking through the next few seasons.
Trading Sean Payton -- for a defensive starter or a 2nd or 3rd round pick -- and handing the reins over to a defensive-minded head coach may be the best and fastest way the Saints can compete during Drew Brees' final days.
Of course, if you believe that Drew Brees is a year or two away from the end -- either as a free agent or retirement -- then you probably want to hang on to Sean Payton so he can groom and develop the franchise QB of the future. Brees (and the older Tom Brady) haven't shown any signs of decline yet, so it's really hard to evaluate their window in this day and age of the NFL.
the reason it may work for their trade partner
For this hypothetical, let's take a team like the New York Jets. After the season, they may fire coach Todd Bowles, and utilize their top 5 pick on a franchise quarterback. Developing that QB will be their top priority.
In theory, they don't have to trade for someone like Sean Payton at all. They can simply hire an offensive coach like Todd Haley, Josh McDaniels, or Matt Nagy.
However, those coaches are not guaranteed to be successful passing game gurus in the same way that you can say about Sean Payton. If the Jets could "trade" for Payton with a starter or a 2nd round pick, would that sacrifice be worth it to ensure your franchise QB of the future has the right coach around him?
Honestly, I don't know. It's a legitimate debate on both sides, which is why I brought it up. Let me know your thoughts below.
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2017.08.10 04:13 nametakenalready A Short Look Into The Pacific Division For The 1994 Season

Here is a short look into the Pacific Division for the upcoming 1994 NBA season. I will likely do the Central Division next.
Phoenix Suns: The Phoenix Suns look set for another season fighting for a postseason spot. However, things are looking up. The Suns have added two former lottery picks in Steve Smith and Antonio Davis. Both under 27 years of age, they look to usher the Suns to new era after the departure of Larry Nance Jr and Walter Davis. The Suns will look for Jay Humphries to carry the offense after a 16ppg season last year. Eyes will be on rookie Rodney Rogers to be the future of the franchise. Free Agent signing Zak Tabak will look to improve on his 14.6ppg sophomore season. They may prove me wrong, but I don’t see the Suns making the postseason this year in a tough western conference.
Los Angeles Clippers: The Clippers too look towards another rebuilding season, however they have one of the youngest rosters in the league, with their oldest player being rookie Sam Cassell. Cassell will be tasked with being the floor general this season. His guard partner, likely to be Sasha Danilovic, a 6’5” shooting guard capable of shooting the 3 ball. The Clippers star player, sophomore Malik Sealy, is a speedy 6’8” SF with good handles and a good 3 ball. Look for him to average over 15ppg with Cassell as the PG. The clippers lack of depth will hurt them. With only one center on the squad, look for 2 PF lineups to be played often.
Golden State Warriors: After losing their longest tenured player in Dennis Hopson, the Warriors look to Pat Durham to carry the team to a postseason spot. After a career season last season, with a 16/6/2 statline, the Dallas born SF is heading to free agency this upcoming summer. At only 27%, the 3 ball is not a strong spot in Durham’s game, however he is an excellent slasher. Future HOF Adrian Dantley will be the second scoring option to Durham. At 37 years of age, the former 6th pick shows no sign of slowing down. Averaging 16.6ppg last year, look for him to do about as well in the upcoming season. The lack of depth in the guard position will hurt the Warriors, with the regular season fast approaching, the front office has yet to find a proper PG to facilitate the offense.
Sacramento Kings: Sophomores Shaquille O’Neal and Alonzo Mourning already look to be the deadliest frontcourt in the league. However, their quick and impressive development is a double edged sword. Their dominance has stopped the team from getting an elite PG or wing player to complement them. The Kings have attempted to solve this problem by signing veteran players such as Dominique Wilkins and Larry Drew. Drew, one of the league’s best point guards last season, has excellent distribution skills and can shoot the three at an deadly rate (36% last season). Off a 22/5/2 season last year, the Kings will be looking for him to feed the ball into the post to the Zo-Shaq duo. On the wings, the Kings signed All-star Dominique Wilkins and three-point specialist Chuck Person. The human highlight film will be the starting SF to round off what is in my opinion, the best frontcourt in the league. Ricky Berry will round off the starting lineup, the 30 year old sharpshooter has seen a dip in form the past 2 seasons, but he is still a career 37% three-point shooter. Rodney McGray and Chuck Person are both early 6th man of the year candidates, and Mike Smrek and Charles Smith are great role players who were starters elsewhere. The Kings are putting a lot of faith into the current squad, with Larry Drew and Wilkins in the twilight of their careers, and the rest of the squad aside from the frontcourt being all 27 or above, they must make sure they can win a ring before the support cast falls off or retires, leaving Shaq and Alonzo with a sub-par supporting cast right when they hit their primes.
Los Angeles Lakers: 4 titles in 5 years. There was talk of the Lakers finally succumbing to age and the new age of the Pacers and Kings, but Michael Jordan and company put those talks to rest this past june. At 31 years of age, Michael Jordan is still the best player on the planet. Winning his 8th MVP, it seems he is a prototype of a Super-Soldier the US army is developing. Even a super-soldier needs a squadron though, and the Lakers have the best in the league, Brad Daugherty and Robert Horry will hold down the paint on defense and demolish almost every team's frontcourt not named the Kings. Len Bias can slash to the basket at will and shoot the midrange at an elite level. Rounding off the starting lineup, Gary Payton, fresh off a 5 year max, will look to facilitate the offense and stop opposing point guards. Payton’s speed and ball-handling will be a challenge for even the best of defenders in the league. A part of me wishes Payton could be on another team though, his offense isn’t thoroughly appreciated in a squad with Jordan and Bias. On the bench, Williams, Bennett, Majerle, Caldwell, and Weatherspoon is good enough to be starting lineup on some teams. However, how long can the Lakers maintain their dominance? Jordan is now 31, and so is Bias. While Horry and Payton are stars in their own right, will they be able to hold onto the crown after Jordan and Bias start to age? Or will Sacremento become the new Kings of the I-5?
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2016.07.15 08:47 FuttBucker99 WWE Draft: My top 25 Power Rankings

Long story short, my life circumstances have left me in a position where I just can’t do anything with my fucking life at the particular moment. I can’t get a job. I can’t go back to school. It’s hard enough for me to even go see my friends and crash on their couch. So instead of focusing my energy on drugs and alcohol, which, trust me I have done my fair share, I am trying to shift gears and apply myself in a much more positive, healthier manner. I imagine a lot of you guys may be able to relate to me on one level or another with that being said. But wrestling has always been there for me. Whenever a personal tragedy hits. Whenever I grind my teeth and feel like wiping out my bedroom with a baseball bat. I put on some pro wrestling, and I just feel better. This is therapy.
This is the first of what I hope to be more creative endeavors in the context of writing about pro wrestling. Writing was kind of the only thing I enjoyed in school, and I think I need wrestling + writing to help lift me out of this funk that I find myself in. I hope you enjoy what you read. I hope it’s engaging. I hope it sparks debate and discussion. I hope it can brighten up your day the same way it brightened mine as I got to write it, and I hope you guys want me to write more stuff for wreddit.
So, that’s the sob story. That’s the reason. Let’s get to it.
Welcome to my Top 25 WWE Draft Power Rankings! I imagine a lot of you guys are familiar with the concept of power rankings. The way I’m using them here is I’m trying to look at the roster in a kayfabe kind of way to rank out the wrestlers who I predict will go at the top of the draft. This has nothing to do with how I personally feel about a particular wrestler, or I how I feel they might fit in on a particular brand or roster. It’s much more of a prediction type thing, just kind of a ranking not unlike Mel Kiper’s big board, say.
Guys like Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, and Triple H have been excluded from my list. Only full time workers appear. Also, while NXT guys are included, you may not see your favorite NXT superstar. This is largely because I just don’t have a gauge as to how WWE wants to call those guys up, and I don’t know where a Shinsuke Nakamura and a Samoa Joe will fall. There may be a guy or a gal here or there, but I kind of stayed away from unknown commodities in that respect.
So, without further adieu...
-25) Baron Corbin
Baron Corbin should consider himself lucky that he finds himself included in this list of 25 draft picks. One of the big unknowns of this draft is the inclusion of NXT, and it’s very hard to give value to guys like Finn Balor or Shinsuke Nakamura for the simple reason that they haven’t even so much have sniffed a Monday Night Raw before. Baron Corbin has at least begun his push as a potench monster heel. Whether you like it or not. So that’s at least tangible.
Favorite Baron Corbin Match: LOL
-24) Sheamus
Gotta think it hurts for a man who, less than eight months ago, was holding the WWE World Title, to be clinging to the edge of this list. Sheamus has done a good job of repackaging himself a little while back, has always been a physical stud in the ring, and has years of experience over many of his counterparts. Unfortunately, nobody really gives a shit.
Favorite Sheamus Match: v. Daniel Bryan, ⅔ Falls, Extreme Rules 2012
-23) Becky Lynch
Finally, a pick which merits optimism. Becky Lynch is everything a woman's wrestler should be: physical, innovative, and unique. Of course, she is beautiful, but that should have nothing to do with it. For fall too long the WWE has used physical beauty as it’s top barometer with few exceptions. The whole “diva’s revolution” which, now, is nothing more than a corporate buzzword, still stresses the importance of everything outside of tits and asses that these young women have to offer. And Becky Lynch has some of the most exciting tools out of anybody on the roster and in developmental. Not only is her steampunk gimmick perfect for her, she is a world class wrestler who I would just ooze at the possibility of watching her work with the likes of Asuka, in particular. Nonetheless, Lynch is clearly the #3 girl in the company, and for now, that’s ok.
Adjace to: Chris Benoit Favorite Becky Lynch Match: v. Sasha Banks, NXT Takeover: Unstoppable
-22) Neville
In some ways similar to Becky Lynch, Neville rides the same wave of optimism for pro wrestling fans. Neville established himself as a totally accomplished wrestler in NXT where he spent time as the NXT Champion. He was long considered a top hand on that level before being moved up and slotted into the main roster right beneath his glass ceiling as a guy who hovers around 200 pounds and flips the shit out of himself. One of my biggest wrestling fears is that Neville, a guy who often times brings out the best of his opponents, slips through the cracks the WWE machine.
This seems like an ideal time for Neville to recreate himself and maybe make a little noise. I’d like to see him make his return to television with a respectable draft showing and a legitimate feud and storyline maybe? That too much to ask for? I don’t understand how so many wrestlers can just float around without any sort of narrative or anything. I should hope that the brand split will serve as an impetus to give us, you know, storylines and shit. Especially with workers who possess such unique gifts as Neville.
Favorite Neville Match (main roster): v. Seth Rollins, RAW, WWE Title Match
-21) Alberto Del Rio
A lot of pro wrestling fans, myself included, like to identify themselves as Del Rio fans. Unfortunately, it’s a really boring thing to be these days. It’s no secret Del Rio needs a repackage badly. Ever since returning and taking the US Title off John Cena with an ill-fated “Mex-America” gimmick, Del Rio has hovered in wrestling purgatory, doing absolutely nothing of significance. Dude is absolutely chiseled in stone, and yet, he’s hanging out in the back of this list with Sheamus. A lotta good that League of Nations gimmick did.
Favorite Del Rio Match: I don’t even have one bro
-20) Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows
Makes too much sense to keep these guys together even though they’ve been buried far too much for my liking (giving my following of the product tends to taper). I remember how I felt, waiting for them to debut, to come in as AJ Styles’ muscle from Japan, one of the most over stable in the world of pro wrestling, and what does WWE do with them? They job them out, make them anonymous, and kill any sort of resemblance to the Outsiders Scott Hall and Kevin Nash's arrival in WCW, which was what they were trying to mirror. Instead of riding their momentum from New Japan, the Club cronies look like a much younger version of Patterson and Brisco. All I can do is pray they end up on the same brand as AJ and maybe get some gold around their waists and become the same force they were in Japan.
-19) Sami Zayn
This is one of the more interesting names in the draft. I’m still not sure how I feel about Sami’s future in the E. I will say that I’ve had about enough of the endless KO/Zayn feud. I know it has the history, and I admire the fact that we got to see these two scrap infinitely here, much the way Ambrose and Rollins did shortly after the destruction of the Shield. But it’s time to see a fresh start for Zayn, who if properly handled, has as good a shot as anyone to rocket through the glass ceiling of the WWE.
Better Sami Zayn Match: v. Shinsuke Nakamura, NXT Takeover: Dallas OR (SIDEBAR DEBATE) v. Adrian Neville, NXT Takeover: R-Evolution
-18) Dolph Ziggler
At this point in his career, Dolph Ziggler has already seen his best days. He’s won a world title. He had a magical moment capitalizing off of Stings WWE debut. He’s established himself as possibly WWE’s most accomplished developmental project. The problem here is when the “WWE Universe” has begged and pleaded for more Dolph, all we got was him being feebly dumped over the top rope of the Royal Rumble by the Big Show. So fuck this from a fan's standpoint. However, from a kayfabe POV, he still has a ton of value as a mid card veteran who still operates at a very, very high level. I would imagine either Raw or Smackdown would, kayfabe wise, be very pleased to have him. eye roll
Favorite Dolph Ziggler Match: v. Del Rio, Payback 2013
-17) American Alpha
Here you have it, your NXT surprise. A team you certainly cannot break up, American Alpha is capable of literally single handedly providing a boost to the tag division that hasn’t been seen in years. This team has spent months as the hottest thing in NXT, putting on clinics most notably with the Revival. Outside of maybe a Nakamura or a Finn Balor, it’s hard to think of an act that will have a more blistering effect on WWE’s main roster than these guys. This is the diamond in the rough that you associate with finding in the late rounds of real sports drafts. They are ready to have five star matches with literally any tag team on the main roster, and I think will have the greatest immediate impact on the main roster.
Would be MAJ if: Kurt Angle comes back in a managerial role, obvs.
-16) Chris Jericho
Pardon me while I mark out for Chris Jericho right here. Maybe it’s just cause I recently watched the Monday Night War documentary featuring Jericho, but given his current long term commitment to the WWE, and his recent string of compelling matches and storylines, I felt I had to give Chris Jericho some value here as a legit middle of the card player. Before we go any further, Chris Jericho certainly belongs on everyone's top 50 wrestlers of all time list. He is as good on the mic as he is in the ring. And he is still able to elevate talent all over the card. I don’t care what you think. His work with AJ Styles is some of my all time favorite Jericho. I thought they had the best match at Wrestlemania this year in Dallas. He took a fucking Mick Foley adjace bump on thumb tacks for crissakes with nothing to prove. If I’m building a brand on Raw or Smackdown, you bet your ass I want a guy like Chris Jericho working with the guys in the middle of the card, guys like Sami Zayn and Bray Wyatt.
Favorite Chris Jericho Match (in WWE): v. Shawn Michaels, Ladder Match, No Mercy 2008
-15) Cesaro
So this is probably way off. As much as Smarks such as myself like to blow up Cesaro, he just doesn’t have the personality to make it in the E. Sorry guys. He’s never going to headline Wrestlemania. He will never be the next Daniel Bryan or CM Punk. He WILL, however, still wrestle the match of the night, whether it be with John Cena or Sheamus or Alberto Del Rio or Bob Backlund. It doesn’t matter. He’s the best worker on the main roster, arguably, and he will never be put on the same level as Seth Rollins. So I guess I should just shut up about him and stop preaching to the choir.
When I Learned Cesaro Would Never Make It: When even Heyman couldn’t get it done
-14) The Miz
So I’m giving the Intercontinental title a ton of love here, but I’m not exactly sure why. You’d think the number two title in the company would have some serious prestige, but it just doesn’t feel like it does these days. I can’t remember the last time the IC title was used to actually elevate somebody to the main event. It seems antiquated in that regard, secondary to the Money in the Bank briefcase. Nevertheless, the Miz still does hold the title, and he actually is a pretty effective champion. He gets heat, he probably hasn’t worked better in his career (including headlining a Wrestlemania) and Maryse makes him much more interesting. So here he is!
-13) Enzo and Cass
Enzo and Cass are the most perfect tag team in the entire history of pro wrestling. I’m serious. They are more complimentary to each other than bacon and eggs, then chocolate and milk. They are textbook. Big Cass is seven feet tall and the bona fide muscle of the group. Enzo is the high flyer of the group, often times hurled into the sky by Big Cass himself for some innovative violence of their own. But what really should impress you about Enzo and Cass is their ability to talk. No team talks better than these two, and both partners can carry the mail on the mic. Big Cass is a very smart, very eloquent dude, and Enzo talks shit like he’s Gary Payton. Along with American Alpha, Enzo and Cass seem to be in the tier of “the guys” in the future of the tag division. They’re as sure as a sure thing gets. They’re already over AF. This team will send waves whose ripple effect is felt for years in the WWE (and it’s only a matter of time until Carmella completes the New York trio). My heart just can’t express how perfect they are guys.
-12) Sasha Banks
And shit just got real. Sasha Banks signals a change in the way women are portrayed on WWE television, along with mainstays Charlotte and Becky Lynch. But Sasha Banks is the standout of the trio for me. She works as if she’s twice as big as she actually is. A lot of what she does in the ring looks legitimately vicious, leading several IWC buffoons into overblowing her potential as MMA-adjace. LOL. But that should just serve to credit her in ring ability as a worker as well as her look+gimmick as a total package who can be the greatest woman of all time.
-11) Rusev
Rusev, to me, appears to be the guy on the mid-card most apt to make a leap into the top of the card. As a guy who's been maybe not quite toiling in the mid-card for a while, he has recently toned up his look, beefing up and growing the hair out and reconciling (thank god) with Lana after that god forsaken excuse for a story line. Now that he has retooled, he is ready to take on main event level feuds as your prototypical foreign heel with a smokin hot wife. The tools are there, the time has been put in, it is now time to watch the fruit ripen here. Then again, how many times have we said this about guys like Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, and Dolph Ziggler? I suppose this is just the “new era” of the WWE mid-card 50-50 booking, although the brand split could change that? Yes, that’s a question.
-10) Randy Orton
Pending a bit of a repackaging, Randy Orton serves as one of the top main event guys on the roster. Never the truest of baby faces, Orton works best as the bad ass heel who just doesn’t give a shit. And while he may be running low on time left in the ring, he’s a proven hand that can headline literally any show the E runs. He can work with the young guys on your roster and show them the ropes, just like Triple H and Chris Benoit did with him years ago as the young pup in Evolution. While Orton may not necessarily get my dick hard, he certainly can get it off in the right circumstances.
Biggest Dissapointing Moment in Randy Orton’s Career: Jobbing to Triple H for no good reason at Wrestlemania 25. Allow me to tangent, but I loved that storyline going into the PPV. I loved handcuffing HHH to the ropes and the weird creepy kisses for Steph. I loved his new sleeve of skulls. And then that dud of a match happened, yet another occasion of HHH going over and not needing the victory. I still sometimes think about how cool that following Raw woulda been to have Randy Orton coming out looking like a legit psychopath, a guy who had a lot more miles left in the tank than Paul.
Fantasy Wrestlemania 33 Opponent: Finn Balor
-9) Bray Wyatt
I think there’s still time for Bray Wyatt to be what he was promised to be years ago when he was leading the Wyatt family into magically epic 6-man tags with the Shield. He’s worked well with the likes of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. His body type allows him to WOW the shit out of you with his special type of athleticism and flexibility. He is perhaps the most unique guy on the roster. Everything this dude spits on the mic is straight poetry. He has a gimmick that Vince has reportedly pigeon-holed as Undertaker adjace, which has cost him in his winning percentage. Nevertheless, this guy looks like Rusev but moves like Rollins. I’m super excited for what the future holds for him, and I believe he can be the steal of the draft.
Favorite Wyatt Match: v. Daniel Bryan, Royal Rumble 2014
-8) New Day
First of all, these guys are 100% a package deal. And what they bring to the table, together, is one of the most entertaining and unifying acts on the entire roster. And while we’re yet to see them get super serious about their in ring product, it hasn’t hurt them yet because that’s not what we’re paying to see. We know that Kofi is capable of some super cool shit. I personally think Big E has the potential to carry the World Heavyweight Title, and love watching him spear cats through the ropes to the outside of the ring. And they appeal to nearly everyone in the audience. They walk around with dildos on their heads and it’s pure magic. I could see them going anywhere in the top 10 because you can split them up, you can work them in tag matches still, they hold the belts, and they’re still figuring out their potential.
-7) Charlotte
Charlotte is my top rated woman on the board, and I imagine she is on yours too (unless you’re the aforementioned buffoon who thinks Sasha could take Rousey in a shoot). When I look at Charlotte, I see a girl who could work with and outwork several males on the roster. I think she physically blows a ton of guys out of the water. I think her work rate is savage and her holds look brutal. Her flexibility allows other women to dissect her in a way that makes me physically uncomfortable. She appears to be the chief of the womens side of the locker room, a mainstay on the roster who will become the female counterpart of the Undertaker. And what’s best is, all of the women on the main roster can still have fresh feuds and matches with her. I expect some five star matches from her and her horsewomen brethren.
-6) Kevin Owens
This dude is the mother fucking Internet darling of pro wrestling. Every smark, especially this one, is head over heels in love with him. And why wouldn’t we? He’s undoubtedly the most entertaining heel we’ve seen in I don’t know how long. He’s taken Stone Colds advice of “always running his trap” to another level and it cracks me up every time he runs it. And remember the praise I gave Bray Wyatt for physically doing things he has no business doing? Kevin Owens has pulled out moves that has literally dropped my jaw. His series with John Cena put him on the map and got him over (Yes, internet, I’m making the claim a Cena feud helped a dude get over (downvote me bury me)). Kevin Owens is certainly a world champion of the future, one that has the chops to work with everyone from Brock Lesnar to Shinsuke Nakamura to AJ Styles. I love Kevin Owens so much and so do you.
Wrestlemania 33 Dream Opponent: AJ Styles
-5) Dean Ambrose
Seems like a stretch that the WWE World Champion is only the fifth overall pick in the draft. But let me make a bold prediction: Ambrose will be dropping the title to Seth Rollins on the July 18th edition of Raw, allowing him to look good at 5 because I don’t actually believe he’s broken through to that top top tier that I might like him to.
The things I like about Ambrose are numerous. I think he is the most comfortable guy on the microphone in the whole entire company. He always seems to make the shitty corporate phrases sound not so atrocious. He has a style that appears to be Dean Ambrose turnt up to 12. Everything, from the clothes he wears to the way he speaks to the way he disguises himself knee deep in feuds, makes him authentically excellent. And while he doesn’t necessarily blow me away in the ring, I’ve loved a lot of his matches. I really enjoyed his ladder match with Seth Rollins. I loved his match with Triple H at Road Block. I know there’s a few stinkers in there, but the reasons they stunk lie outside Ambrose’s control. I think his biggest problem is he doesn’t posses the look of a Roman Reigns, or the work rate of an AJ Styles, but that’s ok because he is authentically Dean Ambrose, if that makes any fucking sense.
-4) Roman Reigns
One of the most intriguing aspects of the draft coming up is what do they do with Roman Reigns. In the midst of his 30 day suspension, the rug has been swept up from beneath him. Quickly, Reigns went from a shoe-in to main eventing the biggest drawing shows in the WWE in the near future, to playing second fiddle to his former Shield bandmates. Personally, I don’t see him carrying the strap again anytime soon. I pray to God that he finally got his Wrestlemania moment out of the way and they will finally stop fucking forcing it. But where does he go from here?
Lets face it. Reigns still has what he had before. He has the lineage, he has the look, and guess what internet?? He wrestles great exciting wrestling matches. Going back to his singles match with Randy Orton a few Summerslams ago, he consistently put on highly rated matches (at least when it comes to the hotly contested Dave Meltzer star ratings, which is a debate for another day; but the fact remains, dude can indeed work). And I get criticisms. Trust me, I do. His mic work is iffy. His booking has been, in my opinion, atrocious and part to blame. The way he inherited the Shield gimmick for himself did not do him any favors, nor did that fact that he was hand selected by Vince McMahon himself to be John Cena 2.0, grasping the “brass-ring” by doing nothing extraordinary, thus enraging the IWC and rightfully so. But, at the end of the day, dude still looks like a world champion. Inside the ring he is engaging and charismatic (regardless of how you feel about his work rate) just enough so for me to say give him a break.
I am curious to see what a returning Reigns, faced with adversity (and possibly heel??) can do. I think the four slot is a safe place for him.
-3) John Cena
Calm your tits Squared Circle. This is a power ranking, and power rankings take into account kayfabe success, something John Cena has over everybody. Not only is John Cena a 15 time World Champion but he came off of what many of us will consider his best year EVER. John Cena did indeed elevate the US title to unprecedented heights, holding the US open challenge to the delight of 6 year old kids and IWC smarks alike. John Cena knocked my socks off with classic matches with Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, hell, even Stardusts and Dolph Zigglers. He pulled off maneuvers I wouldn’t even dare to dream of seeing. All after making a career of riding at the top of the company, becoming a schill and doing everything Vince wanted, delivering corny speeches about never giving up and trying your hardest. But those days are gone (jkjk).
The new John Cena seemingly has gained the respect of everyone. And while he may not have much time left, he’s still John fucking Cena, and in my opinion, he’s (one of) the best talkers on the roster. He can read and manipulate a crowd better than anybody. He can sell a match as well as anyone. And while we might not have many fresh opponents left, I’m still interested in his feud with AJ Styles. I still want to see him work with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose and have his Mania match with Undertaker. There are still things for him to do, and lest we forget, he is the top draw in WWE today.
-2) AJ Styles
AJ Styles at #2 may reveal a bit of a bias on my behalf. Or maybe it doesn’t. I was excited for Styles to come to WWE in January for the Rumble. I was very excited. Not as excited as I was for Nakamura, but that’s because I have avoided AJ Styles for almost my entire life. My first taste came at Wrestle Kingdom 10, against Nakamura, in a match that challenges other world renowned works of art purely in terms of beauty. AJ Styles is an artist. And I never noticed how talented he was until his work with Chris Jericho, and then John Cena, and that’s all it took to put him at 2.
Part of this is the potential of the Bullet Club to be an actual thing in WWE. Not a significant part, because as a singles competitor Styles has (already!) shown me things that I have never seen before in a ring. Athletically, he pulls things off I previously thought impossible. As I type this, I’m trying hard to keep my feet on earth because there is not a worker I want to see more of right now than Styles. Perhaps he’s just a fresh face who does hella flippy shit and I’m a mark, but I know it’s more than that with Styles. But his fresh face does give him value in a WWE draft because that means fresh feuds all over the place. Styles/Rollins, Styles/Cesaro, Styles/Wyatt, just as the tip of the iceberg, is a massively compelling future. I think anybody running a Raw or a Smackdown sees the value in that, the value in the fact that months into his WWE debut he was already one of the top 2 over babyfaces on the roster, and even as a heel, he still equates to $$$$. God, I just want more AJ Styles and I want it now.
-1) Seth Rollins
Today, Seth Rollins is the best wrestler in the world. As a total package, I don’t see anybody touching Seth Rollins when he’s on the mic and when he goes in the ring. He’s so special, and a big reason why he should be #1 is also because he’s still young, at 30.
I don’t think anybody had a better year than Rollins last year (including John Cena, whose 2015 I just blew up). It was a beautiful break out year, and it gave Rollins juice to keep it rolling in the future, his knee giving out after “carrying this company on my back!” The Money in the Bank briefcase did exactly what it was supposed to, as it elevated Rollins into the stratosphere. Rollins proved his worth in rivalries with Orton, Cena, Lesnar, and even had seeds planted with the Authority. Even as a heel, Rollins earned the full respect of the (can’t believe I’m about to type this buzz phrase) WWE Universe. His work rate is phenomenal- he does things in the ring that you see AJ Styles doing. And he’s doing it as a full fledged heel! He does Five Star Frog Splashes and Phoenix Splashes and Falcon Arrow Suplexes and we can’t help but respect and admire it. He’s ace on the mic and doesn’t seem to miss a beat, despite a perhaps whiney tone. But I believe that Rollins should be earmarked as the top guy in the company, and that has nothing to do with potential but everything to do with ability. Proven ability. And to me, nobody has proven themselves more competent and coupled that with a future that is brighter than Shawn Michael's lightness.
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2016.06.21 03:33 RunninAllTheTime What if Kevin Durant was drafted by the Blazers? A possible scenario.

I posted a Chris Paul to Lakers scenario a few months ago and decided to do another one. Although I first decided to look at these situations for my own interest, I thought that this community may want to read it as well and offer their opinions. I've had this done for a while, but wanted to wait until the season finished to post it.
So, below is a possible scenario if Kevin Durant was drafted by the Trail Blazers #1 overall instead of Greg Oden.
WARNING: the following post is very long. I'm providing season-by-season detail, but you can just skip to the current standings near the bottom if you don't want to read the whole thing.
2007-2008 No significant roster changes. However, the Sonics finish with less wins than the Heat, and finish with the worst record. The Blazers win a few more games with Durant, but those wins are insignificant. The Bulls still win the lottery, but the Sonics jump up to #2 and the Heat fall to #4. Rose still goes #1, but the Sonics, desperately needing a guard, take O.J. Mayo, as he was listed above Westbrook in every mock draft. The Timberwolves take Beasley, and the Heat take Westbrook. The rest of the draft remains unchanged or is insignificant. However, after the draft, the Rockets don’t trade Nicolas Batum to the Blazers because the Blazers don’t need a small forward. Instead, the Rockets trade him to the Kings in the Ron Artest deal. Kevin Love is still traded to Minnesota post-draft for Beasley instead of Mayo.
2008-2009 All offseason moves remain the same or stay similar. Near the trade deadline, the Bulls don’t trade Thabo Sefolosha to the Thunder because they already have O.J. Mayo and Jeff Green at the wings. So the 1st round pick that the Thunder send in exchange stay with the Thunder, which turns into Taj Gibson. At the end of the season, the Thunder lose more games without Durant, landing them the worst record in the NBA. Because of this, the Wizards now win the draft lottery, followed by the Wolves and the Clippers. Originally, the Wizards trade their #5 pick a day before the draft to the Wolves for Randy Foye and Mike Miller, but they do not do this now because it is the #1 pick. So Blake Griffin falls to the Wizards. The Timberwolves continue their poor drafting and take Thabeet, and the Clippers take Ricky Rubio #3 (where he was projected in many mock drafts). The Thunder take James Harden at #4, Kings take Tyreke Evans #5, and the Grizzlies, needing a big, take Jordan Hill #6. So Curry still goes to the Warriors at #7, and Jonny Flynn goes to the Knicks at #8 (who was eventually traded to Houston instead of Jordan Hill that season). Even though the Blazers won a few more games with Durant, the draft remains unaffected after the top 8 (except for the Thunder taking Gibson as noted above). The Timberwolves (now without drafting Rubio and Flynn) keep Ty Lawson instead of trading him to Denver.
2009-2010 As the Trail Blazers now jump into a top 2 seed in the west, the Thunder fall from a 50 win team to a 20 win team. That lands them the third worst record, and pushes the rest of the teams up one spot in the draft lottery (this is huge!). The Wizards owned the 5th-worst record, but jumped up to #1 and selected John Wall. But now the Warriors have the 5th-worst record, and still select John Wall even with Golden State’s backcourt of Curry and Ells. The Wizards now have the 2nd overall pick as the 6th worst record jumps up and they take Evan Turner. The Nets follow with Favors, Timberwolves with Wesley Johnson, and then the Thunder, who now take DeMarcus Cousins. A lot of the rest of the draft is similar or irrelevant, except for a few things. Gordon Hayward is taken by the Clippers, as Aminu is now off the board. Bledsoe still goes to the Thunder (the pick was traded from Miami) later in the draft but is NOT traded to the Clippers. Greg Monroe still goes to the Pistons and Paul George still goes to the Pacers.
2010-2011 All major offseason moves still remain, the Big 3 still form in Miami alongside a young Westbrook. In the middle of the season, the Wizards, needing a point guard, trade for Goran Dragic from Phoenix (who sends Robin Lopez instead to the Rockets for Aaron Brooks) for Gilbert Arenas (who is waived immediately), Andray Blatche, and an insignificant pick(s). The Carmelo Anthony to Knicks and Deron Williams to Nets trades still occur. The Kendrick Perkins-Jeff Green trade does not happen because the Thunder don’t need a big anymore. Gerald Wallace is no longer traded to Portland because they have Durant. Instead, he’s traded to Memphis for Michael Beasley (who looked liked he still had promise), Sam Young, and a 2nd round pick. The season ends with the Clippers losing more games (the 4th worst record) without Blake Griffin, the Wizards winning a few more with Griffin (7th worst record), the Warriors winning roughly 43 games with Wall, and the Thunder winning about 40 with a starting lineup of Bledsoe, Harden, Green, Ibaka, and Cousins. This lands the Pistons with the #1 pick after having the 8th worst record. The Wolves and Jazz (from the Nets) still get the #2 and #3 picks. Irving goes to the Pistons, 2-5 stay the same, Jan Vesely goes 6th to the Cavs, Brandon Knight goes 8th to the Wizards, and Klay Thompson goes 12th to the Thunder (Alec Burks goes 11th to the Jazz still). Lastly, the Rockets take Kawhi Leonard at 15th, and the Pacers get stuck with Chris Singleton at 16th (who instead is traded to San Antonio for George Hill). Other notable draft changes are Tobias Harris to the Wizards and Reggie Jackson to the Blazers.
2011-2012 Normally Chris Paul gets traded to the Clippers, but the Clippers don’t have Blake Griffin. So instead, Paul is traded to the Blazers for Reggie Jackson, Wesley Matthews, Jordan Crawford, and picks. (I debated Blazers or Wizards for Paul but picked the Blazers). Midseason, Ellis is still traded to the Bucks for Bogut, allowing Curry to play shooting guard alongside Wall. Gerald Wallace is not traded to the Nets, as the Grizzlies make use out of him. The draft lottery finds the 4th worst record jump up to #1, which turns out to be the Kings. This is because the Wizards win more games with Blake Griffin and Goran Dragic. The Warriors also see a jump in their record and just miss the playoffs with John Wall, (injured) Steph Curry, and David Lee. The Thunder break through this year and become the 5 seed in the West. The Nuggets fall a few spots without Lawson and the Blazers jump to the 2nd best record in the West behind the Spurs. Anthony Davis goes to the Kings, Kidd-Gilchrist to the Bobcats (Hornets), Bradley Beal goes to the Hornets (Pelicans), Waiters to the Cavs, Thomas Robinson to the Nets (they kept their pick by avoiding Wallace), and Damian Lillard to the Raptors. Other notable changes include Harrison Barnes to the Clippers and Jared Sullinger to the Thunder.
2012-2013 All significant offseason moves (Nash, Howard, Johnson, etc.) stay, except James Harden is not traded at all. Harden is the Thunder’s star player and they are not willing to trade him away. The season finishes with the Cavaliers having the worst record (without Irving). So the Bobcats (Hornets) have the #1 pick, Cavaliers have #2, and the Pistons get #3. Oladipo goes to the Bobcats, Bennett to Cavs, Porter to Pistons, Zeller to Magic, Len to Suns, Noel to Pelicans (who is not traded to Philly), McLemore to Kings, Burke to Timberwolves (and then still traded to Utah), Caldwell-Pope to the Clippers, McCollum to Houston, Carter-Williams to Washington, and Adams to Houston. The rest of the draft is the same or is insignificant. Post-draft, the Pelicans keep Noel as then need a franchise big, so Jrue Holiday is traded to the Cavaliers for Anthony Bennett and a couple picks.
2013-2014 Bledsoe to Phoenix does not happen, so J.J. Redick (who I traded from the Magic to the Pacers instead of the Bucks because of missing pieces from the Bucks) stays with the Pacers. Darren Collison signs with the Knicks, not the Clippers. Tyreke Evans gets traded to the Rockets, not the Pelicans, for Terrence Jones and a 2nd round pick. Pierce, Garnett to Nets still happens. Dwight Howard does not sign with the Rockets anymore, so he signs with the Mavericks. Brandon Jennings is traded to Utah instead of Detroit (they have Irving) for Trey Burke, Brandon Rush, and future pick(s). Rudy Gay stays in Toronto as there is no decent trade partner for them anymore (the Kings are content with Batum). The season ends with the Cavaliers losing roughly 10 more games without Irving. After a couple small shifts in records in the lottery, the Kings finish with the 9th worst record and jump up to #1. Bucks and 76ers follow them. The top 3 in the west finishes as the Blazers, Spurs, and Thunder. One notable finish: the Clippers only win 35-40 games, moving another team into the playoffs. The Suns are without Bledsoe, so they lose at least 5 more games. The Wolves, with Lawson (pre-Houston Lawson), win a couple more games. So the Timberwolves make the playoffs for the first time since 2004. Wiggins goes to the Kings, Randle to the Cavs, Payton to the Hornets, and LaVine to the Clippers.
2014-2015 LeBron still signs with the Cavs, even without Irving or Wiggins. However, since the Timberwolves just made the playoffs, they keep Love, so Love isn’t on the Cavs. Paul Pierce signs with the Spurs, not the Wizards. With no Love to Cavs, Thaddeus Young is traded to the Clippers for Austin Rivers and a future pick. Josh Smith is traded to the Thunder along with Otto Porter Jr for Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger (picks may or may not be involved). Dion Waiters is traded to the 76ers instead of the Thunder and the Cavs still get the same package from the Knicks. Dragic is not traded from the Suns, but Isaiah Thomas still is traded to the Celtics. The Thunder move Taj Gibson to the Pistons at the trade deadline instead of Reggie Jackson for the same package from the Pistons. Kanter is instead traded to the Suns. Michael Carter-Williams is traded from the Wizards (as a backup to Brandon Knight) to the Magic for Ryan Anderson (who wasn’t traded to the Pelicans). The season finishes with the 76ers having the worst record (no Noel, and Timberwolves have Love), followed by the Knicks and Lakers. Top 3 in draft are now: Towns to 76ers, Russell to Magic, Okafor to Lakers. Other picks don’t matter much because this draft was just last year and its effects haven’t hit yet.
2015-2016 Batum isn’t traded to the Hornets (have Oladipo and Kidd-Gilchrist at the wings), so he’s traded to the Timberwolves for Gary Harris and Corey Brewer. Rudy Gay is finally traded away from the Raptors along with Tyler Hansbrough to the Jazz for Trevor Ariza and Alec Burks. Wesley Johnson signs with the Grizzlies. Thaddeus Young signs with the Rockets. Kevin Love, still on the Timberwolves, now signs with the Cavs. LaMarcus Aldridge stays with the Blazers. Rondo still signs with the Kings. Monta Ellis signs with the Wizards. Sixers, Lakers, and Nets are still bottom 3 in that order.
OK, if you skipped, start reading here. Here are my projected standings for this past season (2015-2016) as well as notable changes for the teams:
WEST 1) Trail Blazers (60-22) - Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Aldridge, no Lillard 2) Warriors (59-23) - add John Wall, lose Klay Thompson 3) Thunder (54-28) - Bledsoe, Harden, Klay Thompson, Cousins 4) Rockets (53-29) - Lowry, Leonard 5) Spurs (49-33) - no Leonard, no Aldridge 6) Grizzlies (45-37) - relatively similar 7) Mavericks (43-39) - Dwight Howard 8) Kings (42-40) - Wiggins + Davis, no Cousins 9) Jazz (39-43) - Rudy Gay, no Hayward 10) Clippers (38-44) - no Paul, no Griffin, add Gordon Hayward 11) Nuggets (33-49) - same 12) Pelicans (32-50) - Reggie Jackson, Beal, Noel, no Davis 13) Suns (28-54) - Dragic, no Knight, no Bledsoe 14) Timberwolves (26-56) - no Wiggins, no Towns, add Lawson, add Batum 15) Lakers (16-66) - relatively similar
EAST 1) Cavaliers (55-27) - replace Irving with Holiday 2) Heat (54-28) - replace Dragic with Westbrook 3) Raptors (53-29) - replace Lowry with Lillard 4) Wizards (49-33) - Knight, Ellis, Griffin, no one from current team 5) Pistons (49-33) - replace Jackson with Irving, add Middleton 6) Hawks (48-34) - same 7) Celtics (47-35) - same 8) Pacers (44-38) - same 9) Hornets (43-39) - replace Batum with Oladipo 10) Bulls (40-42) - same 11) Knicks (36-46) - same 12) Magic (34-48) - same 13) Bucks (33-49) - same 14) Nets (18-64) - same 15) 76ers (10-72) - replace Okafor with Towns, no Noel
Obviously this is just ONE of the many scenarios that could have occurred, but I still think that it's interesting to think about. Going 9 years back adds a lot more 'what ifs', so no scenario is perfect.
Hopefully you enjoyed the read.
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2016.06.04 19:08 ZandrickEllison Round 6 drafting thread

QUICK advice: --- It makes so much sense to PM in your top 3 or 5 beforehand, but too few people are utilizing that resource. I've had several conversations with people, where I tell them: "You should send in a top 3, just to be safe." "Don't worry, I'll DEFINITELY be around at my time slot." And then, sure enough... they're not. I know it's fun to announce your own pick, but there's no harm in sending a backup list. If you do, I'll wait until the last minute of your deadline, utilize the backup list, and you won't get stuck with an auto.
also, QUICK note on trades: --- Feel free to make as many trades as you want. However, if you're on the clock and you make a trade with Team X, Team X steps into your previous deadline as well. There's no extension for trades, so trade partners should have picks ready to go.
161) Chicago: PG Seth Curry
162) Vancouver (from Memphis, via Cleveland): PF Patrick Patterson
163) Charlotte: SG Andre Roberson
164) Golden State: SF Stanley Johnson
165) Miami: SF Bojan Bogdanovic
166) New Orleans: PF Mirza Teletovic
167) Toronto: SF Evan Turner
168) N.Y. Knicks: PF Ed Davis
169) Minnesota (from SA): SG Jeremy Lamb
170) Washington: SF T.J. Warren
171) Oklahoma City: PF Nene Hilario
172) Phoenix: SF P.J. Tucker
173) Memphis (from ORL, SA, MIN): SF Solomon Hill
174) Denver: PG J.J. Barea
175) Cleveland (from Memphis): SG Arron Afflalo
176) Utah: C Mason Plumlee
177) Milwaukee (from Brooklyn): SG Gary Harris
178) Seattle: PG Jarrett Jack
--- day break --
179) Portland: SF Mo Harkless
180) L.A. Lakers: SF Doug McDermott
181) Atlanta (from SAC): PF David West
182) Boston (from Orlando): C Ian Mahinmi
183) L.A. Clippers: PG Elfrid Payton
184) Dallas: PF Channing Frye
185) Houston: PF Michael Beasley
186) Sacramento (from ATL, IND): SG Ben McLemore
187) Brooklyn (from Milwaukee): PF John Henson
188) Detroit: SF Shabazz Muhammad
189) Vancouver: SG Tony Snell
190) Philadelphia: C Zaza Pachulia
191) Boston: SF Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
192) Indiana (from Atlanta): PG Matthew Dellavedova
--- And we'll stop the deadlines there for the day, so people can relax and watch the Finals in peace ---
--- However, if we do finish early (which looks likely), we'll try to informally get through a few R7 picks to get a headstart. After the game tonight, we'll lock up the order and formal time slots for Thursday. --
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2016.03.29 00:11 FivePointPlay The 2011 Inside the NBA All Star Fantasy Draft: A Pick-by-Pick analysis [OC]

Hey Guys,
You lot seemed to really enjoy the post on my old account about how the NBA would look if the other team won the finals each year, and i'm back again with a shiny new name and the same crippling boredom that has led me to do another long winded post.
The NBA on TNT All Star Fantasy Draft from 2011 is one of the most entertaining pieces of TV that the guys on Inside The NBA have ever produced, and that's saying something.
Here it is in all its glory
Take the time to watch it all the way through if you haven't before!
Personal Highlights:
It's pretty outstanding, and ever since I saw it for the first time I've been trying to figure out who actually had the best team.
So here we go!
Round 1
I mean, what more needs to be said? a brain fart of tremendous proportions. Considering the rest of the names available, AI, as amazing as he was, can't be considered higher than a round 4/5 pick at best. Chuck tries his hardest to alleviate the problem with his next two picks but the damage is done.
Kevin is of course setting a challenge for himself by only picking ex-Celtics players, and I like the pick of Larry Legend, but the fact he didn't take Bill Russell here always perplexes me. Still, it's a great first round pick and sets up Kevin nicely going forward.
History repeats itself as MJ drops to number 3 in the draft. An absolute coup for Reggie and obviously the best possible pick anyone could have made.
This looks like a good pick in isolation; Wilt is without a doubt one of the most dominant regular season players ever, and his numbers are just unparalleled. Something tells me that Chris might regret this decision later down the line...
How better to explain why this is the second best pick of the round than to quote the man himself? "Bill Russell won't distort your offence or your defence. The way I play, my team wins." Love it.
A great pick, there is absolutely no one left on the board who Kenny could have taken instead and I rate it as the third best pick of the round, behind Reggie and Steve. Fantastic work for the last pick of the round.
Rankings after Round 1
  1. Reggie
  2. Steve
  3. Kenny
  4. Chris
  5. Kevin
  6. Charles
Round 2
Kenny Smith selects Magic Johnson
Love, love, love this pick. Not only has Kenny managed to pick two of the best players ever to play the game, but also two players who played together and will have excellent chemistry. The perfect compliment for his first round pick and Kenny shoots up the rankings.
Steve Kerr selects Scottie Pippen
Listen. I love Scottie Pippen as much as the next man, but taking Scottie as a second rounder is a head scratcher. There are a lot of HUGE names left on the board, and while I like the pairing of Scottie and Bill Russell a LOT, I can't help but feel Steve could have picked up a better player and still got Scottie later on.
Chris Webber selects Oscar Robertson
I like the Big O a lot, and he is certainly drafted in the right round, but pairing him with Wilt is a recipe for disaster. I just don't see a scenario where you pair one of the most selfish, me-centred players ever in Wilt with a noted grump like Oscar working out at all. If they managed to put their heads together then they would be a force to be reckoned with, but history tells us that they can't. A calming, team-first presence like Tim Duncan would have worked wonders here.
Reggie Miller selects Hakeem Olajuwon
A fantastic pick once again, having Hakeem as his starting centre is a brilliant choice which gives him another scoring option and a terrific inside presence to go along with Jordans perimeter D. Reggie still the man to beat.
Kevin McHale selects Shaquille O'Neale
I like this pick for Kevin, with Shaq on the inside and Larry on the outside, Kevin has incredible versatility in his offence and a strong defensive identity. Not bad at all.
Charles Barkley selects Moses Malone
In a shock twist, the chuckster actually makes a good pick! Chuck needed a dominant centre badly, because if you look at the other teams, they all have a top, top tier centre. So Chuck gets his HOF centre, but is still playing catch up with the rest of the crew.
Rankings after Round 2
  1. Reggie
  2. Kenny
  3. Kevin
  4. Steve
  5. Chris
  6. Chuck
Round 3
Charles Barkley selects Tim Duncan
YES, CHUCK. Chuck somehow manages to take one of the greatest players of all time to open up the third round. Timmy could realistically have been picked in the first round, so this is a real coup. I love this pick so much and If Chuck can build on this with smart picks for the rest of the draft, he could be in a great position.
Kevin McHale selects Kevin Garnett
Fantastic. I LOVE the pairing of KG and Shaq up top, they would be the most intimidating front court ever, and with a sniper like Larry on the wings, I am absolutely crazy about this team so far. What a pick.
Reggie Miller selects John Stockton
Reggie is on fire. With two players like Hakeem and MJ who are going to be taking a lot of shots, Reggie needed a player who was going to get them the ball and be the ultimate team mate. Inspired.
Chris Webber selects Isiah Thomas
"I'm gonna move Oscar to the two guard and let Stockton worry about Isiah"...EH???? Isiah is one of my favourite players ever, and I think he'd be a great choice for any of the other teams in this round, but I HATE him in this team. Not only is Oscar gonna be pissed as all hell that he's got to share the ball handling with Isiah, but this team has NO outside shooting. This is moving in to hot mess territory....
Steve Kerr selects Kobe Bryant
LOVE IT. The biggest hole Steve's team had was that it had no go-to scorer, and short of getting MJ Steve got the best scorer available. Furthermore, Kobe's team-driven, unselfish team mates are going to be prefect facilitators.
Kenny Smith selects Julius Erving
In the words of The Jet: "We scoring, baby!" Kenny's team is looking absolutely fearsome on the offensive end, and the thought of a Magic/Dr. J fast break pretty much puts me at full mast. Questions are to be asked of the perimeter D, though.
Rankings after Round 3
  1. Reggie
  2. Kevin
  3. Steve
  4. Kenny
  5. Chuck
  6. Chris
Round 4
Kenny Smith selects Jerry West
I like it! The Logo was 4 time First Team All Defense, a former scoring champ and assists leader. So Kenny gets his perimeter D and hasn't messed anything up, chemistry wise. Kenny has picked up an absolute steal in the 4th round and he shoots up the rankings once more.
Steve Kerr selects Lebron James
MULTIPLE FIRE EMOJIS. This more than makes up for taking Scottie in the second round. Steve gets the ball handler he needed, he gets more versatile, keeps the defensive identity and JUST LOOK HOW FREAKING ATHLETIC THIS TEAM IS. I am in love.
Chris Webber selects Dominique Wilkins
Welcome to Chris Webber's "All-Moody-Ballhog Fantasy Draft!" Sweet Jesus. This team would run through 8 coaches a season. Poor Isiah.
Reggie Miller selects David Robinson
Upon this selection, Reggie says that he will "move Hakeem to the power forward position, his true position." Hmmmm. I'm not convinced. Not that The Admiral isn't a great player, but I think Reggie should have gone for a traditional PF here as there are still a couple of big names on the board who really would have improved his team without dragging Hakeem away from the basket. Disappointing considering the huge leaps made by Steve and Kenny this round.
Kevin McHale selects John Havlicek
I feel like Kevin really needs a primary ball handler at this point, but his self-imposed restrictions are hurting him. Hondo is a good choice, but with Bird already on the team and such a gaping hole at point guard, I think The Glove would've made this team scary as all hell.
Charles Barkley selects Reggie Miller
As they say, you can never have too much scoring, but I don't like this pick for Chuck. He needs a distributor to get the ball to AI and inside to Dunc & Moses. Reggie is going to be demanding the ball a lot and there just aren't enough minutes to give both AI and Reggie. GP or Chuck himself would have been good choices here, I feel.
Rankings after Round 4
  1. Steve
  2. Kenny
  3. Reggie
  4. Kevin
  5. Charles
  6. Chris
Round 5
Charles Barkley selects James Worthy
Charles needed a SF and Big Game James is a solid, if uninspiring choice. With Sir Charles himself still on the board its strange he wouldn't take himself with either of these last two picks.
Kevin McHale selects Bob Cousy
So Kevin gets his ball handler, but i'm just not sure about this one. Cousy is an all time great for sure, and playing with Sam Jones and Bill Russell shows he knows how to get the ball out to the wing and in to the paint, but his lack of a reliable jump shot and lax defence worry me slightly.
Reggie Miller selects Charles Barkley
Back on track. I like this pick for Reggie a lot as it fills the hole at SF and also gives another PF option if he wanted to go a bit smaller and quicker. With Barkley, Jordan and Robinson on the team, they look tough as all hell.
Chris Webber selects Kevin McHale
Chris needed a PF and he got one of the best ever. But holy crap, the chemistry of this team is all out of whack. So now not only do you have Oscar and Isiah fighting for the ball in the back court, Nique wanting to get his 30 shots off on the wing, but you've got Wilt and Kevin up top dribbling the ball in the post for 22 seconds a possession. Good lord.
Steve Kerr selects Karl Malone
A good pick. Steve, like Chris, was crying out for a PF and got his man. This team is just too athletic for words. If he can get hold of a point guard he's all set.
Kenny Smith selects Clyde Drexler
Oh, I hate this pick. Hate it. Kenny has scorers coming out of his ears, so i dont get this pick at all. Kobe, MJ, Larry, Scottie would shut. him. down.
Rankings after Round 5
  1. Reggie
  2. Steve
  3. Kevin
  4. Kenny
  5. Charles
  6. Chris
Round 6
Kenny Smith selects Gary Payton
I love it. Defense, playmaking, intensity, toughness, he has everything Kenny needs right now. Magic can play minutes at PF for sure, but I definitely feel Kenny needs to get one on his team before its too late...
Steve Kerr selects Steve Nash
Steve absolutely smashes it out of the park with this one. He needs someone who can move the ball and keep the offense flowing while being able to hit shots himself when Kobe is off the floor or running cold. 10/10.
Chris Webber selects Patrick Ewing
Funnily enough, I don't hate this one. Ewing is unselfish enough to really give them some help off the bench, and finally Isiah has a partner who can back him up and try and keep the other head-cases in check.
Reggie Miller selects Ray Allen
With his first team all set, Reggie can start focusing on his bench, and I think Jesus Shuttlesworth is a perfect selection for his spot up shooting dearth. This team looks unstoppable!
Kevin McHale selects Sam Jones
I like the addition of Jones at SG, a 10x champion and a lethal shooter. I just worry that the other teams have got such dominant shooting guard talents (MJ, Kobe, West, AI) that Sam Jones might struggle. Kevin is starting to feel the pinch, Ray Allen would have been a great selection for him here.
Charles Barkley selects Jerry Lucas
Capable back up for Timmy, but this point guard situation is getting out of hand, theres some big names still on the board and Charles is going to miss out if he's not careful.
Rankings after Round 6
Round 7
Charles selects Dave Cowens
Similarly to his previous pick, Cowens is fine as back up for Moses but with 10 more picks until his next go, Charles is going to find getting a capable point guard incredibly difficult.
Kevin McHale selects Tiny Archibald
I think this is a good pick for Kevin, and i trust Tiny to do more against modern point guards than Cousy, but there are undeniably better PGS available, unfortunately for Kevin they never wore green!
Reggie Miller selects Jason Kidd
Case in point. Kidd would have been a great selection for Kevin, but Reggie manages to pick up the pieces once again. Reggie's team going from strength to strength, but I still have questions about that front court pairing. When are we getting some cover at PF, Reggie?
Chris Webber selects Alex English
I really, really like this pick. With such explosive and dominant personalities on the team already, Webber needs low-key, consistent scoring, and theres nobody better at that than the quiet, underrated former Gamecock.
Steve Kerr selects Dwight Howard
This was 2011 after all. Dwight might raise a few eyebrows now, but i think he is a solid back up for Russell in this team and gives Steves team some more much needed rim protection.
Kenny Smith selects Connie Hawkins
Kenny, Kenny, Kenny. I WARNED YOU. When you wait this long to choose a power forward this is what happens! Oh, I'd buy tickets to the game for sure, but the idea of The Hawk going up against someone like Kevin McHale or Karl Malone makes me nervous just thinking about it.
Rankings after round 7
  1. Reggie
  2. Steve
  3. Kevin 4.Kenny
  4. Charles
  5. Chris
Round 8
Kenny Smith selects Elvin Hayes
UNDERRATED PICK ALERT. The Big E was one hell of a player, and I like him way more than Connie Hawkins for that PF position. Look up Elvin Hayes if you can!
Steve Kerr selects Dirk Nowitzki
WHAT A PICK! Dirk coming off the bench for this team would be a spacing nightmare for their opponents. With a front court rotation of Russell/Howard and Malone/Nowitzki and a back court of Nash, Kobe and Pippen, Steve has got one hell of a team.
Chris Webber selects Chris Mullin
Chris is doing his best to sort out this teams chemistry and outside shooting problems, and I think this is a good pick. Keep it going, Chris. A couple more like this and you might be on to something.
Reggie Miller selects Alonzo Mourning
Reggie, what if this Hakeem-at-PF experiment doesn't work? what are you going to do? I like Zo, but you're in danger of losing ground here if you don't pick up a PF sharpish.
Kevin McHale selects Robert Parish
Parish is a great choice as a back up for Shaq daddy, his mobility will be a blessing against the other quick bigs on the other teams. Solid pick.
Charles Barkley selects Deron Williams
"And for my 9th pick, i select Andray Blatche!"
Good lord.
Rankings after round 8
  1. Reggie
  2. Steve
  3. Kevin
  4. Kenny
  5. Chris
  6. Charles
Round 9
Charles Barkley selects Kevin Durant
You lucky fucker. This pick makes not much sense in 2011 but history has redeemed you, Sir Charles.
Kevin McHale selects Paul Pierce
And Raptors fans shudder! Great pick by Kevin here, who has created quite a formidable team exclusively from ex-Celtics, which is super impressive.
Reggie Miller selects Dwyane Wade
Yeah, yeah, I get it, back up for Jordan without losing anything, sure. But we all know MJ is playing 40 minutes at least so this is meaningless. If this last pick of his isn't a power forward I'm going to scream.
Chris Webber selects George Gervin
Alright Chris, come on now, it's getting a bit overkill with the scoring now. Still, You can't go wrong with a 4x scoring champ. If we can put an end to that horrible Isiah/Oscar backcourt idea you had we might have the semblances of an actual team.
Steve Kerr selects Dennis Johnson
Solid back up for Nash and Kobe in the backcourt, this team will be able to swing the ball around like its nobodys business.
Kenny Smith selects Elgin Baylor
Steal of the show!
Elgin Baylor, who is without doubt one of the top 20 players of all time, falls to the 9th round and is snapped up by Kenny who was in desperate need of some more forwards. What a pick!
Rankings after round 9
  1. Steve
  2. Kenny
  3. Reggie
  4. Kevin
  5. Chris
  6. Charles
Round 10
Kenny Smith selects Kenny Smith
God damn it Kenny, all you had to do was pick someone semi decent and you could have consolidated second place. You did this to yourself.
Steve Kerr selects Grant Hill
At least Steve is still taking it seriously, his first place position is safe, surely!
Chris Webber selects Chris Webber
This team is super weird, and im not sure if its in a good way. Everything is there, you've got point guards and scorers, youve got rim protectors and rebounding, but the chemistry balance just seems way off. Still, I can't possibly rank this team below a team with Deron Williams starting at PG.
Reggie Miller selects Steve Kerr
Kevin McHale selects Tommy Heinsohn
Another solid pick, but i cant help but feel its a bit top heavy, i'm not jumping up and down about a backcourt of Cousy/Archibald and Sam Jones.
Charles Barkley selects Bob Lanier
Not for me. Chuck already had cover at Centre and was in desperate need of another PG. Not a fan.
Here they are in full:
Team Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10
Chuck's Rebounders Allen Iverson Moses Malone Tim Duncan Reggie Miller James Worthy Jerry Lucas Dave Cowens Deron Williams Kevin Durant Bob Lanier
Kevin's Green Machine Larry Bird Shaquille O'Neal Kevin Garnett John Havlicek Bob Cousy Sam Jones Nate Archibald Robert Parish Paul Pierce Tom Heinsohn
Reggie's Boom Baby Daggers Michael Jordan Hakeem Olajuwon John Stockton David Robinson Charles Barkley Ray Allen Jason Kidd Alonzo Mourning Dwyane Wade Steve Kerr
Chris's Superfriends Wilt Chamberlain Oscar Robertson Isiah Thomas Dominique Wilkins Kevin McHale Patrick Ewing Alex English Chris Mullin George Gervin Chris Webber
Steve's Luc Longley Express Bill Russell Scottie Pippen Kobe Bryant Lebron James Karl Malone Steve Nash Dwight Howard Dirk Nowitzki Dennis Johnson Grant Hill
Kenny's Aim High Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Magic Johnson Julius Erving Jerry West Clyde Drexler Gary Payton Connie Hawkins Elvin Hayes Elgin Baylor Kenny Smith
I've made my thoughts clear throughout. It's time to bust out those final rankings!
My Personal Final Rankings
  1. Steve
  2. Kevin
  3. Reggie
  4. Kenny
  5. Chris
  6. Charles
And just for fun, I made a team based on left over players. (in no particular order)
  1. Steph Curry
  2. Chris Paul
  3. Bob Pettit
  4. Dikembe Mutombo
  5. Joe Dumars
  6. Rick Barry
  7. Bill Walton
  8. Bernard King
  9. Kawhi Leonard
  10. Adrian Dantley
What do you guys think? Is Reggies team better than I give it credit? is Chris' team really as bad as I think it is? Who would you have picked? Why do I spend bank holidays writing almost 20,000 words of nonsense?
find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z.
Christ, I need some sleep.
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2016.01.20 01:33 JazzFestFreak Text Version of the complete day by day line up

This is good for a quick search of an artist name to see what day they play
Friday, April 22
Steely Dan •Janelle Monáe •Gov’t Mule •Michael McDonald •Grace Potter The Subdudes •Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings •Kermit Ruffins & the Barbeque Swingers Buckwheat Zydeco •Donald Harrison Jr. •Geri Allen: The Erroll Garner Jazz Project Cowboy Mouth •Christian Scott •The Black Lillies •Walter Trout Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys New Orleans Classic Recording Divas featuring The Dixie Cups, Wanda Rouzan, and Jean Knight Hot 8 Brass Band •Flow Tribe •The Anointed Jackson Sisters •Jason Marsalis Dwayne Dopsie & the Zydeco Hellraisers •Bria Skonberg Talla Walla Vibrations of Belize •Eric Lindell •Alvin “Youngblood” Hart’s Muscle Theory Shannon Powell presents a Tribute to Smokey Johnson Matt Lemmler presents “The Music of Stevie Wonder” featuring Brian Blade Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band •Shades of Praise Zulu Gospel Male Ensemble •The Deslondes •Baby Bee •The Topcats Orange Kellin’s New Orleans Deluxe Orchestra •Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans Goldman Thibodeaux & the Lawtell Playboys •New Wave Brass Band Panorama Jazz Band •Betty Winn & One A-Chord •Real Untouchable Brass Band We Are One Social Aid & Pleasure Club •New Generation Social Aid & Pleasure Club The Perfect Gentlemen Social Aid & Pleasure Club •The Caesar Brothers Funkbox La Tran-K Band •Semolian Warriors Mardi Gras Indians Guitar Masters featuring John Rankin, Jimmy Robinson, and Cranston Clements Clive Wilson’s New Orleans Serenaders with Butch Thompson Golden Sioux Mardi Gras Indians •Wild Apaches Mardi Gras Indians Black Seminoles Mardi Gras Indians •Driskill Mountain Boys •Vishtèn of Canada Native Nations Intertribal •Patrice Fisher & Arpa with guest Javier Cabrera of Mexico New Orleans Gospel Soul Children •Aya Takazawa of Japan Keep N It Real Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Ladies of Unity Social Aid & Pleasure Club Go Getters Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Big Nine Social Aid & Pleasure Club Sarah Quintana & the Miss River Band •Andrew Hall’s Society Brass Band Black Mohawk Mardi Gras Indians •Black Foot Hunters Mardi Gras Indians Connie & Dwight Fitch with the St. Raymond & St. Leo the Great Gospel Choir Lady Tambourine •Alexis Spight •Harold Holloway & Co. •Uptown Music Theatre Chosen Vessels Band & Performing Arts •Chris Clifton & His Allstars •UNO Jazz Allstars Gray Hawk presents Native American Lore •Rosa Metoyer Young Audiences Brass Band Throwdown
Saturday, April 23
Pearl Jam •Van Morrison •Maxwell •Boz Scaggs •Galactic Alpha Blondy & The Solar System •Brothers Osborne •Mystikal Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats •Big Sam’s Funky Nation •Anders Osborne Tab Benoit •Leo Nocentelli •Naturally 7 •John Hammond •DeJohnette·Coltrane·Garrison The Garifuna Collective of Belize Joe Krown Trio featuring Walter “Wolfman” Washington and Russell Batiste, Jr. Bobby Cure Band & the New Orleans R&B Revue featuring Clarence “Frogman” Henry, Al “Carnival Time” Johnson, Robert Parker, Sammy Ridgley, and Jo “Cool” Davis Tribute to Jelly Roll Morton featuring Henry Butler, Butch Thompson, and Dr. Michael White Anthony Brown & group therAPy •Jarekus Singleton James Andrews & the Crescent City Allstars •Victor Goines •Leah Chase •Tim Laughlin Alexey Marti & Urban Mind •Gregg Stafford & His Young Tuxedo Brass Band New Orleans Experience ft. S - 8ighty, Partners-N-Crime, DJ Jubilee, Denisia, Kevin Stylez, Dobama, and Govenor Reiss New Orleans Jazz Vipers •Pocket Aces Brass Band •Talla Walla Vibrations of Belize Cha Wa featuring Papa Mali •Glen David Andrews and the Treme Choir The Johnson Extension •Blodie’s Jazz Jam •Rosie Ledet & the Zydeco Playboys Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue •Warren Storm Willie Tee & Cypress with special guest Tommy McLain •Willie Sugarcapps New Orleans Swamp Donkeys •Jambalaya Cajun Band with special guest D.L. Menard Johnny Sansone •Rumba Buena •Motel Radio •Darcy Malone and the Tangle Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church Mass Choir Dr. Brice Miller & Mahogany Brass Band •Lady Jetsetters Social Aid & Pleasure Club Single Ladies Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Single Men Social Aid & Pleasure Club Nine Times Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Keith Frank & the Soileau Zydeco Band Big Chief Walter Cook & the Creole Wild West Mardi Gras Indians Archdiocese of New Orleans Gospel Choir •Connie Jones & the Crescent City Jazz Band Brian Quezergue •Cameron Dupuy & The Cajun Troubadours Louis Ford & his New Orleans Flairs •Washitaw Nation Mardi Gras Indians Capoeira New Orleans •Square Dance with Lost in the Holler •Confetti Park Players Kim Che’re •Native Nations Intertribal •The Wimberly Family Gospel Singers DJ Rq Away •Rising Dragon Lion Dance Team Stephen Foster’s Foster Family Music Program •Smitty Dee’s Brass Band Divine Ladies Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Dumaine St. Gang Social Aid & Pleasure Club Family Ties Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Xavier University Jazz Ensemble Sylvia Yancy Davis •Seminoles Mardi Gras Indians •Flaming Arrows Mardi Gras Indians Ashe Cultural Arts Center Kuumba Institute •Arthur and Friends Community Choir
Sunday, April 24
Red Hot Chili Peppers •Nick Jonas •J.Cole •Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter Duo Julio Iglesias •Jonny Lang •Better Than Ezra •Elle King •Rhiannon Giddens CeCe Winans •Voice of the Wetlands All Stars •Taj Mahal & The Trio Big Chief Monk Boudreaux & the Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indians •Amanda Shaw Dédé Saint-Prix Band of Martinique •Henry Butler & Jambalaya Terence Blanchard featuring the E-Collective •Imagination Movers Glen David Andrews Band •Royal Teeth •BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet The Garifuna Collective of Belize •Leyla Mccalla •Ed Volker’s Quintet Narcosis The New Orleans Suspects •Little Freddie King Blues Band •Herlin Riley Quintet The Iguanas •Dr. Michael White & the Original Liberty Jazz Band with Thais Clark The Zion Harmonizers •Talla Walla Vibrations of Belize Ms. Ruby Wilson’s Tribute to Bessie Smith featuring Brian “Breeze” Cayolle Preston Shannon •Don Vappie & the Creole Jazz Serenaders Larry Sieberth presents Estrella Banda •New Breed Brass Band •Mister G The Revealers •Kevin Gordon •The Kid Carsons •St. Joseph the Worker Music Ministry Big Chief Keke & The Comanche Hunters Mardi Gras Indians •Los Po-Boy-Citos Young Pinstripe Brass Band •The Furious Five Social Aid & Pleasure Club Big Stepper Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Untouchables Social Aid & Pleasure Club Leroy Jones & New Orleans’ Finest •Corey Ledet & His Zydeco Band Belton Richard & the Musical Aces •Steve Pistorius and the Southern Syncopators The Electrifying Crown Seekers •The Rocks of Harmony Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries Choir Woodshed: Trombones featuring Stephen Walker and Michael Watson Ninth Ward Hunters Mardi Gras Indians •Monogram Hunters Mardi Gras Indians Shining Star Hunters Mardi Gras Indians •ManzaNota/Rock en Espanol Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble •Jonté Landrum Kid Simmons’ Local International Allstars •Deak Harp •NOCCA Jazz Ensemble Native Nations Intertribal •Tyronne Foster & the Arc Singers •Young Band Nation Tornado Brass Band •Young Men Olympia Aid Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs First Division Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs •New Look Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs Pelican212 •The Royal Boys Choir •Robert Jardell & Pure Cajun Sundays in Congo Square •New Orleans Dance Collective Young Seminole Mardi Gras Indians •Young Magnolias Mardi Gras Indians
Thursday, April 28
Tedeschi Trucks Band & Friends •Elvis Costello & The Imposters •Gary Clark Jr. Flo Rida •Brandi Carlile •Buffy Sainte-Marie •Cyril Neville & SwampFunk •Snarky Puppy Sonny Landreth •Bernard Allison Group •Corey Harris Band Lost Bayou Ramblers with special guest Spider Stacy •Pine Leaf Boys George Porter Jr. & Runnin’ Pardners •Meschiya Lake and The Little Big Horns Bruce Daigrepont Cajun Band •Jonathan McReynolds •Wageirale Drummers of Belize The Suffers •Helen Gillet •New Birth Brass Band •Stephanie Jordan Big Band The Whitfield Family Band •Savoy Family Cajun Band Lil’ Nathan & the Zydeco Big Timers •Geno Delafose & French Rockin’ Boogie Gerald French & the Original Tuxedo Jazz Band •New Orleans Nightcrawlers Brass Band The Roots of Music Marching Crusaders •Fi Yi Yi & the Mandingo Warriors The Breton Sound •Mia Borders •Marlon Jordan plays the music of Miles, Trane, and Bird Javier Gutierrez & Vivaz! •Spencer Bohren & the Whippersnappers Mark Braud’s New Orleans Jazz Giants •The Nayo Jones Experience •Banu Gibson Tuba Skinny •Lars Edegran & the New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra •Colin Lake Lynn Drury •Free Agents Brass Band Big Chief Bird and the Young Hunters Mardi Gras Indians Red Boys Production Native American Dance Troupe •Dave Jordan & the NIA North Penn High School Navy Jazz Band •The Doghill Stompers The GRÏD featuring Nesby Phips •Bill Summers & Jazalsa •Da Knockaz Brass Band VIP Ladies Social Aid & Pleasure Club •The Sudan Social Aid & Pleasure Club Men of Class Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Micaela y Fiesta Flamenca Dillard University’s VisionQuest Gospel Chorale •Spirit of the Orisha 7th Ward Creole Hunters Mardi Gras Indians •The Jones Sisters McDonogh #35 High School Gospel Choir •T’Monde •Original Dixieland Jazz Band Sons of Jazz Brass Band •Revolution Social Aid & Pleasure Club Men Buckjumpers Social Aid & Pleasure Club •The Robert Pate Project Eleanor McMain “Singing Mustangs” •KIDsmART Student Showcase Southern University Jazzy Jags •Delgado Community College Jazz Ensemble Owl Glass Puppets Southwest •Kat Walker Band: Scat with Miss Kat The Hawkins Family •Landry Walker Charter High School Choir The Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans Music Project •ISL Circus Arts Kids
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Sunday, May 1
Neil Young + Promise of the Real •Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue •Bonnie Raitt Arlo Guthrie - Alice’s Restaurant 50th Anniversary •Mavis Staples The Isley Brothers featuring Ronald and Ernie Isley •Aaron Neville Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly •Chris Botti Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk with special guest Art Neville •Punch Brothers Tribute to B.B. King hosted by the B.B. King Blues Band with special guests Tribute to Allen Toussaint hosted by the Allen Toussaint Band with special guests Ellis Marsalis •Davell Crawford •The Gospel Soul of Irma Thomas Walter “Wolfman” Washington & the Roadmasters •Zigaboo Modeliste’s Funk Revue Marcia Ball •Heads of State featuring Gary Bartz, Larry Willis, Al Foster, and George Mraz Rockin’ Dopsie & the Zydeco Twisters The Band Courtbouillon featuring Wayne Toups, Steve Riley, and Wilson Savoy Swamp Pop Revue featuring Gregg Martinez & The Delta Kings with special guests GG Shinn and Parker James Roddie Romero & the Hub City All Stars •Charmaine Neville Band George French & the New Orleans Storyville Jazz Band •Stooges Brass Band Luther Kent & Trickbag •New Orleans Spiritualettes Lena Prima and The Lena Prima Band •Tin Men •The Revelers Bredda David & Tribal Vibes of Belize •Brother Tyrone & the Mindbenders The Mashup featuring Ike Stubblefield, Terence Higgins, and Grant Green, Jr. Storyville Stompers Brass Band •Wild Tchoupitoulas Mardi Gras Indians Original New Orleans Lady Buckjumpers Social Aid & Pleasure Club Prince of Wales Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Bobby Lounge •Trumpet Mafia Hardhead Hunters Mardi Gras Indians •Tommy Sancton’s New Orleans Legacy Band Gregg Stafford’s Jazz Hounds •TBC Brass Band •Tom Saunders & the TOMCATS Chris Severin •The City of Love Music & Worship Arts Choir •DJ Captain Charles Wageirale Drummers of Belize •Big Chief Juan & Jockimo’s Groove •The Rayo Brothers Kerry Grombacher •Cynthia Girtley “New Orleans Gospel Diva” Lyle Henderson & Emmanu-EL •New Leviathan Oriental Fox-Trot Orchestra Young Fellaz Brass Band •Buffalo Hunters Mardi Gras Indians Apache Hunter Mardi Gras Indians •Val & Love Alive Mass Choir Johnette Downing and Scott Billington •Audrey Ferguson and The Voices of Distinction Kumbuka African Dance & Drum Collective •Hot Club of New Orleans Red Boys Production Native American Dance Troupe Don “Moose” Jamison Heritage School of Music •Baby Boyz Brass Band Ole & Nu Style Fellas Social Aid & Pleasure Club Original C.T.C. Steppers Social Aid & Pleasure Club Craig Adams & Higher Dimensions of Praise Young Guardians of the Flame Mardi Gras Indians Erik McAllister and the NOCCA Mime Troupe •Hobgoblin Hill Puppets Crescent City Lights Youth Theater Culu Children’s Traditional African Dance Company with Stilt Walkers
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2015.07.04 23:32 John_The_Reddit_Man State of the Lakers: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As a life long Laker fan, I have seen ups and downs but never have I seen a time so uncertain as we as Laker fans face today. I have seen a lot of conjecture and panic on Laker forums as of late, some of it with merit, most without. As a realist and an analyst by trade I will attempt to break down the state of the lakers as they stand today and provide some objective take aways to provide peace of mind.
The Bad
First, the bad, our front office. I have been an adamant Mitch Kupchak supporter and still am. Mitch is still one of the leagues best GMs. He does not make knee jerk decisions, is cool under pressure, and has been widely touted as one of the leagues best negotiators. However, I watch every press conference and interview I can possibly consume that is lakers related. To be frank, Mitch lacks personality and charisma. He is stoic, stern, and does not give away any information he does not want to give. He is the perfect poker player. But again, that does not make for the most endearing personality. This comes into play heavily when selling the Lakers to players in free agency. Overall he is not perfect, and certainly not Jerry West, but Mitch has more strengths than weaknesses and is still one of the better GMs in the league.
Then we have Jim. Obviously he does not put himself out there as much, and is an enigma to most fans. I will ignore the conjecture I see spewed by the media and other fans. I have heard a handful of his interviews, and Jim comes off as a smart guy, but I question his basketball background. My assessment of his leadership style is that of a business man. Everything the Lakers have been since Jerry died is business related. I will provide examples.
Last year during the Carmelo meetings we brought in Time warner executives, and pitched a TV show. Not basketball, but a TV show.
This year we brought in Time Warner executives again to pitch business opportunities to Lamarcus. Lamarcus was much more adamant about his distaste of the pitch, noting that it lacked basketball perspective.
I have not heard of any other team being so business centric in their philosophy. Nor have I ever heard of the Lakers pitching TV shows to free agents. Our biggest signings of the last twenty years were Shaq, Karl Malone, Gary Payton, and Ron Artest, none were awarded TV shows, they were all sold on Lakers basketball and joining current players.
Mitch not being the most endearing personality is not a bad thing, nor is Jim keeping business in mind. However, they can and should adjust their pitch style to be more basketball centric, this is an easy fix.
Now back to personality, Mitch, the stoic poker player and Jim the savvy business mind don't make for the most convincing BASKETBALL pitch team. Compare this to Jerry West, who by all accounts is an amazing human being and one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and Jerry Buss who treated players like they were family, not business partners, we have a vastly inferior pitch team to what we used to field.
SOLUTION: I hope that sooner than later Jim brings in a basketball mind to run basketball operations, OR at very least changes his approach to leave the TV gimmicks out of pitch meetings with free agents.
The Good
Our prospects. Luckily, we have kept our picks in the last two years. Unforuntately we were robbed of one year of Randle and most of Kobe's year, which believe it or not hurt out FA chances this year, since we had less basketball to sell, so Jim and Mitch had to get creative, which did not work.
A lot of fans will say that next year will be just like this year, but it won't. We had about 30 games of Jordan Clarkson last year, that was the lone bright spot. Psychologically, for us fans, this was delaying gratification. We spent the previous year enduring a terrible season and were rewarded with Julius Randle who then broke his like 15 minutes into his first game. We did not get that dopamine rush of a new exciting prospect last year, which is making it all seem "for nothing".
This year we have 82 games of D'angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, and Julius Randle. We also have Larry Nance and Anthony Brown, and Upshaw as dark horse prospects. Last year our only "dark horse" prospect was Jordan Clarkson.
One year from now we should see who is a potential all star out of that group.
A year ago we had two guys on our team signed to contracts, 36 year old Kobe and 40 year old Nash, with the draft looming. We have progressed, al biet slowly, to a more promising future.
Also, Kobe will be coming off the books. As much as I love kobe I am not a fan of his contract, for many reasons, mainly those that involve putting a basketball team together. His shadow will no longer loom over free agents. Remember my point about Jim and Mitch not being a great "sales" team? Well, Kobe isn't the most personable superstar in history either. I agree he should be in the meetings if he is on the team, but I don't know how much he helped.
There is no solution here, as this was the good, just enjoy the 5 prospects develop into something special this year and send Kobe out on a good note.
The Ugly
Kobe's contract. Two years ago I was not a fan of it, but kept my mouth shut because of the trust I had for the organization.
The points for it were as follows:
1. Loyalty, superstars will want to come to the Lakers because they take care of their own.
3. Business, Kobe draws fans, he is worth even more.
Summary TL:DR
The good news is Kobes contract is coming to an end, and that to me was the real reason we have been hamstrung for the past three years. Lamarcus would have not made us a playoff team by himself. Through adversity comes growth, hopefully Jim and Mitch learn from this and change their approach for the better. Jim and Mitch could also, best case scenario bring someone new in for basketball ops. But we are looking much better one year from now basketball wise, and that should better our odds next off season. In the meantime have fun rooting for the most youthful and talented Lakers team we have had in twenty years, and wait for the front office to do what they've proven to do best, make trades.
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2015.02.07 03:14 Woolite123 Who is Shawn Kemp? [OC]

WARNING: This post has lots of GIFs/Pictures. If you have RES, don't "expand all", it may slow down your browser
Shawn "Reign Man" Kemp
Today's story focuses on a player who embodies the "too rich, too fast" lifestyle. After exploding into the limelight in the early 90s, Shawn Kemp fell from stardom almost as quickly as he emerged. Despite struggling in his later years, Kemp was the epitome of a flash bulb career- short lived, bright and seemingly gone within an instant.
Shawn Kemp began his career in Elkhart, Indiana, a small city closest to South Bend and Chicago- basketball country. From his childhood, Kemp's life was filled with turbulence. His parents divorced when he was just in Kindergarten. Luckily, he was able to avoid the instability of his own home through basketball. Lisa- Shawn's sister- was a talented basketball player and forced Shawn to keep things competitive on the court. Thanks to his sister's motivation, Shawn Kemp began to take basketball seriously from a young age. In order to overcome his sister's skills. Beginning in his early basketball career, Kemp was an improviser- doing whatever he could to in order to become better than his sister. That didn't last long, as he outgrew her, gaining 13 inches between 9th and 11th grade.
When asked about Kemp's abilities, childhood friend Warren Robertson claimed "He done some stuff. Unbelievable stuff. He could do anything". Despite his new innovations, Kemp focused on a skill that had seemingly already been mastered- dunking. From a young age his cousin, Kerry Ellison, often had to take care of Shawn's scars that often appeared on his wrists from his vicious dunks. Ellison claims she recalls seeing Kemp dunk so hard that "sparks flew off the metal chain". In response, Kemp simply said "When I dunk, I just want to tear the rim down".
Kemp in High School
Kemp began playing basketball seriously at Concord High School, where he became one of the top recruits in the country. In his senior year, he lead the team to the state championships, where college scouts watched his skills in pure awe. Kemp had a terrific high school career overall, in which set school records for career, season and single-game scoring records. Kemp was selected to play in the annual McDonald's High School All-American Team in 1988. The annual Indiana Mr. Basketball Award was considered a lock-in- a formality at that point. However, the award was given to Woody Austin- as he was already committed to an Indiana school.
Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
However, not all the voices in Kemp's life were cheering. During his senior year, Kemp initially made a verbal commitment to play basketball for the University of Kentucky. Unfortunately, he failed to reach an SAT score of 700 required to earn a basketball scholarship. The following game, the opposing fans began cheering "S-A-T, S-A-T!" in mockery, attempting to rattle Kemp. In response, home fans cheered "N-B-A, N-B-A!" which ironically seemed to push Kemp even further away. Although Kemp committed to Kentucky, the NCAA's Proposition 48 would prevent his participation in any basketball related activity for his entire freshman year. Additionally, Kemp was accused of pawning jewelry that was stolen from by his friends. Due to his academic ineligibility and the scandal, Kemp decided to transfer to a local community college to gather his thoughts and try out a different school. After the first semester however, Kemp changed his mind and followed the advice of his high school coach Jim Hahn- play in the NBA. When asked about Kemp's decision, Jim Hahn backed him up, stating "To have Shawn in a college environment without basketball, the one thing he loves, was, I felt, a big mistake". In Kemp's time, not many had declared for the draft- and those that did usually found little success in the NBA. Thus, he was criticized heavily for his decision.
Despite Kemp's controversial background, the Seattle SuperSonics drafted Shawn Kemp 17th overall in 1989. Luckily for Kemp, he was part of what is considered one of the weakest draft classes in history, which was beneficial for someone such as Kemp who was considered high risk, high reward. Upon entering the NBA, Kemp was the youngest player in the league- only 19- and it showed. Kemp had athleticism and youth on his side, but his inexperience showed and some thought the jump from high school directly to the NBA was too much for him to handle. Early on, some Seattle fans questioned the drafting of such a young, inexperienced player that didn't seem to be cut out for the NBA. However, Xavier McDaniel took Kemp under his wing, and allowed Kemp to turn the corner his second season.
Xavier McDaniel
In Kemp's second season, his mentor Xavier McDaniel, was traded away- leaving Kemp as the starting Power Forward. Additionally, the SuperSonics drafted future Hall of Fame point guard Gary Payton out of Oregon State. It seems as though they clicked right from the start. In the 1990-91 season, the SuperSonics only posted a .500 record and lost in the first round of the playoffs, but the team showed signs of improvement and had a better team chemistry. Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton were a dynamic duo that perfectly complemented each others' playing styles. Payton's vision and playmaking skills paired with Kemp's dunking and tenacity were a force to be recked with from the very start. In addition, their combined combined defensive mindset, Payton's superior mental game, and Kemp's grandiose and "in-your-face" showmanship made them a duo for the ages. The duo seemed to be one of the most electric and exciting combinations that had graced the NBA. Kemp became known for his showmanship and passionate celebrations. Meanwhile, Payton became known as a tremendous defender and excellent passer.
Alley Oop 1
Alley Oop 2
After Kemp's successful Sophomore campaign, he was recognized as a thrilling young star on the rise known for highlight reel dunks. Sonics announcer even went so far as to nickname Shawn Kemp "the Reign Man" due to his ability to reign over opposing defenders. Due to the temperate, rainy climate of Seattle, the nickname stuck and inspired some creative memorabilia.
Reign Man Poster
Another Example of Reign Man memorabilia
For Seattle fans at the time, the viciousness of Kemp's dunks seemed unprecedented, unimaginable and previously impossible. The dunks themselves weren't themselves necessarily original. Instead what stood out was the flashy, powerful and disrespectful nature of Kemp's dunks- almost as though he wanted to embarrass anyone who tried to contest him on his way to the rim. The league noticed his skills and Kemp was invited to the annual NBA Dunk Contest.
Examples of his dunks:
Dunk 1
Dunk 2
Dunk 3
Dunk 4
Dunk 5
Here he is performing a windmill dunk
GIF of said windmill
The only thing missing from the SuperSonics following Kemp's second year was a defensive minded coach, who would also encourage quick, fast-break oriented offensive schemes. Enter George Karl- the exact coach the SuperSonics had envisioned. Before he signed with the SuperSonics, Karl had an extremely successful coaching career outside the NBA, winning the CBA coach of the year three times, and posting a record setting 50-6 record in Albany, in which they were also undefeated at home. To top it off, Karl had a coaching style that was exactly what Seattle had envisioned. Halfway through the 1991-92 season, the Seattle SuperSonics hired George Karl.
Under Coach George Karl, the 1990s Seattle SuperSonics became a legendary force in the regular season. Fans flocked to Key Arena to see the high flying Shawn Kemp, tenacious defender and facilitator Gary Payton, along with sharpshooting big men Detlef Schrempf and "Sleepy" Sam Perkins.
The team however, lacked consistent playoff success. In '92, the Sonics posted a 55-27 record, defeated the Stockton-Malone Jazz but unfortunately lost to the Phoenix Suns lead by Charles Barkley. In the 1993-4 season, the Sonics tore through competition, becoming the number 1 team in the NBA with a 63-19 record. However, in an extreme turn of events, the Denver Nuggets, lead by Dikembe Mutombo and Mahmoud Abdul Rauf upset the Sonics in a 5 series, becoming the first 8 seed to advance past the first round of the NBA playoffs. In 1994, the team was once again swept in the first round to the seventh seed Los Angeles Lakers.
Mutombo's iconic celebration after the first round upset
Going into the 1995-6 season, something changed. The Sonics were hungry- too often had they been embarrassed in the playoffs. The Sonics went into the season with a chip on their shoulder and demolished the Western Conference competition in the regular season, finishing as the number one seed. In the playoffs, Seattle easily defeated the Kings and Rockets and narrowly squeaked past the Jazz on their way to their first NBA Championship appearance since 1979.
However, the Sonics couldn't have picked a worse time to make their title run. The Chicago Bulls had recently assembled one of the most talented rosters ever, and went 72-10, the best regular season record in NBA history- a record that still stands. Despite injuries sustained by teammates throughout the season, Michael Jordan seemingly willed the Bulls to regular season success that has been unmatched to this day. In the playoffs, they continued their run, losing only 1 playoff game before their finals matchup with Seattle. Unfortunately, this legendary team defeated the Sonics in 6 games, crushing their hopes at an NBA Championship.
Just as soon as Kemp arrived in Seattle, he was gone- with a flash. Game 6 of the NBA Championship was essentially the peak of Kemp's career. In the offseason after the 1996 season, Shawn Kemp requested a trade. Seattle's front office believed that the team's postseason continued failures were due to the lack of a truly talented center. Ervin Johnson (not to be confused with Earvin "Magic" Johnson) had been the team's center for the past few years, and had yet to prove himself as a superstar player. As a result, Seattle set their eyes on promising center Jim McIlvaine of the Washington Bullets and signed him to a seven year, $33.6 million contract. Meanwhile, Shawn Kemp, who was an established playmaker and All-Star for Seattle, had a very similar annual salary. Kemp attempted to renegotiate his contract, which was against the leagues collective bargaining agreement, meaning the team was unable to increase his salary until the 1997-8 season. As a result, Kemp became frustrated and asked to be traded out of Seattle as soon as possible. Before the 1997-8 season, Kemp was sent to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a three way trade which sent Vin Baker to Seattle.
During Kemp's first year in Cleveland, he put up numbers very similar to those in his prime in Seattle. However, something was different. Kemp seemed to lack the explosiveness that he had during his time in Seattle, and seemed less motivated. He struggled to keep a consistent weight- showing up to the 1998 training camp weighing almost 315 pounds. Even with the weight gain, Kemp was still an All-Star all three years in Cleveland and averaged a career high in almost all statistical categories during his 1998-99 season. Overall, Kemp was still a solid player while in Cleveland, but with each year it was increasingly obvious that he had lost a step.
In 2000, Kemp was traded to his former rival, the Portland Trailblazers. On paper, this team was a unique arrangement of talent- including Shawn Kemp, Scottie Pippen, Rasheed Wallace and Damon Stoudamire. However, the Blazers at the time were beginning to mold into a cast of misfits eventually nicknamed the "Jail Blazers", for their mischievous behavior and numerous run ins with the law. And Kemp fit right into that mold. While in Portland, Kemp ran into troubles with the law, fathered multiple children, and struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. By the end of the 2000-2001 season, Kemp had entered a drug rehabilitation facility in order to correct some serious issues in his life. As a result Kemp was waived from the Trail Blazers before the 2002-2003 season. Ironically, Kemp's former rival TrailBlazers had to deal with him one last time before he retired.
By the time Shawn Kemp reached the Orlando Magic, he was essentially a shell of himself- soon to be done with the NBA. The Magic made a decent run in the regular season, but due to the injury to Grant Hill, they were unable to make it past the first round of playoffs. And in that time, Kemp looked somewhat mediocre- slow, old and unimpressive as a whole. Although he had his moments, Kemp was far from the player he used to be when he started his career 14 years before.
Despite multiple comeback attempts, the 2002-2003 year would be Kemp's last year. Kemp was not re-signed by Orlando, and was left in free agent limbo until he officially retired from professional basketball in 2008.
Overall, Shawn Kemp was part of one of the most thrilling eras of basketball, but unfortunately experienced the peak of his career at the wrong time. When Kemp was at his prime, the entire world was focused on Michael Jordan, who was seemingly invincible and impossible to beat. Jordan took the world by storm, and some forget about the Seattle team that almost took them down. If the SuperSonics had emerged victorious, the world may have also recognized Shawn Kemp and his partner in crime Gary Payton as elite, at least for a brief second longer. Despite his quick decline, Shawn Kemp was one of the most exhilarating and energetic players in the NBA history. Kemp competes with the likes of Dr J, Darryl Dawkins, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan, and Vince Carter for the title of most exciting dunker in NBA history.
Thanks for reading! If you liked this, feel free to check out my blog (this article is on there, with more GIFS/pics), or other posts. Links will be in the comments.
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2014.06.14 06:17 awesomeoisawe45 Comparing Nik Stauskas and Gary Harris

So there have been loads of rumors lately concerning the Bulls off season plans. Trading for Kevin Love and signing Carmelo Anthony have been popular ideas. One rumor that has come up recently however, is Chicago attempting to trade up in the draft. The most talked about partner is the Denver Nuggets at #11 but Sacramento and Charlotte could be options at #8 and #9 respectively. Now if the Bulls do trade up it probably means one thing; we haven’t made a trade for Love or Anthony by draft night. I have a really hard time visualizing a scenario where we don’t give up a pick from this draft in a trade for Love or Anthony. If we do trade up it doesn’t mean these trades out of the window. It could mean that whoever we draft ends up on another team, or it could mean we give a much different package than what we have been thinking.
Why do we do it? If the Bulls are to trade up they would be doing it for two main reasons. The first reason is that it would give the Bulls a much better player than they would be getting at 16 or 19. This is beneficial because the Knicks or Timberwolves when making a trade would probably prefer a player from the Lottery, rather than a mid-first rounder. Plus if these trades fall through, the Bulls would be left with a better player than they would have had otherwise. The other reason is cost. A player from the late lottery would make less money than two players would select at 16 and 19. You can see the NBA rookie wage scale here as you can see a player selected with the 11th pick would make about $800,000 less than two players selected at 16 at 19. Even if the Bulls were to trade with the Kings to the 8th spot, a player selected there would still make about $400,000 less.
Who would we target? Some of you may know this but reportedly the Bulls are planning on targeting Gary Harris or Nik Stauskas if they trade up. Most are fairly positive that at least one of them would be their at 11, but trading higher would put the Bulls in a more comfortable position (especially considering Charlotte likes Stauskas at 9). When you look at them they are pretty damn similar players. Both are shooting guards, sophomores, are considered above average shooters, have questions about their athleticism, have shown flashes of driving ability, and are good passers for their position. They do have some key differences however. Stauskas has great size for a shooting guard (does have a somewhat short wingspan) and has all of the tools to be a great offensive player. Harris is undersized, but is a very good defender, his offensive game has some question marks however. So I have given you a basic overview of these players but let’s take a closer look.
Nik Stauskas
Measurements Age Height w/o Shoes Height w/shoes Weight Wingspan Max Vert
NBA Draft Combine 20 6’5.25” 6’6.5” 207 6’7.75” 35.5
2013-14 36 35.6 17.5 2.9 3.3 0.6 0.3 1.9 0.470 0.442
Advanced Stats TS% eFG% AST% TRB% TOV% USG% Ortg Drtg PER
2013-14 0.642 0.586 18.8 5.3 12.0 24.4 127.9 109.0 22.7
Nik Stauskas had an excellent season last year on the offensive end of the floor. He looked like a solid player his freshman year, but last year as a sophomore he really shined. He took a much bigger role on offense, and saw his USG% climb from 17.3 to 24.4. Despite this his efficiency actually got slightly better! The main reason for this is his improved slashing ability. Between his freshman and sophomore years he put in a lot of work to become a stronger finisher and improve his ball handling, and it really showed. He got to the free throw line almost six times a game and shot slightly better than 80%. His biggest strength has got to be his shooting. His freshman year he 44.0% from the 3-point line. While you may this would be hard to improve, his sophomore year he shot 44.2% from the 3-point line, while averaging more than one more attempt a game. If you watch tape you can see him hit contested threes, that other players would struggle to make. He is also an excellent passer for his position and averaged 3.3 assists with an AST/TO ratio of 1.76. He often makes the smart play and doesn’t try to force offense. He is truly an elite offensive player, who excels from outside, but isn’t afraid to drive to the hoop and make plays for his teammates.
On the defensive side of the ball he definitely struggled. He put up a Drtg of 109.0 which is not good in the NBA, but is absolutely horrible in college. He lacks lateral quickness and you can see faster defenders blow by him. He also lacks strength and can get bullied around the basket. He also has a somewhat short wingspan, which hinders him from being a pest in passing lanes (as you can see most of his problems stem from his physical traits). I will say this however: Defense has more to do with Team than with individual. While he probably will never be an excellent defender in the NBA, on the right team he would be serviceable (I will talk more later about this).
Overall I believe Stauskas has great potential to be a game changer on the offensive end. Best case I think he could turn out like Kevin Martin lite but with better passing. Basically a great shooter who has some ability to take it inside, but has strength and defensive issues. I will say that his strength is what really concerns me. He struggles to score inside when matched up against good defenders, and is limited to his outside shooting. He will probably never be the focal point of an offense again like he was at Michigan, but NBA defenders are much better than NCAA defenders. He does have around a 12% body fat percentage according to the combine (probably a bit higher because of how crazy low some other players are) so he could probably stand to add some muscle. We saw Tony Snell put in time in the weight room, and Stauskas can do the same. On a team with a good team defense (like the Bulls) and a good point guard (or center) to get him the ball he could shine.
Gary Harris
Measurements Age Height w/o Shoes Height w/shoes Weight Wingspan Max Vert
NBA Draft Combine 19 6’2.5” 6’4.5” 205 6’6.75” n/a
2013-14 35 32.3 16.7 4.0 2.6 1.8 0.4 1.7 0.429 0.352
Advanced Stats TS% eFG% AST% TRB% TOV% USG% Ortg Drtg PER
2013-14 0.561 0.518 16.8 7.3 10.0 26.8 116.9 99.3 22.5
Offensively Gary Harris is no slouch, but he is no Nik Stauskas. He put up solid numbers this year, but his efficiency regressed quite a bit. Similarly to Stauskas he increased his USG% 22.1 to 26.8. His 3-point percentage dropped however from 41.1% to 35.2%, and he attempted 6.6 threes a game compared to 4.6 his freshman year. This can probably be blamed on his shot selection. Michigan State went through a transformation between Harris’ freshman and sophomore years, becoming a faster paced team with most of the same players both years. In Harris’ freshman the Spartans scored 68.0 PPG while in this past season averaged 75.5 PPG. It is understandable how a player who when given more responsibility, and playing at a different pace than he is used to takes more bad shots, but it is still troubling to see that big of a drop. He is a solid ball handler similar to Stauskas and normally makes the right play. He is not the best shot creator however and can struggle to create his own shot According to Chad Ford there has been some talk about trying to convert Harris into a point guard/combo guard. If he can improve and step up into that role his value will skyrocket. He is one of the youngest sophomores in the draft, so he has room for growth, but it is just talk right now. He has not shown much in workouts yet to show that he could play point guard at his current skill level.
Defense is going to be his biggest strength. He is an excellent defender who can guard point guards and shooting guards. He is active in passing lanes and is a strong player who holds his own in the paint. His Drtg of 99.3 is good but not great for a college player. He is often stuck guarding the best guard on the opposing team however. Just to compare him against Stauskas, when Michigan and Michigan State played Harris almost always guarded Stauskas, but Stasukas rarely guarded Harris. He almost definitely projects as a plus defender at the next level. One other thing to note is his low block numbers. This is likely due to his lack of athleticism. While he is a strong player, he vertical is not the best.
Size is has got to be his biggest issue. He is only slightly taller than Marcus Smart and shorter than Elfrid Payton w/o shoes basically putting him at point guard height. He is a good enough defender that he can guard point guards and most shooting guards, but how he will fare against bigger players is questionable. He could struggle defending larger wing players, especially small forwards, which isn’t a huge negative but it would be nice if he could. Still at the very least Harris will be an excellent 3 and D player. If he does improve enough to be considered a combo guard he could be an excellent player, who could help lead the second unit. A player with the skill to be the starting shooting guard, and be a second unit point guard would be invaluable for the Bulls, but it is a BIG if that Harris ever improves enough to fill that role.
Overview Basically if we draft Stauskas we get a guy who can be a game changer on the offensive end but he will probably struggle on defense. If we draft Harris we get a great defender, who can hold his own on the offensive end and has potential to be dynamic, but still has a few question marks. Personally I think we can’t go wrong with either player. I think Harris has the better floor, but Stauskas could be exactly what we need. If I was making the decision I would go with Stauskas. I know some people may disagree with me and will say that we are a defensive team and we should draft Harris because he is a defensive player, but let me address that.
Like I said earlier team is more important than individual on defense. Certain players can be anchors of a defense like Joakim Noah or Marc Gasol. However if a team has a good team defense, players can be hid on that side of the ball. Just look at Boozer. We know he is not a good defender, but he somehow ended up with a Drtg of 98 and 4.3 defensive win shares.
So let’s take a look at Michigan and Michigan State. Of the eight players for Stauskas’ Michigan who played more than 500 minutes this season, only two of them had Drtg below 105. Compared to Gary Harris and Michigan State who had seven players play more than 500 minutes, and all of them had Drtg below 105. The leader for Defensive win shares for Michigan was Caris LeVert who had 1.7 DWS. Five players on Michigan State had the same amount or more DWS. While Michigan and Michigan State both gave up similar points per game, Michigan’s opponents had a44.5 FG% and Michigan States opponents had a 39.7 FG%. Now I am not saying that Harris isn’t an excellent individual defender, or that Stasukas will probably struggle on that end. I am saying that how well a team plays defensively can affect how we view players individually.
So with that being said let’s ask ourselves what do the Bulls need? The Bulls need shooting and we need offense, so I would have to go with Stauskas. Like I said though, the Bulls really can’t go wrong with either of them.
Thanks for reading guys! I will try to answer questions. I'm just posting a link to my blog as proof that I wrote it in real life, check it out if you want I don't write to much.
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2014.05.01 23:31 shnts07 Hypothetical Draft Discussion: Phoenix Trade-Back edition.

There's a lot of talk about trading back in the draft this year if we end up with the 5th pick. That's cool, but it's hard to target specific trades. One that might work is the Celtics trading our 5th or 6th pick for a bunch of less valuable picks, namely those under the control of the Phoenix Suns (14th, 18th, 27th) my reasoning being that the Suns have a ton of reasons to target Gordon (possible All-Star, went to school in Arizona, good fit at SF with the sharpshooting Channing Frye at PF, fits in with Horncek's up tempo chaotic game plan brilliantly) and the Celtics get more picks in a deep draft.
Whether you think both sides would agree to this or not is a fair question to bring up, and feel free to leave comments regarding that, but I'm going to press on and operate in a world where the Celtics have the 14th, 17th, 18th, and 27th picks. I'm also pretending that we aren't selling the picks for future draft picks or whatever, even though that's possible. The question is, who do we spend them on? The Celtics are likely going to have 2 roster spots open as I don't expect Bayless and Humphries back. There's a possibility for a 3rd if Bradley comes back and 4 more could be generated through the waiving of non-guaranteed contracts (Bogans, Pressey, Johnson, Babb) so roster space isn't really an issue for us taking this many picks.
Note: I'm kind of doing this to shake us out of only talking about the 8 top players in the draft and have a little fun discussing some of the other possibilities. There's going to be a lot of stupid assumptions and pointless conjecture. If that thing isn't your cup of tea and you find discussing hypotheticals tedious and not fun, this may not be the post for you.
14th pick: Our first on the board and I expect Wiggins, Parker, Embiid, Exum, Randle, Gordon, Vonleh, and Smart to all be definitely off the board. Maybe Gary Harris or Tyler Ennis slides to us at 14 but I doubt it as most mocks have them in the top ten. That leaves us looking at a bunch of those middle tiered wings. My first choice here is Saric if he's around, as I've got three more first round picks and I'm not particularly scared off by the talk of him not coming over this year. We can afford to stash him. If not, I'm going with Stauskas because his shooting and handle make too much sense within what this team needs to get better. He really could be the tiny Kyle Korver. If neither are around, I'm taking McDermott to patch up the C's shooting and offensive woes, and if he's off the board too, I'm taking Rodney hood, because shooting and penetration. Okay, so I've generated four different timelines. Everyone follow?
Pick Timeline 1 Timeline 2 Timeline 3 Timeline 4
14th Dario Saric Nik Stauskas Doug McDermott Rodney Hood
17th pick With the Brooklyn pick, I'm attempting to address what ever holes my first pick created. I'm assuming everyone I just mentioned except Rodney Hood is off the board. If I'm gambling on Saric coming over, I need to get a wing who can play with him if he comes over, one way or another. I see Hairston still being available, so I take the scoring wing who's the perfect complement to Saric's creative game and hope Brad can make him behave himself. If I've already got Stauskas's shooting, I'm gonna look for SF who can attack and has a prototypical SF skill. Namely, James Young. It's harder to find a clear partner for McDermott, but I think I'd end up going with Hood if he's still on the board. The Hood pick leaves me in the toughest position. I breifly thought about taking Hairston, but I ultimately talked myself into spending the pick on a stashed Clint Capela. He didn't look good at the hoop summit, but I'm not expecting him to come over for a year or two and hopefully he's more center than PF at that point. Not liking how that timline is shaping up though.
Pick Timeline 1 Timeline 2 Timeline 3 Timeline 4
14th Dario Saric Nik Stauskas Doug McDermott Rodney Hood
17th PJ Hairston James Young Rodney Hood Clint Capela
18th Pick I need to get some handles or stashed size out of this pick in timeline 1. Ultimately, it came down to Zach Lavine or Elfrid Payton. I took Payton because he's safer and a team based on Saric and Hairston has enough risk as is. Timeline 2 is little less volatile, so I'm going to end up taking Lavine there. My Hood-Mcdermott wings in timeline 3 can't guard anyone, so I'm bringing in KJ Mcdaniels to give us a defensive option to put on guys. I'm taking McDaniels in timeline 4 as well for similar reasons.
Pick Timeline 1 Timeline 2 Timeline 3 Timeline 4
14th Dario Saric Nik Stauskas Doug McDermott Rodney Hood
17th PJ Hairston James Young Rodney Hood Clint Capela
18th Elfrid Payton Zach Lavine KJ McDaniels KJ McDaniels
27th pick: I've got a lot of things in timeline 1 but I never really got a shooter. For that reason I'm taking one of the best shooter in the country in CJ Wilcox. In timelines 2 and 3, I take Nurkic for sure if he's still on the board as a possible stash guy. Unfortunately, i just don't think he will be. So I'm going to go with Bogdan Bogdanovic as a stash guy in both timelines. I never really got a true small forward in timeline four so I'm going to take Cleanthony Early who I think will be available this late because of his age and not playing in major conference.
Pick Timeline 1 Timeline 2 Timeline 3 Timeline 4
14th Dario Saric Nik Stauskas Doug McDermott Rodney Hood
17th PJ Hairston James Young Rodney Hood Clint Capela
18th Elfrid Payton Zach Lavine KJ McDaniels KJ McDaniels
27th CJ Wilcox Bogdan Bogdanovic Bogdan Bogdanovic Cleanthony Early
The point of this post was to give everyone some new talking points with regards to the draft, so what do you guys think? Are all of my timelines garbage? Would you guys rather have the 5th or 6th pick? Who would you draft with those four picks?
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